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Financial Times 13,964 by Cinephile

Posted by PeeDee on March 28th, 2012


Another very enjoyable puzzle from Cinephile: varied, witty and educational as always.  Thank you Cinephile.

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9 CONSIGNIA CON (trick) SIGNorA (Italian lady) with I replacing OR (gold)
10 IRISH Hibernian (first letter of) following IRIS (flag, plant) – definition is ‘Hibernian’. Usually I quite strongly disagree with words performing double duty in a clue, but in some cases, such as this, its seems perfectly acceptable. I am unable to decide what the rule is that makes some cases OK but not others.
11 CHOLERA C (circa, more or less) HOL (break) ERA (time)
12 IN TOUCH double definition
13 See 23
14 See 17 down
21 RIGOR MORTIS RIG (costume) and (TO MORRIS)* – a temporary stiffening of muscle tissues approximatley 12-60 hours following death. ‘It will wear off’ is not really really a definition of rigor mortis, but in this case I think it works nicely.
23, 13 TIPPET Michael TIPPETt (composer, unfinished) – a type of stole
25 CHECK-UP definition and cryptic definition – using American spelling of cheque
27 PRITHEE THE (definite article) in RIPE (fruit=anagram). Personally I can’t quite coerce ‘fruit’ into an anagram indicator, however it seems that these days any word that does not explicitly mean ‘unchanged’ is allowable.
28 LADEN double definition
29 CASHW NUT SHEW (to exhibit) in CANUTe (Danish king, unfinished)
1 ICECAP CAP (limit) on ICE (diamonds)
2 ONE OR TWO cryptic definition
3 TIME OF YEAR I’M (setter is) FOE (enemy) reversed YE (solvers) in TAR (pitch)
4, 6 ANNALIST ANNA (old coin) and LIST (catalogue)
5 BANISHMENT NAB (catch) reversed and MEN (people) in THIS* (anagram=problem)
6 See 4
7 LIQUOR sounds like (say) “licker”
8 PHTHISIS PH (public house) THIS IS – tuberculosis. I am so glad that this is a written commentary and I do not have to attempt to pronounce this thing.
15 RETROSPECT SPEC (speculation, a gamble) in ROTTER*
16 BACKSLIDER Spoonerism of ‘black cider’
17, 14 STRICTLY FOR THE BIRDS STRICT (disciplinarian) FLY* OR and BE reversed in THIRDS (bronzes, medals). I think this is the second or even third crossword I have blogged with this solution – thankfully no reference to that ballroom dancing programme this time.
20 OUTSHINE O (circle) and (IN THE US)* anagram=circulating
22 GREEDY ED (editor, journalist) in GREY (colour)
24 PRESTO PRESTON with N (north, pole) removed
26, 27 KING POST KING (a royal) POST (mail) – a vertical post joing the apex of a roof to the tie beam in medieval archirtecture


4 Responses to “Financial Times 13,964 by Cinephile”

  1. Lenny says:

    Thanks PeeDee. I enjoyed this example of Cinephile’s wit and wisdom although there seemed to be a rather morbid thread with Cholera, Phthisis and Rigor Mortis. As usual, the Reverend takes a few liberties. There was no satisfactory definition for Rigor Mortis. Consignia should probably have been defined as former mail company as it only lasted 18 months before it changed its name back to The Royal Mail. I also did not like the definition of One Or Two as “three or more” but that is probably just my literal-mindedness as I see that Chambers defines it as “a few” which seems fair enough.

    I finished with the blindingly obvious Phthisis because it took me some time to accept that the word really exists.

  2. nmsindy says:

    I don’t think there is ‘double duty’ in 10A. I think the definition is just ‘Hibernian’. Then the separate wordplay gives H (its first – admittedly referring back to Hibernian but I think this is fair as it’s using the word in a different, separate, way) following IRIS.

  3. PeeDee says:

    nmsindy – so the rule could be “definition and wordplay should be disjoint, though they may refer to one another”

  4. nmsindy says:

    Yes, I’d see it like that, but, as you know, there are no absolutely agreed ‘rules’ in this game.

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