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Financial Times 13,987 by Cinephile

Posted by PeeDee on April 25th, 2012


A pretty straightforward puzzle today, very enjoyable nonetheless.  Thank you Cinephile.

Hold the mouse pointer over any clue number to read the clue.

1 ALLIGATOR sounds like “alley gaitor” (passage and legwear) – see you later alligator
6 LUPUS UP (raised) following L (student) then US (America) – chronic TB of the skin
9 COMPEER COMPERE (MC) with the last two letters reversed (tail twisted) – a person of equal rank
10 DESERVE Snake (head of) in DEER (animals) and ‘VE (have been, short form)
11 TWEAK Time and WEAK (week, say=sounds like)
12 INWROUGHT I WORN* (out=anagram) UGH (disgusting!) T (shirt)
14, 19 HATRED RED HAT (the galero, a wide brimmed red hat word by cardinals) with words reversed (inverted)
15 INHERITANCE IN (among) CATHERINE* (work=anagram, to knead or massage)
17 RIGHT HANDED RIGHT (privilige) HANDED (given to) – the majority of people do things (operate) with their right hand
19 See 14
20 BIMONTHLY anagram (rendered) of HYMN TO LIBerty (briefly)
22 LASER sounds like “lazer” (one who lazes about)
26 ITALIAN IT ALIA (other things, latin) New – ‘Gin and Italian’ is a martini
27 DELVE Died and ELVEs (little people) not ending (didn’t stop)
28 THEREWITH THE (the definite article) WRITE* and History (start of) – definition is ‘using that’
1 ASCOT A SCOT (northern Briton) – race course
2 LAMBENT BENT (determined) on LAM (strike, hit) – in flame
3 GREEK GIFT GG (sounds like “gee gee”) outside REEK (smell) IF on Things (top of)
5 See 25
6 LASSO LASS (girl) O (love, zero tennis score)
7 PARAGON P (piano, quiet) ARAGON (home of Catherine) – definition is ‘perfect type’
8 SHEET BEND SHEET (something for the bed) N (pole) in BED (which, refering back to bed) – knot, a more secure variant of the reef knot
13 WORLDLY WISE WILDLY* (anagram=wrong) in WORSE (not so good)
14 HARDBOARD HARD (unkind) BOARD (directors)
16 TIDAL WAVE DALIT* and WAVE (bid farewell to)
18 GUMBOIL GUMBO (soup) I Left
19 ROSSINI Sir James Clark ROSS (arctic explorer) IN Island
21 NOISE NO (number) IS E (a transcendental number)
23 RANCH RAN (managed) CH (church)
25, 5 HOT ROD HOT (enthusiastic) ROD (staff)


2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,987 by Cinephile”

  1. crypticsue says:

    Not too tricky but enjoyable. I was held up by having to find out whether the clearly indicated word in 9a existed and waiting for the penny to drop about IT in 26a. Thanks to setter and blogger too

  2. Michael G says:

    Yes, certainly enjoyable: 2D stumped me, and thanks also for deciphering 12A – I couldn’t see why that was the solution. BTW I think you mean CATHERINE with an “E” in both 15A and 7D.

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