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Everyman crossword No 3,417

Posted by Stella on April 8th, 2012


First of all, a Happy Easter to all, and a farewell, at least for the time being, as I find myself unable to live up to my compromises with 225, so have decided to renounce them.

Palm Sunday coincided with the mini-theme cited in three interlocking across clues in this enjoyable puzzle – and then there is one anachronic intruder :)

1. Felt for shipmate at sea collared by journalist (10)
6. Chief stud (4)
BOSS Double definition
9. A boost to self-esteem achieved on English horse that’s inferior (3,4)
EGO TRIP GOT = “achieved” after E, + RIP = “horse that’s inferior”, a new definition for me, which I only found by googling, as it doesn’t appear in Chambers.
10. Anteater chained, maltreated (7)
12. 14 or 25 (7,6)
POISSON D’AVRIL The first of the three interlinked clues for today’s date.
14. 12 or 25 (5,4)
APRIL FOOL The second, and my way in to the solution, reminding me of this, though the date given confuses me, since it’s three months before my birth, yet I distinctly remember watching the programme with my family.
15. Old article penned by that woman novelist (5)
HEYER YE in HER, first name, Georgette. I didn’t know she also wrote detective stories. If I had, I might have read more of her works :)
16. Wooden old actor-manager close to Goldwyn (5)
TREEN TREE+ (Goldwy)NI doubt that he and Goldwyn actually met :)
18. Wife is at home nursing prisoners of state (9)
21. Still together (2,3,4,4)
AT THE SAME TIME Double definition
23. Nearing resort, hittable (2,5)
24. Camping item perhaps missent abroad (4,3)
25. 12 or 14 (4)
GOWK Fool number three
26. Scathing when gang housed in portable shelter (10)
1. Still the same (4)
EVEN double definition, reminiscent of 21ac.
2. Get on with Miranda’s father? Mostly (7)
PROSPER PROSPER(o), from The Tempest
3. Made for Hallowe’en, watch number later, outside, at onset of night-time (6,7)
TURNIP LANTERN TURN = “watch” + IP(number?) + LATER around N, + N(ight-time)Either I’m missing something, or this is uncharacteristically sloppy for Everyman. I can’t see any actual indication for IP :(
4. One meeting member regarding painting technique (7)
IMPASTO 1 + MP + AS TO = “regarding”
5. Unknown number fired from outside, non-stop (7)
ETERNAL E(x)TERNAL, without “x”
7. Neat hospital attendant (7)
ORDERLY Double definition
8. A trap for the unwary consumer in shopping area in a rush? (5,5)
11. Cartoonist having hour in the bar, soon worse for wear (5,8)
13. No longer bothered over looking after people (4,6)
17. Actor we cast – admit we were wrong (3,4)
EAT CROW *ACTOR WEI’m more familiar with the expression “eat humble pie.”
18. Wife stands seeing small furry creatures (7)

Do they really go “pop”? :)

19. Pilot going about a mile in vessel (7)
STEAMER STEER around A M(ile)
20. Ghost commanding a form of respect (7)
22. Section without lights learner driver avoided (4)

16 Responses to “Everyman crossword No 3,417”

  1. sidey says:

    A turnip is a type of pocket watch Stella. Thanks for your blogs.

  2. Nathan Jesurasingham says:

    Hi Stella,

    Happy Easter to you. Thank you very much for your contributions to the Everyman blog which I really enjoyed. I hope you will be able to return at a future date.

    I found this the trickiest Everyman puzzle for a while. Although I finished it, I needed Stella’s blog plus Sidey’s response number 1 to understand the wordplay for 3 down.

  3. scchua says:

    Adios (until you resume blogging), Stella, and thanks for all your blogs. Thanks too, to Everyman.

    Considering the date on which the puzzle was published, I suspected something like it. However, one of them got away: GOWK. I opted for GAWK (in preference to GAWP), which Collins defines as an awkward foolish person. Didn’t look any further to find the better nuanced answer.

