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Independent 7,950 / Morph (Saturday Prize Crossword 7/04/12)

Posted by Bertandjoyce on 14th April 2012


Someone once asked us if being a blogger took the pleasure out of completing the puzzles. Our answer was a resounding …. “No!” Today was definitely one of the occasions when our faces lit up as we saw Morph’s name. We smiled and laughed as we worked through the clues. All the time, we were thinking how much fun it was going to be when it came to the blog!

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Enigmatic Variations No. 1,012: Drab Cops by Nudd

Posted by mc_rapper67 on 14th April 2012


A cryptic title, hinting maybe at Columbo, with his dour demeanour and down-at-heel dress sense? The preamble tells us to find a horizontally-symmetrical four word quotation, and twelve answers needing some sort of adjustment before entry – which for me means a working copy of the grid and a sharpened pencil…a sharp mind would help as well, but we can’t have everything! The aforementioned twelve are also undefined in their clues, which have ‘some’ extra words as a further distraction.

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Guardian Easter Special 25,604 by Araucaria

Posted by PeeDee on 14th April 2012


Great stuff!   After some easy puzzles during the week we have this really solid challenge for the Easter weekend.  I thought this one was harder than the usual holiday specials from Araucaria.  There were not that many obscure words or references, the general level was challening across the board.   There were a couple of easy starters, but after that it was thinking cap on all the way to the end.  Thank you Araucaria.

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