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Beelzebub 1154

Posted by Jed on April 20th, 2012


This was at the speedier end of the Beelzebub spectrum






1 Plenty more winds limiting man’s assessment of clouds  NEPHELOMETRY

HE man in (PLENTY MORE)* study of clouds in liquids

10 Record? Recalled single  securing No 4 in charts ENROL

R 4th letter in charts in LONE<

11 Weak and soon transfixed by one literary curse   WANION curse

I one in WAN ON

12 Symbols of banking assail Government about errors? On the contrary

POUND SIGNS assail POUND G government in SINS errors

13 No longer care about cook, withdrawing all love   RECK care

about RE COOK minus both Os all love

16 Force of Reichenbach? A twist from Holmes’s creator ODYLE

Conan (DOYLE)*

17 Supplier of conveyance:Ferrari’s great to run  GRANTOR legal

Italian for great GRAN TO R run

18 Israeli city’s recessed section shocked most of Israel  TIBERIAS city

section BIT<  (ISRAE)*

22 He’d no pa, right? Sadly, being this  ORPHANED


23 Deception mostly extorted from local sprawl SCAMBLE sprawl

deception SCAM BLE[d]

24 Source of poison in country (not formost one)  URALI plant

country [r]URAL I one

27 Monkey not entirely peacable in Perth  DOUC  monkey

peaceable Scottish DOUC[e]

28 Because he’d failed, they went on the town DEBAUCHEES


29 Lazy boys ? I had one skipping lessons once IDLERS lazy people

I had ID LEIRS old word for lessons minus I

30 Party consuming most of remarkable source of milk DSOMO

female zho Hymalayan hybrid cattle – milk source SOM[e] in DO

31 Acrobatic equipment and loudspeaker not with scrap dealer TEETERTOTTER

loudspeaker TWEETER minus W with TOTTER rag-and-bone-man

teeter-totter a board which throws one in the air when someone jumps on other end


1 Cause death of cells in preparation of secretion NECROTISE cause cell death


2 Stopped daughter getting trapped in upsurge in depression ENDED stopped

(D in DENE)<

3 Small fastener satisfactory, blocking aperture on time  HOOKLET


4 Avoid study, giving up time for student  ELUDE avoid

study ETUDE swapping T for L

5 Darlings at work around middle of hostilities? LAND GIRLS

[hosti]L[ities]  in (DARLINGS)*

6 Plantation owners, say gather it up  MASSAS plantation owners

gather MASS it- sex appeal SA<

7 Feast possibly upset this girl  ENID DINE<

8 Tense? Twitch, getting tense in embrace of woman  TIGHTEN tense

twitch TIG T tense in HEN woman

9 King subject to that insult from Macbeth  RONYON insult Shakespeare

king R subject to ON that YON

14 Ammunition doing for pager?  GRAPESHOT ammunition

doing for – anagram indicator SHOT (PAGER)*

15 I foresee penny getting rubbish booze  served up PREDICTOR

penny P (ROT CIDER)<

19 Shakespearean fight, initially before groundlings?  BRABBLE fight

first letter of Before RABBLE groundlings

20 Hearts inflamed with passion changing direction to be most unfeeling


21 Agree English navigation system should be promoted ACCEDE agree


22 Swear on book (justice practice of old)  OBJURE swear

on book OB JURE right by law

24 Rust partly scoured off UREDO rust hidden in scoURED Off

25 Endless pestilence gripping millions and millions? Crikey!  LUMME crikey

MM in pestilence LUE[[s]

26 Agitated about a small amount in Scotland HAET A in HET

( )* = anagram    < = reverse     [ ] = omit

One Response to “Beelzebub 1154”

  1. flashling says:

    Well I finished this on the day of publication, first time ever with a Beelzebub so it must have been at the easier end, really must buy a Chambers some day…

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