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Financial Times 13,948 by Orense

Posted by Jed on March 9th, 2012


Straightforward puzzle today




1 CANNES sunny place C cold  ANNE’S girl’s

4 MALDIVES islands M ‘west’ of Marshall A L[over’s] DIVES drops

10 ARGENTINA country anagram of RANGE TIN metal A one

11 MILAN city DD theologian (Doctor of Divinity) from MIdLANd

12 EATS hidden clue whEATSheaf


15 CAPE COD east coast resort CAP limit European COD fish

16 DOUSES wets US American in DOES manages

19 STATUS standing U university in STATS

21 CUSTOMS habits CU copper [understand]S TOMS cats

23 ENTOURAGES accompanying groups anagram of SURGEON EATS

25 WINE tipple WIN victory E[xpense] initially

27 AIOLI garlic dip anagram of OIL in AI first-class

28 REPOSSESS seize assets E English POSSES hunting parties in R[edres]S

29 HANDMADE personally developed HAND worker EDAM<

30 STAYER horse with stamina YE the old in STAR newspaper


1 COALESCE blend sees CE church after COAL solid fuel

2 NIGHTSPOT entertainment venue NIGHT black SPOT mark

3 ERNE eagle hidden in modERN English

5 ADAPTED changed AD a day A PTE a private D date

6 DAMP COURSE humorous cryptic reference to racecouse at Ascot

7 VELAR sort of consonant hidden in noVEL ARrangement

8 SENIOR elder I one in SENOR Spanish man

9 MILORD address anagram of OLD-TIMERS minus SET

14 ECO-TOURISM sort of travel CO firm in anagram of  OUR TIMES

17 EMOTIVELY with feeling MOTIVE reason in ELY

18 ASSESSOR one who evaluates S sulphur  in ASSES fools OR gold

20 STARRED took lead part R river in STARED gazed

21 CREEPY sinister PEER< in C[emetr]Y

22 SERAPH angel anagram of PHRASE

24 THORN side problem anagram of NORTH

26 PSST to attract surreptitiously




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