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Financial Times 13963 Neo – The Grid/Clues

Posted by scchua on March 27th, 2012


Apologies for the lack of a post. As of now, today’s FT puzzle hasn’t been posted online.  Could I please bother someone to send me a scanned copy at [email protected]  Thank you in advance.   Thanks for your contributions yesterday, but they were too late in the night (my time) for me to act on them.  It’s now Wednesday morning 0045 (FT time), and the FT Tuesday gremlin is still operative.  Imagine you travel in time to yesterday, and this is what you should’ve got: the grid in the link below, thanks to Thomas99 for pointing to an identical grid, and the clues in the comment below, thanks to Neo (hope you don’t mind, I’ve deleted the answers).  I’ve deleted all other comments: I hope the posters don’t mind.  Special thanks to Neb who valiantly typed out the clues in his comment.  Also Hi to Jan, who I hope hasn’t given up, and can now attempt the crossword.  Until the puzzle is posted online, who knows when, I hope this will do.  I have diligently avoided looking at any answer, and will still blog it later this morning.

Grid FT 13963

One Response to “Financial Times 13963 Neo – The Grid/Clues”

  1. Neo says:

    Here we go. The clues, answers and parsing as sent to the FT. I’d better not blog it – unprofessional.


    1 College writer banks money (6)

    5 One is to take some silver round for this noblewoman (8)

    9 Festival beauty with her wings unfurled (8)

    10 Situation causing hardship for crows (6)

    11 Prefer 4 over very good 5 (6)

    12 Complete defeat where service engineer admits car tampered with (8)

    14 In Clubman I soon lost safe driving dividend (2,5,5)

    18 Thing worked out after musical interval determines what you will play! (7,5)

    22 Easier to produce three tragedies for Aeschylus (8)

    25 Room for movement in Spooner’s little song (6)

    26 No time to talk with boxer in compound (6)

    27 FTSE in collapse all about, so working at once (8)

    28/16 Googled this with FT after struggle to find work from 21 that 9 would get (8,2,3,4)

    29 Canaanite commander to emphasise racial content (6)


    2 God’s appearance in Cameron’s film (6)

    3 Staff training run by Dicky Nelson (9)

    4 Boring person with share of loot is shot (6,3)

    5 Czechs seen here half-eaten by snake (7)

    6 Royal birds for doomed wolf-suckling (5)

    7 Girl not entirely conventional (5)

    8 Third from Massenet with Panurge to reveal some deep device (5,3)

    13 Queen leaves grave to weep convulsively (3)

    15 Structures that loom where Hamlet is closer to king in breakdown (9)

    16 See 28 Across

    17 Military rule in world was disastrous (5-3)

    19 As Bunter starts with fork and trifle (3)

    20 Most tidy take food into cosy place (7)

    21 Noted German losing love vanished during hostilities (6)

    23 Unimportant manuscript turned up in its entirety (5)

    24 Presidential quarters for the oil family? (5)

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