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Financial Times no.13,953 by SLEUTH

Posted by Ringo on March 15th, 2012


Nothing to frighten the horses this morning from Sleuth. One or two elements of the parsing took me a minute to unravel, but I got there in the end. Hats off for 9ac (although I have the faintest of inklings that I’ve seen it before).


1. POT SHOT  Reversal of top [v ery good] + anagram of host

5. PASTRY  PA [secretary, Personal Assistant] + r [right] within sty [filthy place]

8. ESTIMABLE  Anagram of site + B [Britain] within male [chap]

9. INANE  Double definition of sorts (‘game’ ends in an e)

11. CUMIN  Initial letters of Chef Uses Many Ingredients Normally

12. GELIGNITE  Hidden in reversal of meETING I LEGitimised

13. UNCLE SAM  Un [French for ‘a’] + c [college] + anagram of meal’s

15. TALENT  A + L [learner] within tent [part of camp]

17. AGENDA  Gen [information] within a + DA [lawyer, District Attorney]

19. BARTERER  Bart [titled figure, baronet] + E [English] + E [Earl] within RR [Right Reverend, the title of a bishop]

22. IN HARNESS  Double definition

23. MOGUL  MO [Modus operandi, way of working] + gul(f) [bay]

24. NYLON  Hidden in maNY LONdoners

25. PORTFOLIO  Anagram of top floor I

26. INVEST  Double definition: someone wearing only a vest is minimally covered…

27. TRAVAIL  V [very] + A [advanced] within trail(er) [advertisement]


1. PREOCCUPATION  Anagram of routine cop cap

2. TOTEMIC  Tot [young child] + MI [M1, road] within EC [postcode for the City of London]

3. HE-MAN  Henman [former tennis player Tim] minus (aggressio)n (though technically the clue demands that there be no Ns, which would leave hema)

4. TOBOGGAN  O [old] + bog [muddy place] + g [good] within tan [sun]

5. PUEBLO  E [European] within pub [local] + lo [look]

6. SKIN GRAFT  King [(chess) piece] within sr [sister] + aft [behind]

7. REALISE  Is [island] within real [genuine] + e(xports)

10. ELECTORAL ROLL  Cryptic definition: voters ‘supply’ an X to register their vote

14. ENDURANCE  Duran [half of 80s pop group Duran Duran] within fence minus f [fine]

16. SANSKRIT  S [society] within sank [declined] + rit(e) [observance]

18. ECHELON  CH [Companion (of Honour)] within reversal of No [small number] + Lee [General Robert E.]

20. REGALIA  Reversal of AI [A1, excellent] + lager [drink]

21. DESPOT  D(om)e + spot [locate]

23. MAFIA  A + f [fellow] within reversal of aim [intention]

One Response to “Financial Times no.13,953 by SLEUTH”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Sleuth for an enjoyable puzzle and Ringo for the blog.

    9ac: The device (though not the exact clue) was anticipated here

    3dn: I agree that “with no end of aggression” is not a satisfactory indication for removing one of two Ns.

    10dn: Quite a nice cryptic definition, and probably my favourite clue. As I have said (possibly too many times) before, these clues can be great fun if you spot the answer, but very frustrating if you do not. This is why they are best kept – as here – for long answers where the checked letters should provide sufficient extra help.

    16dn: Note the careful cluing to exclude the alternative spelling SANSCRIT, which is in Chambers 2008, albeit marked “(old)”.

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