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Beelzebub 1150

Posted by Jed on March 30th, 2012


Straightforward solve this week – very enjoyable





2 Want man in hospital to have cherries   BLACKHEARTS cherries

LACK want HE in BARTS hospital

10 Figures with how many faces? I had a score arranged  ICOSAHEDRA


12 Network arrangement to look curtailed  STAR

STAR[e] look curtailed

14 Arduous journey certainly recalled after ordinary days without one

ODYSSEY   YES< after O ordinary D[a]YS

15 Saint placed at rear by rigorous artist  ERNST

STERN rigorous with ST saint moved to end

17 Guy is interrupting couple, being chaperon  MATRONISE chaperon

RON guy IS in MATE  couple

18 Rogue section of tape presented by computer experts BANDIT rogue

BAND in sound recording – section of tape IT

19 Search in Edinburgh almost certain to bag cocaine  SCUR Scottish search

C cocaine  in SUR[e] almost certain

21 Recalled no hint of weakness in bright girl OLGA girl

AGLOW< minus W[eakness]

23 Edit rubbish including line printed backwards  REWORD edit

ROW< line backward in RED rubbish

24 Dairy product’s origin around river (American)   SOUR CREAM

R river in SOURCE origin AM American

28 Recreation includes live antique instrument   REBEC old instrument

BE live in REC recreation

29 Medium measure of liquor in tankard gets Scots complaining MUMPING

M medium PIN cask of 41/2 gallons in MUG tankard

30 15 not number formerly?    ERST  formerly

clue 15 ERNST minus N (not number)

31 Affected erudition, without real content – unduly hopeful about it

LITEROSITY affected erudition LITE no real content IT in ROSY hopeful

32 Actions with a new twist? (And reactions, according to me)

ISAAC NEWTON anagram (twist) of ACTIONS A NEW


1 Takes burden off some bodies, mistakenly offloading English document

DISEMBOSOMS (SOME BODIES)* minus English MS document

3 Quantity of liquid enthralling one in Scottish cowshed? LOANING cowshed

LOG Hebrew liquid measure containing AN IN

4 Item of uniform incorporated into river commander’s role CAPTAINCY

CAP uniform item INCorporated in TAY river

5 Black horse blocking ravine? On the contrary KHOR ravine

hidden in black HORse

6 Ivy’s a goddess around Delaware HEDERA ivy

DE Delaware in HERA goddess

7 Crime perpetrated by a right knave? ARSON A Right SON knave

8 Spots collapse after leader deposed RASH spots [C]RASH collapse

9 Government departments reassure one vaguely after start of turmoil


11 Typed archly, fluidly, having extra finger HYPERDACTYL

(TYPED ARCHLY|)* possessing more than five fingers or toes

13 Test of visiting actor, mostly in pieces for small casts TRIALOGUES

pieces for small cast of actors TRIAL O[f] GUES[t]

16 Lecturer recovered from dispute  about a feature in quartz LOVE-ARROW

hair-like rutile crystal Lecturer A in OVER ROW

20  Forcefully against life story about Queen CON BRIO forcefully (music)

22 Knowledge about King on old coins KRONEN old coin

king R ON in KEN knowledge

25 Bearing up, accommodating active ulcer  RUPIA ulcer

UP active in AIR< bearing up

26 Planted in Assam lately AMLA the emblic East Indian tree , hidden clue

27 Rise in activity regarding cruel person OGRE

GO< rise in activity RE regarding

( )* = anagram    < = reverse letters



4 Responses to “Beelzebub 1150”

  1. Loumo says:

    Is there a problem with the grid in this week’s Beelzebub, please, or is this some kind of April Fool thing? I’ve got at least two of the down clues that don’t match up with the stated word lengths (the stated word lengths all match with the grid).

  2. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Loumo
    We don’t discuss prize puzzles on this site until after the closing date for entries but I can confirm that the grid is correct and that the date the puzzle was published is relevant.

  3. Loumo says:

    Oh, sorry (really should have thought of that). Thanks for the response. I’ll stop weeping in frustration and try again more carefully.

  4. Voulez-vous says:

    Re this weeks puzzle (1152). In my opinion “bang out of order” No preamble to explain, not to mention that Beelzebub has never been a themed puzzle. I will surely not be the only one to express discontent. Apologies for posting here, but I feel it is the most direct route to those that set the puzzle.
    Beelzebub is always a good cryptic workout, but this was unfair. In my opinion.
    I’ll go away now……will no doubt post when this puzzle is blogged.

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