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Financial Times 13,947 / Gaff

Posted by Gaufrid on March 8th, 2012


I don’t know what’s happened to Ringo today but for some reason he has failed to turn up.

We were told that this was “a topical puzzle” and indeed that is so since today is the opening day of an event at the NEC, Crufts dog show. Various breeds of dog were defined by ‘shown’.

I quickly got the theme from 10ac (for once I started at the beginning instead of working backwards as I frequently do). Most of the canines were known to me but I must admit to not having heard of 1ac or 6dn. I am also fortunate to be of an age to know of the folk group featured in 8dn.

1 VALLHUND  V (against) ALL (100%) HUN D (Germans) – strictly speaking D is Germany rather than German
5 ABACUS anagram (problem) of A SCUBA
9 VANGUARD VAN (transport) GUARD (police)
10 SALUKI hidden in ‘univerSAL UK Independence’
12 CHILDHOOD CHILD HOOD – punk was a youth movement in the ‘70s and Collins also defines punk as “a petty criminal or hoodlum”
13,16 CAIRN TERRIER NT (landowners) in IRE (rage) in CARRIER (messenger)
19 POOR LAW POOR (broke) LAW (rule)
21,14 PUNK ROCK PUN (joke) homophone (hearing) of ‘crock’ (damage) – I’m not sure that crock is synonymous with damage, at least according to the definitions in Chambers
24,20,3 IRISH WOLFHOUND anagram (played) of HOW FLUID HORN IS
25 LHASA APSO anagram (broken) of PA[r]ASOL HAS
27 GLOOMY LOO (can) in GM (carmaker) [stor]Y
28,16 LAKELAND TERRIER anagram (disastrous) of K LEAR IN RED ALERT
29 RESENT double def.
30 SHEEPDOG cryptic reference to “One man and his dog” a TV programme featuring sheepdog trials
1 VIVACE VI (six) V (five) ACE (serve)
2 LENTIL LENT (fast) I (one) [hea]L[thy]
4,16 NORFOLK TERRIER NOR (no alternative) FOLK (people) TERRIER (volunteer)
6 BEAUCERON anagram (criminal) of UNRECO[gnis]AB[l]E
7 CRUCIFIX CRUX (heart) around (embraces) [s]CI FI (topless film genre)
8 SPINNERS double def. – a reference to this former group
11 EDIT TIDE (maybe spring) reversed
15 OKLAHOMAN OKLAHOMA (musical) N (number)
17 SPRINGER PR (plug) in SINGER (26, for example)
18 DOMINOES anagram (devised) of [th]OM[as]EDISON
21,3 PHARAOH HOUND anagram (mischievous) of HAND UP HOORAH
22 UPWARD UP (in the direction of city) WARD (district)
23 HOTDOG pun & def.
26 ADELE hidden reversal in ‘unparallELED About’


6 Responses to “Financial Times 13,947 / Gaff”

  1. nmsindy says:

    I found this pretty tough – I’m far from knowledgeable about dogs so I took me a while to discover the theme. A big breakthrough was to get HOUND from considering the (8) letters shared between the anagram fodder of those two clues. It was a great joke at the end to understand the ‘not shown’ clue to HOTDOG which was my last entry. Thanks, Gaff and Gaufrid.

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks Gaff and Gaufrid. Ringo must have ‘gone to the dogs’ (sorry)! 10ac was also my way in to the theme – after that it required reference to a canine website to confirm some of the more obscure breeds.

  3. Ferret says:

    Thanks to the two Gs…….crock can mean damage in terms of an injury, often used in sport?

  4. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Ferret
    I take your point but surely the expression would be “he’s crock” which would equate with “he’s injured” or “he’s damaged his [whatever]”. I’ve now had time to check Collins and COED and I still cannot find a definition for crock that equates with damage either as a noun or a verb.

    Are you sure you’re not gettin confused with the Aussie slang “he’s crook”?

  5. Pelham Barton says:

    Hi Gaufrid

    Try this from the Daily Mail last October – the headline is “Crocked Cleverley to miss Champions League clash with Galati”

    I think this is crock² vt to disable (Chambers 2008 and 2011).

  6. mike04 says:

    Thanks Gaufrid.

    I’m still trying to get from ‘Germans’ to HUND.
    In German, I think D. is an abbreviation for Damen, ladies.
    So HUN could be one German and D could be some more.

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