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Independent 7945 by Quixote

Posted by nmsindy on 2nd April 2012


I find Quixote pretty much the easiest of the Indy setters and I found this puzzle very easy indeed even by his standards, solving in what for me was a very fast time indeed, 14 mins.

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Guardian Quiptic 646 / Arachne

Posted by Big Dave on 2nd April 2012

Big Dave.

I must remember to do the lottery on Saturday, as this must be my lucky week – my second Arachne Quiptic in succession!  Perhaps a little harder than some Quiptics, but the smile count is high.

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Guardian 25,599 – Rufus

Posted by Andrew on 2nd April 2012


Maybe I just wasn’t on the right wavelength today, but I found this a lot harder than usual for Rufus. Most of the clues I had trouble with are double or cryptic definitions, which can be tricky until the penny drops, and in some cases the crossing letters were not at all helpful.

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Cyclops 465: The canine testicles

Posted by jetdoc on 2nd April 2012


The usual fun from Cyclops, who has managed as ever to work all sorts of salacious references into wordplay for simple and innocent words. Clue of the fortnight, though, has to be 17a, for which the answer is less decorous. Read the rest of this entry »

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