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Azed 2077

Posted by John on April 1st, 2012


The usual thing from Azed: utterly sound clueing and lots of wading through Chambers in search of words you have never heard of, which is quite fun, once you’re used to it.

As usual I haven’t bothered to define many of these difficult words.  If you’re doing Azed you’ll have the clues to hand and also a copy of Chambers.

1 UP JET — to upjet is to spout upwards
11 NHANDU — unhand with the head moved to the tail
12 A T(S)EA — Congo is a type of tea
13 G(ARGAN)TUAN — an argan is a Moroccan timber tree
14 FAIRNESS — n in (is safer)*
15 GOONDAS — go on (sad)rev.
16 recondiTE IDeas — hidden rev.
19 ENCRADLE — a Spenserian word, hence ‘no more’ — ({ve}le{ta} dancer)*
22 VENETIAN — (event)* i(A)n
23 E MIR
25 S PAD GER — the tit of titling to rhyme with bit
27 ROOMETTE — (to {th}e Metro)*
29 R(E POUSS{in})OI R — Poussin being French, his king is a roi
30 SEGNO — g in (ones)rev. — the musical bars
31 RIEN ZI{on} — the French love is rien — I don’t quite understand the exclam: it’s a good clue, but is it all that remarkable in any way? I shouldn’t have thought so.
32 TROTYL — {parliamen}t (tyro)* l
33 C(R)E ED
1 UNGAG — Gunga [Gunga Din] with the G moved to the end
2 P HAT — a sailor is a type of hat
5 PUNANI — (up)rev. nan I{ndian} — I knew this word from Ali G, but find that it can also mean women generally, although it’s apparently ‘vulgar slang, originally W. Indies‘, and crumpet is I should have thought rather vulgar and derogatory, although Chambers doesn’t say so
6 ANTIS — (sat in)* — ‘groups untidily’ is the anagram indicator
7 SAURY — (ru)rev. in say
8 STANDARDISER — (dad’s trainers)* — a standardiser can’t be doing with rogues, or rogue items
9 TEASELS — as in (sleet)rev.
17 EVEREST — rest after eve — Sir George Everest gave his name to the mountain, so it’s named after him, not for him as in the link
18 R(‘EM)OVER — I thought I was going to need to know some famous Blackburn player of old, but it’s simply Blackburn Rovers
21 DOGGONE — the dog has gone
24 SEPOY — (So{war} yep)* — a Sowar and a sepoy seem to be much the same thing, so this is an &lit.
25 STOOL — (loots)rev. — a minor meaning is a piece of wood to which is attached a bird, used in hunting
26 torpoR OR IDleness
28 PIZE — “pies”

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  1. David Mansell says:

    5 down is punaani rather than punani.

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