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IoS 1,156/Radian

Posted by Ali on April 22nd, 2012


This was a tour de force from Radian, with about as much thematic material as you could hope for. Having solved the puzzle mid-week, the significance of the date of publication was lost on me and it took me quite a while to work out that the ‘it’ referenced in a lot of the clues was The Titanic. Having got that, this was still a tricky solve, but I very much enjoyed the inter-connected anagrams and wealth of nautical references in the clues. Excellent stuff.

7 WEALTHY – (THE LAW)* + [-stor]Y
8 BELFAST – B[-ulkhead] + AS in (FELT)*
10 NO EXCUSES – (ONE)* + X (vote) + C. + USES
12 NIGHT – “Knight”
15 LIST – Double def.
17 SHIP – HIPS with back to front
20/9/23 WHITE STAR LINE – WHIT + (RATES) + LINE (“queue”)
21 COMPETENT – [-prematur]E in (CONTEMPT)*
22 YELL – YELL[-o(ld) w(oman)]
25 ?M?R?N? – Not sure on this – “Mark’s representative, one on the Navy, boarded it”
1 WEST – Initial letters of With Every Screw Turning
4 RED CROSS – RED (embarrassed) + CROSS (angry)
5 OFFSET – SET OFF with parts swapped
6 AS IS – I in A S.S
11 ELSEWHERE – ERE + H&W + even letters of vEsSeLs, all rev.
12 NAIVE – EVIAN rev.
14/20 ABIDE WITH ME – A (one) + BID (offered) + (WHITE)* + ME (writer)
16 ICEBERGS – I C + GREBE rev. + S(outh)
17 SHIPYARD – (I PRAY)* in SH (quiet) + D(ead)
19 TOMTIT – O(ld) M(aster) + IT rev. in T.T (races
21 C?B? – Not sure on this one – “It left here for the last time, bloke said”

5 Responses to “IoS 1,156/Radian”

  1. Dormouse says:

    I enjoyed this puzzle, and I solved it Sunday night when the Titanic stuff was fresh in the memory. Quickly got the theme.

    I have 25ac as IMPRINT – MP + R(I)N IN IT.

    21d is COBH, the Titanic’s last port of call in Ireland, pronounced “cove” I guess, so “bloke said”.

    I googled the long phrase starting at 16ac and all the hits gave “alright” not “all right”. Some of them were actually “She was alright when she left here”. Apparently you can buy t-shirts with that slogan in Belfast.

  2. nmsindy says:

    Cracking themed puzzle – thanks, Radian, and Ali for the blog. I agree with the explanations above by Dormouse of 25A and 21D. I would add, in relation to 21D, that in 1912 the port was known as Queenstown. It reverted later to its original name Cove which was then put in the Irish Gaelic language, which has no letter V, with the H signifying that the B is pronounced that way. Everyone in Cobh will know though what you are talking about tho if you refer to it to COB H as one American lady described the place where she arrived on the liner.

  3. scchua says:

    Thanks Ali and Radian.
    A well-constructed thematic, with many related clues. An enjoyable puzzle.
    Off-topic: Pity that strictly on-liners wouldn’t be able to savour it. Not to be critical of eimi/Independent, who would have their reasons, but it appears that it is harmless for date-related puzzles like this to be posted on-line one week later. I think most on-liners would be aware thar the actual publication date is 1 week ago, and make adjustment accordingly.

  4. sidey says:

    It doesn’t seem to be available online…


  5. Gayle Burkey says:

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