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Beelzebub 1148

Posted by Jed on March 16th, 2012


Have carefully posted this after the newly-extended deadline





1 Continue chasing fine drink – it involves heated brandy   FLAP-DRAGON

DRAG ON continue after F fine LAP drink (old parlour game – catching raisins from flaming brandy, extinguishing them by closing the mouth)

11 Sober act mostly involves booze being sent back   DEMURE

RUM< booze back in DEE[d] act mostly

12 Palm giving success to native medicine   GOMUTI palm

GO success MUTI South African traditional medicine

14 Religious centre between House of Lords and English border   BETHLEHEM

BET between HL house of lords E English HEM border

15 Moulding English self-confidence is revolutionary  OGEE moulding

(E English EGO self-confidence)<  revolutionary

17 One encourages rejection of repeat broadcast about routine  NURTURER

RUT routine in RERUN repeat broadcast – all reversed

19 Exploit celebration to disown son  FEAT exploit

take S son from FEAST celebration

20 Tile concealing the French lizard   TEGU lizard

remove LA French the from TEGULA flat roofing tile

21 Neighbour’s acreage and spread   ABUTTER   neighbour

A acreage  BUTTER spread

23 Rue injury, sadly docking tail   HARMALA African or Syrian rue plant

HARM injury  ALA[s] sadly docking tail

25 Nothing follows first 30% of ‘Hallelujah Gloria”   HALO Gloria

HAL[lelujah] O nothing follows

27 Man receives time here?    STIR prison

T time in SIR man

28 Close to agreement, returning for drink   NIGHTCAP drink

NIGH close  PACT< agreement returning

32 Set to ignore cold water treatment   BATH

C cold from BATCH set

33 Soon heading off  after slight cut, shunning assistance  INSULARLY

INSUL[t] slight cut, heading off soon [e]ARLY

34 What’s best in reworking children’s author?   (E) NESBIT author

anagram, reworking, of BEST IN

35 Again start work to block local ditch   REOPEN start again

OP work in REEN ditch in Somerset

36 Expert in fixing Easter sport   PACE-EGGING rolling Easter eggs

ACE expert in PEGGING fixing


2 Union shelter accommodating a German Unionist   LEAGUE union

A G[erman] U[nionist] in LEE shelter

3 Source of perfume good in American fruit, not European   AMBERGRIS

G good in AM[erican] BERRI[e]S

4 Female US detective was attractive   DREW was attractive

NancyDREW fictional detective created by Edward Stratemeyer

5 Withdrawing a service, up in centre of Berlin   RETIRAL withdrawing

(A RITE)< in RL middle of beRLin

6 Australian Government has to ignore second Turkish leader   AGHA

A Australian G government HA[s] ignore second

7 Ancient river in spate? Hurry to extract metal   GOLD RUSH

(OLD ancient R) in GUSH spate

8 About half of population ignoring first sign   OMEN

WOMEN about half population minus first letter

9 Tablets? Each prevents upset  STELAE old stone tablets

EA each LETS prevents all reversed

10 I’m coming into new heliport near the frontier   LIMITROPHE near frontier

anagram (new) of I HELIPORT

13 Desire admonishment possibly without a hint of exculpation  MONTH’S MIND

anagram of ADMONISHMENT minus A and E[xculpation] desire = prayer

16 A prime act rattling bones   METACARPI bones: anagram A PRIME ACT

18 Culinary changes relating to hot salt?   URANYLIC of uranyl used as fuel


22 Uproar in Paris? Bishop arrives in time   BAGARRE French fight

B bishop ARR arrives in AGE time

24 No longer reconciles?  Not in the main – just the reverse   ATONES

NOT in SEA the main, all reversed

26 Kentish land, note, available in strips   LATHEN available in strips

LATHE division of land in Kent N note

29 Stop clumsy boat’s acceleration   TUBA organ stop

TUB clumsy boat A acceleration

30 Profitable magazine’s closing with final issue  FATE final issue

FAT profitable E magazine’s last letter

31 Scot’s keen, say, to follow good line   GLEG marked by quickness & perception

EG say after G good L line




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  1. regalize says:

    Thanks Jed for the blog and to Beelzebub for the puzzle. Re 31down.Although Chambers doesn’t define it as an adjective, in the part of Ayrshire that I come from ‘gleggy’ is absolutely acceptable and gave me the solution (with a bit of checking). This series is becoming one of my favourites.

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