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Financial Times 13986 Armonie

Posted by scchua on April 24th, 2012


A first pass got me worried, until I got a foothold in the SE corner, and things then went okay.  Thanks Armonie for an enjoyable puzzle, perhaps a little harder than usual.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  Each of the pictures at the bottom has an unidentified link to the crossword – hint:  there are 3 pairs of pictures, and 1 setter’s device.


1 Corrupt French noble found in bishopric (6)

SEDUCE :  DUC(French for duke,a nobleman) contained in(found in) SEE(a bishopric,the office of a bishop).

4 Dog in mine without railway (6)

COLLIE :  “colliery”(coal mine) minus(without) “ry”(abbrev. for railway).

8 It is given here (7)

PRESENT :  Double defn: 1st: That which is given,a gift; and 2nd: To indicate that one is present at a roll call..

9 Living with an independent partner (7)

ANIMATEAN + I(abbrev. for independent, as with an election candidate) + MATE(partner). 

Answer: Descriptive of one who has life,living, as opposed to inanimate.

11 Rude show about the Spanish (10)

INDELICATE :  INDICATE(to show) containing(about) EL(Spanish for the article, “the”).

12 Measure sentence (4)

TIME :  Double defn: 1st: As a noun, a measure,dimension, or as a verb, to measure a given dimension, in this case time; and 2nd: Time to be spent in prison,a sentence which may be handed down by a judge.

13 Weapon discovered in Catalan cemetery (5)

LANCEHidden in(discovered in) cataLAN CEMetery.

14 Order to conceal Channel Islands’ public disturbance (8)

INCIDENT :  INDENT(an order for a goods item) containing(to conceal) CI(abbrev. for Channel Islands). 

Answer: A bland euphemism for a “public disturbance”.

16 Nicholson embraces the right to cheer up (8)

BRIGHTEN :  BEN(Nicholson, British abstract painter) containing(embraces) RIGHT.


18 Trouble riding mount (5)

UPSET :  UP(riding,up on a horse) + SET(to fix,mount eg. a gem in a ring, or a picture in a frame).

20 Henry has time for divinity (4)

HERA :  H(abbrev. for Henry) plus(has) ERA(a long period of time). 

Answer: Ancient Greek goddess,divinity,a divine being, wife and sister of Zeus – who’s to stop him from doing what he likes?

21 Former pupil’s able to read, write and rub out (10)

OBLITERATE :  OB(abbrev. for old boy,former pupil) + LITERATE(able to read,write). 

Answer: To erase,rub out.

23 Tourist sees peak when touring Italy (7)

VISITOR :  VISOR(the projecting front piece,peak of a cap to shade your eyes) containing(when touring) IT(the ISO code, and the Internet domain code, for Italy)

24 Question an Anglican with suspicion (7)

ASKANCE :  ASK(question) + AN + CE(abbrev. for Church of England,Anglican).

25 Utter nonsense about king in tower (6)

TURRETAnagram of(nonsense) UTTER containing(about) R(abbrev. for Latin Rex,king)

26 Resolved to be under canvas (6)

INTENT :  IN (a) TENT(to be under canvas,tent material). 

Answer: Being determined,resolved.


1 Father’s new hooter (5)

SIREN :  SIRE(father) + N(new).

2 Notice director is overseeing nuclear researchers (7)

DISCERN :  D(abbrev. for director) + IS placed above(overseeing, in a down clue) CERN(originally Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire  – French for European Council for Nuclear Research, but now Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire – European Organization for Nuclear Research, but retaining the old acronym.  Those scientists who accelerate atomic particles to smash into one another to discover even smaller particles, amongst other things.)

3 Sober and satisfied when outside batting (9)

CONTINENT :  CONTENT(satisfied) containing(when outside) IN(in cricket, descriptive of the team that is batting). 

Answer: Exercising control and moderation in one’s desires, especially with alcohol and sex, which presumably means that you’re sober … and vice versa.

5 Big cat’s sudden swoop lacks power (5)

OUNCE :  “pounce”(sudden swoop,surprise attack) minus(lacks) “p”(abbrev. for power, in physics). 

Answer: The snow leopard,a big cat.

6 Bound to put small amount in hat (7)

LIMITED :  MITE(a small amount of money) contained in(put…in) LID(slang for a hat).

7 I meet Stan dancing in the bistro (9)

ESTAMINETAnagram of(dancing) I MEET STAN.

10 Reasons for putting drink under control (9)

RATIONALE :  [RATION ALE](regulating,putting under control, the giving out of beer,drink).

13 Thief damaged clarinets (9)

LARCENISTAnagram of(damaged) CLARINETS

Answer: One who commits thievery.

15 No curates should get mixed up with her (9)

COURTESANAnagram of(should get mixed up) NO CURATES

Answer: From Italian, literally, a woman of the court, but meaning a prostitute or mistress of a nobleman or a wealthy man.  Certainly not suitable company for men of the cloth, including curates.  A nice WIWD (wordplay intertwined with defninition) clue – my COD.

17 Worker finds group leader more idle (7)

GLAZIER :  G(initial letter,leader of “group”) + LAZIER(more idle). 

Answer: A worker who firs the glass panes in windows.

19 Breakers’ expert is superficial (7)

SURFACE :  SURF(waves that break on the shore) + ACE(expert). 

Answer: As in “a surface reading of the clue does not give sufficient information.”

21 Australia’s a gas! (5)

OZONE :  OZ(what Australians call their country) + ONE(a).

22 Diplomacy surrounding Indian leader is understood (5)

TACIT :  TACT(diplomacy) containing(surrounding) I(initial letter,leader of “Indian”)



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