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Azed 2076

Posted by Andrew on 25th March 2012


Sorry for the late posting. I had completely missed the fact that it was my turn, until Gaufrid gently reminded me this morning, but I was out most of the day so couldn’t do it till later. A very “manly” one here, with the amusing swapping of answers and definitions in 1ac and 17ac, and the related steroid at 34a (not to mention a red herring at 17dn). From what I remember it wasn’t too hard on the Azed scale, but of the usual high quality. In view of the lateness I’ve kept commentary to the mimimum. Definitions are uinderlined in the clues below.

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Beelzebub 1,149

Posted by Simon Harris on 25th March 2012

Simon Harris.

A pretty tough Beelzebub this week, I found. I think the fact that the four 12-letter longer words around the perimeter were all unfamiliar to me made it tougher to break into the grid. In fact, reading through the answers now, there’s a lot of unfamiliar material.

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IoS 1,152/Crosophile

Posted by Ali on 25th March 2012


Having moved from blogging the daily puzzle to the Sunday one, I seem to be landing all the setters I rarely saw during the week. No complaints though, as this was good stuff from Crosophile. I found this tough in parts, with the penny dropping on many clues only after I’d got the answer. Any help with 27A 15D will be appreciated.

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Everyman N°3,415 (18th March)

Posted by PeterO on 25th March 2012


Here we have Everyman’s usual mix of not-too-convoluted wordplays under impeccable surfaces. There are no geographical references to worry about, but a couple of words which might stretch your vocabulary. Read the rest of this entry »

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