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Independent 7959/Dac

Posted by John on April 18th, 2012


As usual a thoroughly satisfactory crossword from Dac; indeed ‘satisfactory’ is to damn with faint praise. It is of course far more than satisfactory, and as always the surfaces are smooth and shiny.

1 BANGER — (nab)rev. Ger
9 EARLY SHIFT — (he’s fairly)* t{en}
10 BrotHER Excitedly
12 INCENSED — a homophone indicated by ‘when phoning’ — in “sensed”
13 GA(RAGE)B AND — with = and
15 URGE — Ur (eg)rev.
16 P(OS)T — at first I thought this was OS in pt (= part), but then the ‘time’ isn’t taken care of — I think it’s p.t. for part-time (although this isn’t in Chambers I bet it’s somewhere) — but if so then isn’t Dac being marginally unfair, cluing part-time as part time? Or is it p = part and t = time, with the same remark as above about p = part not being in Chambers? [Sailor in part time job]
17 BACK P ACKER{s} — ackers is a slang word for money
19 DOMINICA — Mini in (cod)rev. a
21 ROO(S{till})TS — referring to Arnold Wesker’s play Roots
23 {G}R{a}I{n} C{h}E{f} — beautiful &lit.
25 ME(AT L{unchtim}E)SS
26 RODNEY — I’m not sure here: it is evidently (yen Dor{#})rev. or possibly (yen do R)rev. — if it’s the first then I can’t see what the northern city is — Dortmund? — can this be abbreviated to Dor? — and if it’s the second (where do = visit as a tourist does) then how is northern city shortly = R (or possibly r)? [Fellow’s aim, to visit Northern city shortly after retirement] (Thanks Thomas99 @1 — of course it’s (end)rev. in Yor{k})
2 AMAZ{on} E{aster}
3 GAL L IVAN T{hey}
4 RESERVE — 2 defs — a rather chestnutty feel to this one
5 CRIMINAL CHARGES — (claiming Archer’s)*
6 NOT ICED — to ice is US criminal slang for to kill
7 quiET HANdsome — Dac’s second hidden in a single crossword, a rarity for him
8 PORBEAGLE — (bargepole)*
15 UNCLOTHED — (C{hef} loth) in (nude)*
18 PARLOU{s} R
20 INEPT — (pen)rev. in IT
22 {s}TABLE

8 Responses to “Independent 7959/Dac”

  1. Thomas99 says:

    I had to stare at Rodney (26a) for a long time, but finally saw that it’s END in YOR(k), reversed. Slightly odd containment indicator (“visiting”), but as usual with Dac, the clue works. The problem was wanting “aim” to be YEN, which is in fact less synonymous than END.

    Thanks for the blog. Together with the unfamiliar Porbeagle (8d), 26a helped make this a harder Dac than usual – but still enjoyable of course.

  2. noddybankie says:

    Archer and criminal charges will always bring a smile.

  3. NealH says:

    I didn’t get the best impression of this to start with when I solved the hidden clue 10 first, then moved to 7 to find it was another hidden. Perhaps that wasn’t the best distribution of clues. Other than that, I found the bottom right section a bit more challenging than the rest – I was also thrown by the yen in 26 and kept thinking that 24 must be some variant on agrophobe. I liked the nice construction in 25.

  4. Bertandjoyce says:

    It was only when we had enough checking letters that we were able to work out the anagram for 8d. The SE corner caused the most dificulty with Rodney being the last one in!
    We know what you mean about your comment about Dac’s puzzles John – the smooth reading of the clues is excellent. Although there are no laughs as in Paul’s offering today in ‘Another Place’ it was a very satisfying solve.

    Thanks Dac and John for today’s work-out and blog.

  5. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks to setter and blogger.

    Indeed, it’s often difficult to know what to comment about on Dac’s puzzles – excellent surfaces as always, of course, but I did find the bottom half a lot more difficult than the top half. RICE was particularly good, and I had to look up the Wesker play to get ROOSTS.

  6. nmsindy says:

    Thanks, John, and Dac – excellent puzzle. Favourites – EARLY SHIFT and NOTICED.

  7. sidey says:

    PT often appears for part time in employment adverts.

  8. Paul B says:

    And lot more often than it used to, in these becalmed days.

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