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Financial Times 13,956 – Dante

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on March 29th, 2012

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Mar 19

A typical Dante puzzle , enjoyable as ever.

Definitions are underlined and/or referred to in the blog.


1 RUSTED Condition of tank, perhaps, after attack from the air
    Double definition, perhaps – a tank might be corroded (RUSTED) after, perhaps, being “destroyed by air” (RUSTED, according to Chambers). But the two definitions are very similar, aren’t they?
4 NEUROSIS Name potentially serious mental problem
    N (name) + (SERIOUS)*
9 ESCAPE Manage to avoid a leakage
    Double definition
10 SHINGLES Viral disease runs around hospital
    SINGLES (runs) around H (hospital)
12 ARTERIES Rate rise for renovating major roads
    (RATE RISE)*
13 REVERE Venerate an American patriot
    Double definition – Paul Revere (1735-1818) was an American patriot who rode from Boston to Lexington to warn others of the approach of British troops. The man was more than 80 years on Planet Earth, quite exceptional in those days(and certainly for a revolutionary). Btw, the first time I came across Paul Revere was in the Sixties: Let Me (1969)
15 TAUT Tight race to retain gold
    TT (race, Tourist Trophy) around AU (gold)
16 DECK QUOITS     Pack with no score in even game
    DECK (pack) + {O (no score, zero) inside QUITS (even)}
19 RESTRAINTS Takes no action about coach reservations
    RESTS (takes no action) around TRAIN (coach)
20     NILE Runner has zero energy
    NIL (zero) E (energy) – “Runner” being a river here
23 SEDATE Teased about being placid
25 ARMS RACE What gun-runners take part in?
    Cryptic definition – How true that is!
27 STEP ON IT Hasten to expose devious nepotist
28 SCRIBE There’s copy in the south-east for a writer
    CRIB (copy, plagiarism) inside SE (south-east)
29     SCOT-FREE     Artful secret of not having to pay
    (SECRET OF)*
30 PEANUT Vegetable and fruit producing edible seed
    PEA (vegetable) + NUT (fruit)
1 RE-ENACT A recent reform put through again
    (A RECENT)*
2 SECATEURS     When at sea, curses tea clippers
3 EXPERT Former forward – one who should know better
    EX (former) PERT (forward) – the definition is slightly cryptic
5 ECHO What one said after reflection
    Cryptic definition
6 RUNNER-UP     Just a second
    Cryptic definition
7 SOLVE Only about five find the solution
    SOLE (only) around V (five)
8 SISTERS Members of the family, I stress, are out
    (I STRESS)*
11 HERETIC Cite her conversion as a dissenter
    (CITE HER)*
14 SKATERS Streaks out on the ice
17 IMITATION Unoriginal form of flattery
    Cryptic definition – “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”
18 WRITE OFF Send a letter, but expect nothing to come of it
    Double definition, the first one slightly cryptic
19 RESISTS Tries to stop son entering repeated exams
    S (son) inside RESITS (repeated exams)
21     EVEREST     High spot for woman – an opportunity to relax
    EVE (woman) + REST (an opportunity to relax)
22 PSYCHE Around church espy lost soul
    (ESPY)* around CH (church)
24 DUE TO It’s caused by an act of duplicity over love
    DUET (an act of duplicity) + O (love, nothing)
26 LINE Policy revealed in a short note
    Double definition

5 Responses to “Financial Times 13,956 – Dante”

  1. Lenny says:

    Thanks Sil. I did this in bed last night and found it more difficult than any of yesterday’s other daily puzzles, as is often the case with Dante.

    Last in was Rusted, which I read as a very laboured CD. The surface tries to conjure up an image of a military tank being attacked by an aircraft whereas the literal meaning is simply the condition of a metal vessel that has been corroded by exposure to the atmosphere.

  2. John Newman says:

    Thanks Sil
    I agree with you that this was as enjoyable as ever. I love Dante’s style.
    Now, I am going to question one of your answers. Instead of ARMS RACE (25A) I would offer PROS RACE. I think gun runners is not cryptic enough. I am taking gun here to mean crack, top notch, which I think is more cryptic. In Australia every Easter we have the Stawell Gift which is a short distance running race open to professionals and the prize money is very good. I imagine you must have something similar in the UK.

  3. John Newman says:

    Sorry Sil, I meant to write “Arms Race” is not cryptic enough.

  4. Bamberger says:

    I failed on 4a,13a (never heard of him), 20a , 6d & 26d.

    I assume line is a musical term for a short note?

  5. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Bamberger, I thought LINE to be a ‘short letter (or note)’ [it’s in Chambers, def. #20 ….] as in ‘drop me a line’.

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