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Independent 7935/Dac

Posted by John on March 21st, 2012


As always a smooth solving experience from Dac. His surfaces are quite outstanding: without apparently trying he manages one that is suited perfectly to the clue and he does this time and again.

1 PICNIC — “pick nick”
4 BE{ef} S TEND — def ‘cut’
8 L AND A U — L = learner driver
9 VIGOROUS — Vigo (sour)*
11 CO({suffere}R)T IS ON E
12 POS{t}ER
14 PETROL STATION — (start to pile on)*, anagram indicator ‘pounds’
16 L EI(SURE CENT)RE — two different uses of pounds in the two clues
20 PU(N{ational})TS
21 BOTTLED UP — bottle (= wine, perhaps) (pud)rev. — the (rather unusual) reversal indicator is ‘roly-poly’
22 HOME PAGE — but I need help here: a home page is clearly an on-screen introduction, the first page in a website, but the tribute bands are lost on me; in a moment I’ll Google Home and Page and may find that they are tribute bands: OK I have done so now, and it’s hard to tell if there is one called ‘Home’, since the word ‘Home’ appears in just about every tribute band’s website; likewise ‘Page’, but there seems to be one called ‘Turn the Page’ — not sure if this is a farcical waste of time or not
24 SAVANT — (satnav)*
25 THE(RAP)Y — but the online version says ‘These people': surely ‘they’ are ‘those people’ so I wonder if it’s a misprint
26 KENYAN — Enya in K{urdista}n, misleading def simply ‘African’
2 CONTRAPTION — contraception minus CE
3 IMAGIST — I’m agist
4 BOILED SWEETS — (see diet bowls)* — &lit.
5 SNOW PEA — (weapons)* — not a plant I knew, but easy enough from checkers and the obvious anagram
6 alternativE COmedy — referring to Umberto Eco
7 D{r}E{s}S 1 RING
10 CO LONEL(BOG {formidabl}E)Y
13 STIPENDIARY — St. I pen diary
15 SLAPSHOT — (pal’s)rev. shot — in ice hockey this is a fast powerful shot
17 CUTS UP RAdish — the first word was U_ and it could hardly be UP since that appeared in the clue and no half-decent setter, certainly not Dac, would do that, so this was made easier
18 TALL AGE — another unknown (to me) word clued very simply — Dac follows Ximenes’ advice in this type of clue
19 SPOT-ON — (no tops)rev. — if no tops are up then bottoms are up, you might say
23 Meet Asia’s Expectations — referring to Mae West

9 Responses to “Independent 7935/Dac”

  1. Wanderer says:

    In 22, I think ‘bands’ is a containment indicator, so it’s HOMAGE bands EP for recording.

    Loved the double use of pounds in PETROL STATION/LEISURE CENTRE. Excellent stuff. Thanks John and Dac.

  2. flashling says:

    For some reason I struggled to start today, but having got over the first finished quite quickly except for UT SUPRA and TALLAGE which I just guessed at from wordplay. Cheers DAC / John.

  3. Allan_C says:

    Some new words for me here: IMAGIST, TALLAGE, SNOW PEA and SLAPSHOT – but nothing that couldnt be worked out.
    One minor quibble with 3d; Chambers only has the spelling ‘ageist’ (although it allows ‘ageing/aging’); I haven’t checked Collins.
    CONTRAPTION and COLONEL BOGEY raised a smile.
    Thanks, Dac and John.

  4. nmsindy says:

    Excellent puzzle, not particularly hard. My favourites were CONTRAPTION and STIPENDIARY but all good as always. Collins dict gives ageism/agism and ageist, agist. Thanks, Dac, and John for the blog.

  5. Kathryn's Dad says:

    All good stuff as always from Dac, although like John I couldn’t parse HOME PAGE. Thought CONTRAPTION was a great clue with a great surface.

    I think ‘these’ works fine in the clue for THERAPY. ‘These people are crazy.’ ‘They are crazy.’

    Far too many ice hockey references in this one. Can we just go back to footie, please?

  6. NealH says:

    Very smooth and seemingly effortless clues, as ever. I liked 22 and 13.

  7. Dormouse says:

    My handwriting is so bad, the E in 25ac looked like an O. And somehow I put an O for the first E in 14ac. Doesn’t make solving any easier. :-( Maybe I ought to start doing the online version. Got there in the end, but had to look up TALLAGE in the dictionary. Didn’t know UT SUPRA, but could work it out from my very little knowledge of Latin. Did like CONTRAPTION.

  8. Bertandjoyce says:

    We also had to look up tallage – surprised we haven’t come across it before. We liked ‘contraption’ and sendiary as well.
    Usually enjoy Dac’s puzzles and this was no exception. Thanks to Dac and John.

  9. pennes says:

    I found it rather harder than usual: a rather ponderous start but most of the rest then clicked in, followed by a bit of an effort in th SW corner particularly as I couldn’t get “home page” and don’t know anything about hockey and worked on the basis of “snap” or “flick” for photo so I was stuck on two wrong lines. I think I’d have struggled less if it had been pal’s rather than mate’s in the clue.
    Dac’s clues are truly stylish

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