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Financial Times no.13,976 by REDSHANK

Posted by Ringo on April 12th, 2012


As usual from Redshank, a very enjoyable and inventive puzzle. A few new and half-forgotten words here for me. Plus, it’s a pangram (something I usually manage to overlook; I only spotted this one because I’ve just set a pangram of my own and was highly alphabet-attuned as a result).


1. JOHN BULL  John [can, toilet] + bull(y) [intimidate]

5. STABLE  S [small] + table [board]

9. HEAD LICE  Ea [each] within anagram of child + E [European]

10. Q-SHIPS  Q [quartermaster] + h [hard] within sips [drinks]

12. DATES  Double definition

13. NIGGARDLY  Reversal of drag [pull] within anagram of lying

14. SIMPLE  MP [Member of Parliament, politician] within anagram of lies

 16. SHRINKS  Double definition (trick cyclists is a slang term for psychiatrists)

18. OYSTERS  Y [algebraic unknown] within anagram of stores

20. SEXIST  XIs [elevens, teams] within set [group]

22. YORKSHIRE  Anagram of hosiery R [Rex, king] K [king]; the former county of Yorkshire was divided into Ridings

23. VICAR  VI [sixth] + reversal of RAC [rector’s assistant? This has stumped me, I’m afraid]

24. HANGAR  NG [no good] within haar [fog]

25. STAPLERS  Anagram of plasters

26. PLEDGE  Pl [place] + edge [border]

27. DEFRAYED  DEFRA [the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs] + YiElD


1. JIHADI  J(ordan) + had [owned] within II [11]

2. HEALTH INSURANCE  Heal [cure] + thin [anorexic] + anagram of sure can

3. BALLS  All [total] within BS [Building Society (see 7dn)]

4. LACUNAE  Reversal of an within anagram of a clue

6. TESTATRIX  Test [try] + A [adult] + trix [sounds like ‘tricks’, jokes]

7. BUILDING SOCIETY  Anagram of city in US obliged

8. ESSAYIST  Es [French for is or its archaic equivalent art – this seems unnecessarily devilish, so I may be wrong] + say [for example] + ist [German for is]

11. EGGS  Double-cum-cryptic definition

15. PRESS GANG  SS [ship] within eg [for example, say] within prang [accident]

17. BODY SHOP  Hidden within everyBODY’S HOPing

19. SWIZ  SWI [SW1, the postcode for south-west London] + z [algrabraic unknown]

20. SPECTRE  Anagram of the creeps minus he

21. ERASED  Eras [long periods] + Ed [Ed Balls (see 3dn), the British politician]

23. VIPER  Initial letters of Venomous If Prodded + ER [Elizabeth Regina, ruler]

3 Responses to “Financial Times no.13,976 by REDSHANK”

  1. Eileen says:

    Thanks, Ringo, for a great blog of a great puzzle. 23ac is VI [sixth] CA [about] R [Rector] – definition: ‘rector’s assistant’.

    Many thanks, Redshank – I really enjoyed this!

  2. Ringo says:

    Ah, thank-you Eileen. Shows up my ecclesiastical ignorance: I thought that a vicar was equivalent to a rector, not a mere underling.

  3. Cleveland Neault says:

    Head lice are very annoying. There are shampoos that effectively kills these annoying little critters on the head. :’`*”

    Yours truly

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