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Private Eye/Cyclops 464 – Stalag Leveson

Posted by beermagnet on March 19th, 2012


How many tabloid editors or execs will end up in “Stalag Leveson”?
Expectations are being laid by the number of people that have been arrested by Operations Weeting and Elveden, but preparations are being put in place for rearguard action claiming the openness of Leveson means fair trials will not be possible. I would be beyond ironic if that defence means crooks get off.
So will anyone other than footsoldiers like Goodman and Mulcaire ever pick up their just desserts?

The solving experience was straightforward all the way down to the last few which ended up being in the bottom left corner where the definition in 19D SHORTS resisted understanding till the answer was spotted from the crossing letters.

9 OBSCURITY Celeb’s nightmare? Forced drug-free sobriety when copper breaks in (9)
CU (copper) inside (SOBRIETY – E (drug-free))*  AInd: Forced
11/26 LEVESON INQUIRY Uncomfortable experience for tabloid chiefs, i.e. in nervously, deviously, circumventing question (7,7)
Q (question) inside (I.E. IN NERVOUSLY)* AInd: deviously.
12 ART FORM “Topless Slapper From Barking” film? (3,4)
[t]ART (FROM)* AInd: Barking. Question mark on def. to indicate film is an example of an Art Form
13 GROIN Member’s area: enter to embrace Right (5)
R inside GO IN
14 HALF-CROWN Old money‘, drink – something that goes to Brenda’s head (4-5)
HALF (drink – as in half of bitter) CROWN (Her Maj only wears a crown “occasionally”, apparently).  A half-crown was my favourite coin, probably because for a long time it was my weekly pocket money
16 PRIME MINISTER Cameron? Po-faced, ultimately false, undistinguished man needing to keep elected (5,8)
PRIM (po-faced) [fals]E then IN (elected) inside MISTER (undistinguished man) One of those clues that take far longer to understand and explain the wordplay than spot the answer
20 HALITOSIS Soil: has it remedied the cause of stinking pants? (9)
(SOIL IT HAS)* AInd: remedied.  Pants as in breathes
22 LOCKS  By which opponent’s members are immobilised (hairy things) (5)
Double Def. at least (immobilisation and hair) but is their more going on in the early part of the clue?
24 RAT TRAP Restricting situation when member turns to right of arse (3,4)
RAT (arse) PART< (member)
27 SPLIT VOTE Stalemate election: pisspoor ITV pollster left right away (5,4)
(ITV POLLSTER – L – R)* AInd: pisspoor
28 ORGAN Maybe your member‘s investing a lot of money in port (5)
G (a lot of money = Grand = G) inside ORAN (port – in Algeria) We’ve seen the G as a lot of money used before, and ORAN (Wiki) is not the most familiar port that springs to mind.
1 STALAG Camp sailor gets end away in slut’s embrace (6)
TA[r] inside SLAG
2 SEASON The drink gets legs ultimately – no frigging spring? (6)
SEA (the drink) [leg]S NO* AInd: frigging. I can only regard frigging as an anagram indicator rather than a reversal ind.
3 JOHN THOMAS Knob of jam spread with hot nosh (4,6)
(JAM HOT NOSH)* AInd: spread. Favourite clue due to smooth surface
4 ASDA Miliband, ass, ends up in drunk’s last resort store (4)
[miliban]D [as]S reversed inside AA (drunk’s last resort)
5 BUTTOCKS Arse nevertheless half functions as a clock (8)
BUT (nevertheless) TOCKS (half of tick tocks)
6 GIGOLO Performance on loo – horrible but he gets paid to do it (6)
GIG (performance), LOO* AInd: horrible
8 SAVIOUR Cameron extremely lacking in rank as one who’s supposed to deliver (7)
[d]AV[e] (Cameron extremely lacking) inside SOUR (rank) but where does the I come from? Surely the “one” in the clue must be part of the def.
10 YEMENI The twee blokes on Independent from the country (6)
YE (“the” in a twee manner) MEN (blokes) I[ndependent]
15 LANDSLIDES Slimy descents things of the past for UK political parties? (10)
Double Def.
17 MATURITY I say squeezing a bird round the old place amounts to manhood (8)
UR (the old place) inside TIT (bird) inside MAY (I say ?)
18 ETCHING Gagging: not right impression (7)
19 SHORTS Pants and takes the line of least resistance? (6)
Double Def. One as in short circuit.  Last answer – good clue.
21 LET FLY Grant has ‘opening of trousers’ attack (3,3)
LET (grant) FLY (opening of trousers)
22 LIQUOR Booze gets Queen in IOU fiddle – squeezed by political extremes (6)
Q[ueen] inside IOU* AInd: fiddle, all inside L and R (political extremes)
23 SAYING “Gays in circular saw!” (6)
(GAYS IN)* AInd: circular
25/7 POOR TASTE Shit Blair finally ruined state – lack of appreciation of social niceties (4,5)
POO (shit) [blai]R (STATE)* AInd: ruined.

The half-crown answer reminds me of when I was at school.  I used to get into trouble for handing in my homework late. One day I found a book “Excuses and Lies for All Occasions”. Unfortunately the dog ate it.
Later at university I took a course in Genetic Engineering.   Unfortunately my homework ate the dog.


7 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 464 – Stalag Leveson”

  1. Glyn Allanson says:

    You seem to be on familiar terms with Mr Cameron, but those of us who only know him as David can see where the “I” comes from.

  2. Glyn Allanson says:

    I should have made it clear that I was referring to 8d. Sorry. Beermagnet – do you have a view on the pattyhose/pantyhose confusion from Cyclops 463? I’m still convinced it was a mistake but there was no mention of it in the current issue. I’d love to know if you have an interpretation of the clue that works.

  3. Steve Randall says:

    I’m not sure you got the rugby reference in 22A?

  4. sidey says:

    I think 22a is more likely to be a wrestling reference than a rugger one.

  5. beermagnet says:

    Yes Glyn,
    [d]AVI[d] not [d]Av[e] Doh!
    Can’t think of him any other way – looks like what familiarity breeds also works in reverse.

    I also think Pantyhose in 463 was simply a mistake. It’s not as if the Eye runs to a dedicated crossword editor.

    I prefer sidey’s explanation of the wrestling connection for LOCK. A half-nelson certainly immobilises a member.

  6. simon says:

    Re: 17d.

    I think ‘I say’ means ‘my’ – as in an exclamation (I’m sure I’ve seen it used before). Which would mean that it’s squeezing ‘a tit’.

    How you got ‘UR’ from ‘the old place’ beats me. Care to explain?


  7. beermagnet says:

    My goodness me! I say! I believe you spotted it my good man
    So the wordplay for 17D should be: UR inside A TIT (a bird) all inside MY
    UR is the archetypal “old place” being the most ancient known city

    Ta Simon.

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