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Independent on Sunday 1150/Glow-worm

Posted by Pierre on March 11th, 2012


I enjoyed the last Glow-worm IoS puzzle that I blogged, but this one was better in my opinion – a nice lightness of touch and some very cleverly constructed clues.  It was also tougher, I thought, with my last two requiring a break from solving and coming back to them with a fresh mind.  In all my recent blogs, there seems to have been one clue I can’t make sense of, and today’s no exception …




dd  double definition
cd  cryptic definition
(xxxx)*  anagram
anagrind = anagram indicator
[x]  letter(s) removed


Foolhardy adjutant’s involved in plot
An insertion of ADC for aide-de-camp, another word for adjutant, in MAP, for ‘plot’, as in ‘mapping someone’s downfall’.

Rambling among menacing edges on Cheviot
A three-part charade: IN for ‘among’, DIRE for ‘menacing’ and CT for the ‘edges’ of Cheviot, the range of beautiful hills in Northumberland.

Bolshevik put out flag
A charade of RED and CROSS for ‘put out’ to give you the flag of the humanitarian organisation, created as a reversal of the colours on the Swiss flag.  Allegedly.

10  Mark’s usual loud tie regularly on show
Regular letters in uSuAl LoUd TiE.

11  Get rid of biretta Leo’s worn
(BIRETTA LEO)* with ‘is worn’ as the anagrind.

12  Spirit of Dixieland?
Hidden in DixiELANd.

13  I record Mark’s riposte about mass in Paris
Mark’s having a busy morning.  This was my CoD for its cleverly misleading surface.  It’s I LOG in a reversal (or ‘riposte’, come-back) of MARK to give you the SI unit of mass (and not weight, as physicists will tell you) that is kept under secure conditions in a suburb of Paris.

16  Doctor implied I avoided depression
The little depression on the chin is (IMPL[I]ED)*, with ‘doctor’ as the anagrind.

17  Behind like a bird
‘Behind’ in shipping terms is a charade of AS and TERN, the seabird.  The Roseate Tern, with the pink tinge on her breast, is my favourite.

19  Denial by unruly boys swallowing Dad’s tablets
A charade of NO followed by an insertion of PA in TEDS for Teddy Boys.  Were they unruly?  I wasn’t around at the time.

21  Where old king may receive equitable treatment on the way to Oxford, say?
I wouldn’t fancy overseas solvers understanding this one.  OFFA was a King of Mercia and is best-remembered for the dyke he had built to keep the Welsh at bay.  But nowadays, it’s also the Office For Fair Access, a comparatively new government department charged with ensuring equality of access to all universities, irrespective of the type of school you went to or your socio-economic background.  However, it’s mostly been in the news for its comments about Oxbridge admissions, which is why Glow-worm has referenced that in the clue.

22  Pliant chaps, tense in addition
A charade of SUPPLE, MEN and T for (grammatical) ‘tense’.

25  Some mercurial celebrity’s rejected cake
Hidden reversed in mercuRIAL CElebrity.  In French, as well as being the cake, un éclair is a flash of lightning, but how – or indeed if – the two are related, I don’t know.

26  Mister Satie more imperfectly played
It took me nearly as long for this as the rest of the puzzle put together, and I wasn’t helped by the fact that this, and MOIRÉ, which I also couldn’t see, intersected.  The surface is referencing Erik Satie, the French composer, but the definition is ‘mister’ and it’s (SATIE MOR[E])*  ‘Imperfectly’ is suggesting the removal of the last letter of ‘more’ and ‘played’ is the anagrind.

27  Gobbles ice creams (about a score)
An insertion of SUM in CONES.

28  Supplier receives payment on last of concrete in drive
A charade of FEE followed by an insertion of E for the last letter of ‘concrete’ in DR for ‘drive’.  FEEDER in the sense of a bird feeder or a feeder club for a Premier League team.


Account depressing topless Balkan tart
An alternative to the more usual ACERBIC is a charade of AC and [S]ERB.

Plants catnip, oddly, under bottomless container
CA[N] plus CTI for the odd letters of CaTnIp.  Topless Serbs, bottomless containers … Glow-worm’s certainly keen on his letter removals.

Feature of bridge, when holding ace, is to make the first move!
An insertion of ONE in PIER.

Thoughts of fitting new kitchens and means of paying for them?
A dd, with the second definition being what our Mam would have called the ‘never-never’.

Fill out form for Department and send it
(D SEND IT)* I think, but ‘form’ as an anagrind?

Where ups and downs (and location of loos) feature?
A punning type of clue: if a map showed you where the toilets were, it might be a RELIEF MAP.

Hollow performance put up under Cameron’s leadership is loudly mocked …
A reversal of DELL and ACT under CA for the first two letters of ‘Cameron’.  ‘Leadership’ to indicate the first two letters rather than just the first is a trick that not every solver is madly in love with.  Shocked anti-libertarians can queue up to comment below; those shocked by Cameron’s leadership can laud the surface.

14  … top fiasco developing thereby
(TOP FIASCO)*  with ‘developing’ as the anagrind for the Latin phrase meaning ‘thereby’.  And as is almost always the case, the ellipses can be safely ignored.

15  Given Falstaff’s nightcaps, perhaps, they collapse in the foyer!
Falstaff is the opera by Verdi and OPERA HATS have the facility to collapse to make them easier to carry.

18  Remedy for New Orleans twang?
A charade of NO and STRUM.

20  Scold Just William for being patriotic
‘Scold’ is the definition and I’m guessing it’s to do with William Tell, but I can’t see it beyond that, so help appreciated.

23  Watered port drunk up by Glow-worm
Well, the port (reversed) pretty much had to be RIO and Glow-worm had to be ME, but I had to persuade myself that the word existed.  ‘Of silk: watered’ (SOED).

24  Relative variation in incidence new detectives missed
More letter removal: it’s (I[NCID]ENCE)*  with ‘variation’ as the anagrind.

Thank you to the setter for a toughish but enjoyable puzzle.

2 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1150/Glow-worm”

  1. flashling says:

    Cheers Pierre for explaining OFFA, which I couldn’t see an explanation, sorry can’t help yet with TELL OFF beyond what you’ve got.

  2. nmsindy says:

    Tell off = Just William ie Tell off William Tell, I think. Just William a children’s book from a while back. Thanks Pierre and Glow-worm. Favourite RELIEF MAP.

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