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Independent on Sunday 1153: Poins. Heart to heart

Posted by jetdoc on April 1st, 2012


An entertaining puzzle from Poins, with a mini-theme of HEART (24d). Apologies for late and swiftly posted blog, and for any mistakes I have overlooked.

1 BALSA Model makers use it with liquid resin mostly
BAL[m] = liquid resin mostly; SA = sex appeal, or ‘it’ — rather quaintly old-fashioned, but still doing service in crossword clues.

Actually, now I think the wordplay might just be BALSA[m] = liquid resin mostly, with ‘it’ being part of the definition. But I am not sure how the ‘with’ fits in.

4 SICK LEAVE It cuts average benefit for those who are ill
SICKLE = it cuts; AVE = average. Definition: benefit for those who are ill
9 TWO BY FOUR Reportedly in favour after man covers top of well with a piece of wood
FOUR = sounds like ‘for’, in favour of; after TOBY containing W, top of well. A piece of timber measuring four inches by two inches in cross-section
10 UTTER Complete with piano taken from club
[P]UTTER = a golf club, minus P
11 EREBUS Nietzsche’s last puzzle is God
E = Nietzsche’s last; REBUS = puzzle (an enigmatical representation of a word or name by pictures representing the component parts of the word, as in a puzzle or a coat of arms; such a puzzle). Erebus, often conceived as a primordial deity, representing the personification of darkness
12 ENTRENCH Dig in ditch beyond eastern end of garden
E = eastern; N = end of garden; TRENCH = ditch
14 COCKATRICE A short time after, heads of companies openly call King a monster
C O C K = first letters of ‘companies openly call King a’; TRICE = short time. Cockatrice, a two-legged dragon with a rooster’s head
16 HART 24 on the tongue of an animal
Sounds like 24d, ‘heart’
20 TYNECASTLE Turn on river near the French 24s’ home
TYNE = river; CAST = turn (given in Chambers; LE = ‘the’ in French. I got this from the wordplay and checking letters, but I needed to check to confirm that IT’s the home ground of Heart of Midlothian FC, more commonly known as Hearts
22 SULTANAS Fruit and nuts alas going off
*(nuts alas)
23 WITH IT Having sex appeal is cool
WITH = having; IT = that old sex appeal again. The whole clue sounds a bit 1950s.
23 OWNED Admitted finding wife wearing only diamonds
W = wife; ONE = only; D = diamonds
27 TAKE HEART Be encouraged to lay hold of 24
TAKE = lay hold of; HEART = see 24d
28 MEANDERED Wandered at random with daughter before pursuing spiteful duke
MEAN = spiteful; D = daughter; ERE = before; D = duke
29 SET-TO Arranged to go to Ohio after initially talking with Barney
SET = arranged; T = initially talking; O = Ohio. Definition: barney, a rough noisy quarrel; humbug; a prizefight. Some would argue that the upper-case B is not valid unless the word begins a sentence.
1 BUTTERCUP Ram front of car near Uruguay’s principal power plant
BUTTER = Ram; C = front of car; U = Uruguay’s principal; P = power
2 LOOSE Relaxed with earl after battle
Battle of Loos; E = earl
3/24 ANY HUMAN HEART Some try to embrace what we are ultimately about, which is novel
ANY = some; HUMAN = what we are; HEAR = try; T = ultimately about. A novel by William Boyd, which I recommend as a good read.
4/19 SHOW PITY Why I stop dithering and have a 24
*(Why I stop)
5 CHRONICLES Accounts confirmed with not as many falling short
CHRONIC = confirmed (habitual, deep-seated etc); LES[s] = not as many, short of its final letter
6 LOUVRE Look at river swallowing up Vienna’s premier gallery
LO = look; URE = River Ure; V = Vienna’s premier
7 ATTENDANT A nurse dressed in brown appears on the first page?
A; TEND = nurse; in TAN = brown; T = first letter of ‘the’. Definition: page
8 EARTH 24’s changed world
13 GREY MATTER Poet in conversation with mother about model’s intelligence
GREY = sounds like (‘in conversation’) Thomas Gray; MATER = mother; T = model ( as in Model T Ford)
15 CATALONIA Spies covering up a story largely concerning autonomous region
CIA = spies; A; TAL[e] = story largely; ON = concerning. Catalonia
17 TWENTY-TWO Proceeded, unknown to tenor, to cut one number for another
WENT = Proceeded; Y =unknown; T = tenor; all in TWO = one number; giving another one
18 VANISHES Man held by secret service leaders after Virginia, returning home, disappears
VA = Virginia; NI = ‘in’ (home) reversed; HE = man; SS = secret service leaders
21 CANDID Frank’s unfinished satire
CANDID[e]. Candide was a French satire first published in 1759 by Voltaire
22 STORM Southern Republican overwhelmed by man’s rage
S = Southern; R = Republican; in TOM = man
25 SKIP Slide showing some notorious kidnappers
Hidden in ‘notorious kidnappers’

6 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1153: Poins. Heart to heart”

  1. Harvey Hawley says:

    TYNECASTLE wins the unnecessary obscurity for the first quarter of 2012 prize.

  2. jetdoc says:

    I admit that I thought it a bit obscure at first. But the wordplay and checking letters make it guessable, and most people have heard of Hearts as a football club, so I didn’t find it unacceptable in a weekend puzzle (when people are more likely have access to reference).

  3. Harvey Hawley says:

    I doubt that many people have The Boys’ Book of Scottish Football Grounds on their shelves, even if they managed to work out that 24s’ required a capital letter and had ever heard of the soccer team. I certainly haven’t.

  4. pennes says:

    Re 5 dn. There are those who would point out that “not as many” is fewer , not less (which means not as much). I suppose I must be one of them, as I pursued this line at first.

  5. flashling says:

    Having been to Scotland quite recently and have several friends from Edinburgh, the name Tynecastle was hardly obscure to me, still it’s a horses for courses thing I guess. Was a little surprised to see heart appear twice crossing each other, a tad unusual here.

  6. jetdoc says:

    Pennes, you are right that 5d should really have been ‘not as much’. I got the answer first and worked back to the wordplay, so failed to spot this.

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