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Enigmatic Variations 1010 Lego by Chalicea

Posted by twencelas on March 31st, 2012


Lego – now that’s something you can never get tired of playing with!

A nice short and sweet preamble with extra letters in the down clues giving an instruction to solvers.

All relatively straightforward, this week. The extra letters in the down clues spelling out:


Which as any schoolboy, of my generation anyway, could tell you were – “I am just going outside and may be some time”, hidden diagonally in the grid.

So why Lego, the building block as the title, because his full name was:

Captain Lawrence Edward Grace Oates

Many thanks to Chalicea, though I have a minor quibble on 42ac, thoiugh it may just be my interpretation.

It would be nice to see a real puzzle themed on the lego building brick!


* Anagram, rev. (Reversed) DD (Double definition) Underline (Definition in clue)


1 Old, old practice ground used for grazing (7)

Past (old) + ure (old practice) = PASTURE

6 Swellings turn blue mostly in extremities of bones (5)

(blue – e)* in bs (extremities of bones) = BULBS

12 By virtue of office holding good self image (3)

Eo (ex officio = by virtue of office) around g (good) = EGO

13 Provide means of defence for member (3)


14 Halve pineapple in equal quantities (3)

Ananas (pineapple) – nas (half) = ANA

15 Head of gang to emasculate one of his own? (6)

Gg (head of gang) + unman (emasculate) = GUNMAN

16 Mandaean or Byzantine design of a basin (6)

(a basin)* = SABIAN

17 Garbled e-mail note (5, hyphenated)

(email)* = e-la-mi

18 One with great admiration of eccentric liberal idiots … (7)

(l + idiots)* = IDOLIST

21 … returns to suppress old magistrate (5)

Rev. (elide – suppress) = EDILE

24 Undo pants in the southern US with no hint of shame (6)

Sunbelt (southern US) – s (hint of shame) = UNBELT

26 Sole bit of change historically on margin (6)

Meg (bit of change – halfpenny) + rim (margin) = MEGRIM

29 Ranks public welfare from the east (5)

Rev. (State = Public welfare, well in some countries anyway) = ETATS

31 Once equipped with weapons, policeman loses head and daughter moves on (7)

Gendarme (policeman) – g (head) and d moves = ENARMED

33 Boastful women before big race (5)

W (women) + indy (big race = Indianapolis) = WINDY

35 Poet’s old track, highway within limits of tolerance (6)

Te (limits of tolerance) around road (highway) = TROADE

36 Cheap mugs, not new, for small infants (6)

Tinnies (Cheap mugs) – n (new) = TINIES

37 It may denote speed of film in short facility for replay (3)


38 Mount essentially providing support (3)

Steed (Mount) essentially remove s and d = TEE

40 Resentment of Irish Republic abandoned by Europe (3)

Eire (Irish republic) – e (Europe) = IRE

41 Boundless environment for giant (5)

Setting (environment) – s, g (boundless) = ETTIN

42 Viral disease, black at first covers ten highland sheep (7)

rabies(viral disease) with b (black first) around x (ten) = BRAXIES (Not sure the definition is the closest Chambers has is “A sheep so infected – a bacterial disease of sheep (Scot)”


S              1 Stage event is around top of Haymarket … (6)

Pass (event) + is around h (hospital)

H             2 … to publicise musical (3)


A              3 Deployed as a mob in type of judo wrestling (5)

(asamob)* = SAMBO

D             4 Lower house supporting a French national free from attachments (6)

Un (a French) + n (national) + Daill (lower house in Eire) = UNNAIL

E              5 Ditch in area encircling Bristol possilbly? (4)

Hidden aREA ENcircling = REAN

C             6 Fabric with loopy yarn in complicated form of marquetry (5)

DD Boucle (fabric with loopy yarn) = BOULE

A              7 Human link regularly accepted for large foreleg bone (4)

hUmAn LiNk = ULNA

P              8 For Dickens, more outstanding, richer and more resonant (7)

