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Cyclops 465: The canine testicles

Posted by jetdoc on April 2nd, 2012


The usual fun from Cyclops, who has managed as ever to work all sorts of salacious references into wordplay for simple and innocent words. Clue of the fortnight, though, has to be 17a, for which the answer is less decorous.

9 MAYOR Boris might, coming before his party, wasting time getting end away?
MAY = might; [T]OR[y] + Boris’s party, without T (time) or its last letter (getting end away). Great deceptive wordplay for such a simple answer.
10 LOCKSMITH Ex-Labour leader’s after jam, being a crafty worker
LOCK = jam (as in gridlock, I think); SMITH = the late lamented John Smith
11 ALAN SUGAR Saul: crudely wrapping a maiden’s rear with dirty rag sacking his speciality
*(Saul); around N = a maiden’s rear; *(rag), with ‘dirty’ as the anagram indicator. Saying “You’re fired!” is what he gets paid for these days, so sacking is his speciality.
12 RECAP Go over Cameron’s head when it’s pear-shaped all round
*(pear C). Definition: go over
13 EMIGRE Energy much reduced, Clegg ultimately in mess, political outcast
E = Energy much reduced, G = Clegg ultimately; in MIRE mess. Definition: political outcast
14 SCROUNGE Bum Conservative coddled by plastic surgeon
C = Conservative; in *(surgeon). Definition: bum (as a verb)
17 THE DOG’S BOLLOCKS Temperature at which male gets ’boxers rot’? Excellent!
T = temperature; HE =male; DOGS = boxers; BOLLOCKS = rot. Definition: Excellent!
19 MOROSELY Ex-Labour minister stood against loony extremes, in a sullen way
MO = the late and also lamented Mo Mowlam, once a Labour minister; ROSE = stood; LY loony extremes
21 EGG CUP Say really large bra size could hold your breakfast?
EG = Say (for example); G CUP = really large bra size
24 SEMEN Result of having come from club out of basement
[ba]SEMEN[t], i.e. without ‘bat’. Definition: Result of having come
26 TIGHTROPE Pissed on truss, which is beneath a well-balanced type?
TIGHT = Pissed; ROPE = truss
27 OLD SCHOOL Conservative Cameron’s was a publicly posh one
Double definition: conservative; David Cameron went to Eton, a posh public school
28 REIGN “Stand down!” — having dumped Sun, Murdoch’s is nearing the end?
RE[s]IGN, i.e. ‘resign’ (stand down) without S (sun). Murdoch’s reign may well be nearing the end.
1 IMPALE Run through Gnome piss
IMP = Gnome; ALE = piss, depending on where you drink
2 DYNAMITE Blow up doll’s number one, any time around
D = doll’s number one; *(any time)
3 GRASS ROOTS “Gordon, leader-wise, right prat” — Swedes? Rank-and-file party members, actually
G = Gordon, leader-wise; R = right; ASS = prat; ROOTS = Swedes
5 SCARECROW After alarm, Cameron’s first rank as a dummy in a corny situation?
SCARE = alarm; C = Cameron’s first; ROW = rank
6 USSR Land of Bush senior: a major power no more
US = Land of Bush; SR = senior
7 TIN-CAN Rejected dickhead Clarkson’s leader article — full of spam?
TIN = NIT, reversed (rejected dickhead); C = Clarkson’s leader; AN = article. A tin (well, not really tin) can might be full of Spam, in its original sense. Good wordplay.
8 THE PRESS Herpes outbreak covered by back street hacks
*(Herpes); in TS = ST (street) reversed
15 OBLIGATORY A blog, rude about Berlusconi’s end by politician is a must
*(A blog); I = Berlusconi’s end; TORY = politician
16 ISOLATION Cameron’s Europe policy apparently is too plain, crappy and lacking power
*(is too lain) — take out P (power) before anagramming, or rendering it ‘crappy’
17 TIME SLOT Murdoch’s rag destiny gets a place in the schedule
TIMES = Murdoch’s rag; LOT = destiny
18 CYCLOPIC Just like me, going round clutching outsize panty tops
CYCLIC = going round; OP = first letters of ‘outsize panty’
20 REMEDY Cyclops overdrawn at bank? Economy’s final solution
ME = Cyclops; in the RED; Y = Economy’s final letter
22 PEEING Making water’s sharp sound when drugs introduced
EE = drugs (Es); in PING = sharp sound
23 AGILE ’Sprightly’ Italian leader’s after girl’s top, soaked in booze
I = Italian leader; G = girl’s top; in ALE = booze
25/4 NICK CLEGG Catch member putting weight about — pain in the arse for Cameron?
NICK = Catch; LEG = member, in CG = weight (centigram)

Again, no time to think up a joke, so here’s one I found on Facebook (and apologies to anyone who finds it offensive).

4 Responses to “Cyclops 465: The canine testicles”

  1. sidey says:

    Ta jetdoc. Odd coincidence with Azed’s effort. V amusing though I doubt Clegg will ever actually be a pita.

  2. james says:

    ‘plastic’ surgeon In 14ac. I mean, come on.

  3. brital says:

    What’s wrong with ‘plastic’ ? Could me intended to mean artificial, as in mixed-up.

  4. jetdoc says:

    Yes, ‘plastic surgeon’ seems fine to me. ‘Plastic’ is defined as (aomng other things) ‘having the power to take on different forms, mouldable; shaping, formative; of or relating to moulding or modelling; modifiable; capable of permanent reshaping without giving way’.

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