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Enigmatic Variations No.1007 – Loyalty by Samuel

Posted by Mister Sting on March 10th, 2012

Mister Sting.

I do like Samuel. I can’t remember exactly which past EVs were his, but his name is associated in my mind with a sort of pleasant, hazy, possibly-toughish-in-parts-but-fair feeling. Perhaps I’m post-rationalising, because I’d say that was a good description of this one.

There were some well-chosen ‘incorrect’ letters (17 down of the top of my head, but there were others) that kept one guessing. Personally, I was most amused by discovering the phrase ‘POKY GREMLINS’ written across the fifth line. Such light humour was entirely in keeping with the theme, as it turns out.

A bit of solving shows that she ‘possible alternatives’ seem to be nationalities, although a couple of these entries appear to have a rather unusual spelling. This oddity reveals their source. They are from Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore (although not everyone knows that):

“…he might have been a ROOSIAN,
Or perhaps ITALIAN”

G&S fans will already know that he is none of these things, but they must wait for a moment.

The correct letters spell out this phrase:


which is a cryptic indication of further lines in the song (the central phrase ‘belongs to’ OTHER NATIONS).
This also indicates ‘the result of the LOYALTY’ that must be highlighted in the grid, namely:

“…in spite of all temptations
To belong to other nations,
He remains AN ENGLISHMAN!”

which we find along the NW/SE diagonal.

Here, perversely, is an Australian version of the song.

(xxx) = definition
[xxx] = (anagram/homophone/container/etc.) indicator
XXX* = anagram
< = reversal
xxx = unused letter(s)
wards=incorrect letter

Please post a comment if the explanations are not clear.

O 1 AUTHORS Hospital in drama runs society for those writing down wards (7) those writing down words: ins. of H (hospital) in AUTO (drama) + R (runs) + S (society)
T 7 TWIRP African rep disembowelled cook (5) coot: TWI (African) + ReP [disembowelled]
H 9 EQUITY English clear yankee snares? (6) shares: E (English) + QUIT (clear) + Y (yankee)
E 10 SAGO Decline of cereal obtained from trek (4) cereal obtained from tree: SAG (decline) + O (of)
R 11 PORNO Endless sport, drama, exotic film (5) erotic film: sPORt [endless] + NO (drama)
I 12 LIKELY Pale about hollow kite on order (6) in order: ins. of KitE [hollow] in LILY (pale)
N 13 POKY “Parking satisfactory”, unknown confided (4) confined: P (parking) + OK (satisfactory) + Y (unknown)
S 14 GREMLINS Men and girls fighting – they might damage planet! (8) they might damage planes: MENGIRLS* [fighting]
P 16 ISRAEL Troubled isle adopting god where Ceres presides (6) where Peres presides: ins. [adopting] of RA (god) in ISLE* [troubled]
I 20 INANGA Fash before being captured by Scandinavian woman (6) fish: ins. [being captured by] of AN (before) in INGA (Scandinavian woman)
T 21 AROUSERS Topless revellers, people who make one hop (8) people who make one hot: cAROUSERS (revellers)[topless]
E 22 SPAN Spill special container (4) spell: S (special) + POT (container)
O 23 ESCHAR Bit if discarded tissue search collapsed (6) bit of discarded tissue: SEARCH* [collapsed]
F 25 THING Slight German pact (5) fact: THIN (slight) + G (German)
A 27 OBIA Some phobias block magic from yesteryear (4) black magic from yesteryear: phOBIAs [some]
L 28 FREMDS Ariens plot over managing directors (6) aliens: <[over]ERF (plot) + MDS (managing directors)
L 30 PATENT Shelter father first eying open (6) lying open: PA (father) + TENT (shelter)
T 31 ESNES Detect backing for Anglo-Saxons forced to soil (5) Anglo-Saxons forced to toil: <[backing]SENSE (detect)
E 32 TALLINN Vast European capital’s remarkable pub (7) East European capital: TALL (remarkable) + INN (pub)
M 1 ALF Ignorant ban short grass (3) ignorant man: ALFa (grass) [short]
P 2 UNROOST Peacekeepers race to Shetlands to dislodge carrot? (7) to dislodge parrot: UN (peacekeepers) + ROOST (race to Shetlands)
T 3 TIER Rank knob maker (4) knot maker: TIER (rank)
A 4 HINNY Club is lacking noise a boy makes? (5) noise a bay makes: removal [lacking] of S (is) from SHINNY (club)
T 5 ONCOGENS Agents causing rumours applied to cheat entity (8) agents causing tumours: ON (applied to) + COG (cheat) + ENS (entity)
I 6 SQUIER Interminably lampoon queen’s rule for chaps (6) rule for chips: SQUIb (lampoon) [interminably] + ER (queen)
O 8 WISELY Crafty about striker elbowing at first not like a foul? (6) not like a fool: ins. [about] of SE [Striker Elbowing at first] in WILY (crafty)
N 13 PINAFORE Fix before it could keep one clear (8) it could keep one clean: PIN (fix) + AFORE (before)
S 15 MINSTREL Finger relative supporting mass in street (8) singer: M (mass) + IN + ST (street) + [supporting] REL (relative)
N 17 UGANDAN Loathe a new level of proficiency for Amis, perhaps (7) Amin, perhaps: UG (loathe) + A + N (new) + DAN (level of proficiency)
A 18 MUCATE Dirt nearly destroyed silt (6) salt: MUCk (dirt) [nearly] + ATE (destroyed)
T 19 LEARNT God to know Arab in fast (6) got to know: ins. of AR (Arab) in LENT (fast)
I 22 SHELL Rend spoiled flesh left for female (5) rind: FLESH* [spoiled], with L (left) replacing F (female)
O 24 HUES Shouting succeeded tunes (4) tones: HUE (shouting) + S (succeeded)
N 26 IMPI Pigmy pair regularly met fighting in African (4) men fighting in African: pIgMyPaIr [regularly]
S 29 SIN Son wearing cloth, for example (3) sloth, for example: S (son) + IN (wearing)

4 Responses to “Enigmatic Variations No.1007 – Loyalty by Samuel”

  1. Wil Ransome says:

    Excellent crossword. Excellent blog. Here is a link to the closing credits of that wonderful Alan Bennett play ‘An Englishman Abroad':

  2. Wil Ransome says:

    The link didn’t work. My knowledge of XHTML is to say the least limited. Anyway it’s at

  3. Wil Ransome says:

    Worked perfectly that time without my trying to use any tags.

  4. Samuel says:

    Thanks, Mr Sting, for the good write-up. I enjoyed the alternative version of the song!

    It’s very gratifying to be described as setting puzzles that are pleasant, toughish-in-parts but fair, as that’s exactly the level for which I aim.

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