Plummier (richer and more resonant) = LUMMIER

T              9 British land tax communication system requiring relief (7)

Br (British) + Taille (land tax) = BRAILLE

L              10 Artificial cleanser in the north to wash down local piglet (6)

Synd (wash down) + elt = SYNDET

O             11Warder’s victory cry in the East, card game winner at last (6)

Jai (Victory cry (Hindi)) + loo (card game) + r = JAILOR

A              19 A certain very good soul (4)

So (ver good) + ame (soul) = SAME

T              20 Express disapprove of an Aussie tree hugger (4)

Tut (express disapprove) + an = TUAN

E              22 Web text I scrambled somewhere in the middle (7)

(web text I)* = BETWIXT

S              23 Dreadful as giants in opposition (7)

(as giants)* = AGAINST

L              25 Year in bar in Elizabethan private room (6)

Yr (year) in bloom (bar) = BYROOM

A              26 Missing start, game horse gets clipped one of mixed race (6)

Ame (game Missing start) + stee (steed gets clipped) = MESTEE

S              27 Intricate work of sailor aboard steamship in Australia (6)

Tar (sailor) in SS (steamship) + I (in) + a (Australia) = TARSIA

T              28 Incorrect date on English manuscript cancels bequest (6)

(date)* + e (English) + ms (manuscript) = ADEEMS

W            30 Returning to marry in sin getting old timer’s scorn (5)

Rev. wed (to marry) in sin = SDEIN

O             32 Deep trench, excellent for Antipodean timber (5)

Moat (deep trench) + ai (excellent) = MATAI

R             34 Rising up without gravity, happening when certain conditions are fulfilled … (4)

Rev rising – g (gravity) = NISI

D             35 … poet’s river runs level (4)

Tide (poet’s river) + r (runs) = TIER

S              39 Old uncle loved girl (3)

Esme (loved girl) = EME

6 Responses to “Enigmatic Variations 1010 Lego by Chalicea”

  1. nmsindy says:

    Thanks for the blog, twencelas, and Chalicea for the puzzle. Enjoyed this. Quite easy to start, then got a bit tougher esp RHS of grid. Got idea of SHADE and LAST WORDS fairly quickly but the middle was trickier. The breakthrough was seeing JAILOR, spelt with an O. This gave me OATES (it was a downhill run after that) and also helped me to find the quote, as I felt that O had to be there for a reason and I found GOING. I thought at first there might be some cryptic representation of the quote but then found the whole thing in diagonals. Cannot have been too easy to fit it in. Only vaguely familiar with the event which I see the weekend the puzzle appeared was pretty much the centenary of.

  2. twencelas says:

    Thanks nmsindy for noting the centenary, which is more than I did in my blog – even though I’ve seen a few articles on it recently. The “Capt. L. Oates” did confuse me for a while, too – as the use of the abbreviation meant it was difficult to guess without all the extra letters.

  3. Jake says:

    Nice one Chalicea.

    Just the level I needed to engage my brain! Thank you.

  4. Chalicea says:

    Many thanks to all three: twencelas for a gentle, detailed blog, nmsindy for that addition about the date (Titus Oates walked into oblivion on his birthday, 17th March, 2012 – though it could have been the 16th as Scott’s diary had become confused about dates at that point) and Jake, as always, for the encouragement.
    I was surprised there were not more crosswords commemorating the event (and do like the hint about a real Lego theme, thanks. Watch this space.)
    My original version had TITUS Oates but the Editor insisted on the change, as Titus doesn’t appear in the ODQ etc. He also removed an ‘infected’ from 42ac which originally read ‘Viral disease, black at first, covers ten infected highland sheep’ (7) I quite agree with you, twencelas, about the quibble with the current definition!

  5. Tony says:

    May I intrude here and ask what happened to the posting on EV 1011 which appeared briefly on Saturday morning but which hasn’t been seen since? Thanks.

  6. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Tony
    Someone pointed out that the closing date for entries for EV 1011 is 11th April so I rescheduled the blog to appear on Thursday.

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