  4. crosser says:

    Thanks, Stella. I didn’t know “rip”, either.
    Sorry we won’t be hearing from you again, at least in the role of blogger. Hope you’ll still join in the exchanges, though.

  5. Davy says:

    Thanks Stella,

    I agree with Nathan that this was indeed the trickiest Everyman for a while. I also found the numbered clues confusing when the three themed answers were essentially the same albeit relating to different countries. I had never heard of Poisson d’Avril or Hunt-the-Gowk but found them in the Wiki page ==> http:'_Day

    I particularly liked WISCONSIN, PROSPER and WEASELS.

    Thanks Everyman and sorry to hear that you are leaving Stella. Thanks for your good work.

  6. Bamberger says:

    I fail to see what is cryptic about clue 12 referring to 14 & 25, clue 14 referring to 12 & 25 and clue 25 referring to 12 & 14. If the answers had been circular, going round in circles or chasing ones tail then perhaps I would have thought it clever.
    Anyway shouldn’t davril should be d’avril?
    In Northumberland a gowk is (or was ) an apple core.
    I thought this was a poor crossword.
    Thanks for the blog Stella.

  7. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, Stella.

    A bit of a rarity, an Everyman puzzle with a theme, but I thought it was fun. I think the three clues ‘chasing their tails’ is hinted at by the fact that 14 is 1/4 or April 1st, then a bit of indulgence is needed.

    Morning, Bamberger. Apostrophes are conventionally ignored in crosswords answers, so if the answer was SCRATCH ONE’S HEAD it would be enumerated as 6,4,4.

    I too entered GAWK, which I think also works, so I hope this week’s lucky winners won’t be eliminated if their solution was also that. And thanks to sidey for the TURNIP explanation.

    Stella, thank you for all your blogs – hope all is well with you and that this is an au revoir and not an adieu.

  8. Stella Heath says:

    Thanks all for your comments and good wishes, especially to Sidey for clearing up 3d for me.

  9. PeeDee says:

    So sorry you are having to retire from fifteensquared for a while. I hope that things work out for you as well as they possibly can.

  10. muck says:

    Thanks for this and other blogs Stella

    3ac: despite sidey@1 (watch=TURNIP) your parsing is better. watch=TURN + number=IP (as in Internet Protocol address, generally referred to as IP number)

  11. muck says:

    3dn I meant

  12. Jan says:

    Thanks for the blog, Stella – lovely pictures, especially the poisson d’avril, something with which I was not familiar. I wondered quite what an April fish could be.

    Thanks also for the reminder of the Panorama spoof which I watched in my teens! I read your link and was tickled by the comment …

    “Spaghetti is not a widely-eaten food in the UK and is considered by many as an exotic delicacy.”

    … how times have changed! :)

    I thoroughly enjoyed the crossword. It was much more fun than usual.

  13. Robi says:

    Good, teasing crossword; more difficult than usual.

    Thanks Stella for the blog and all your past contributions. I think in 3d it is supposed to be turnip=watch; Chambers gives: ‘a large old-fashioned watch (old sl.) Maybe it should have had an ‘old’ to indicate usage, but that could have also confused the Everyman audience, with old=o.

    I didn’t know the expression ‘EAT CROW.’

  14. Stella Heath says:

    Thanks all for your compliments.

    I think Sidey@1 is probably right, though the only evidence I can find to support the explanation is that looking up “turnip watch” in Wiki sent me straight to “pocket watch” – only after reading the post :)

  15. Stephanie Fleming says:

    Doing the crosssword as I do so many weeks later when it is syndicated down here, I was completely lost. Could not even begin to solve the three linked clues but hopefully that is a result of the time lapse, mind you who can say whether I would have got it otherwise. Found this one more difficult than recent ones! Having ssid that, this crossword is the highlight of my Saturdays.

  16. Ben Tombs says:

    Great to get some answers…. we, in New Zealand only had this printed for us on May 5th… Took a while for pennies to drop re the April Fool connections, but then Sweden celebrates April Fool on May 1st! Wiki had a clue about that regarding the ‘trick’of catching people with April 31st(!), though I forget the details right now. Cheers Ben

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