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Financial Times 13,978 by Cinephile

Posted by Pete Maclean on April 26th, 2012

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of April 14, 2012

I sailed through this puzzle with ease. Well, except for 12A (MISSEL THRUSH) which was not a bird I knew of, although the wordplay turned out to be easy anyway. I especially like 19A (PENTHOUSE), 3D (DRAWING BOARD) and 8D (SHOEHORNED). And, as so often with Cinephile, I have quibbles about a few clues.

1. WORLD CLASS – L (50) in WORD (promise) + C (100) + LASS (girl)
6. IBIS – [al]IBIS (the most of proofs of absence). I contend that this is a poor clue. Taking it literally, even reading “most” as “most but not all”, the most of ALIBIS would be ALIBI or LIBIS, but no way IBIS. I suppose one could read it as “the most that fits the enumeration” but I don’t like that.
9. GRETA GARBO – anagram of GREAT + GARB-O (no clothes on). I have seen variations of this clue before.
10. AFRO – anagram of FOR A
12. MISSEL THRUSH – MISS (girl) + EL (the Spanish) + THRUSH (complaint)
15. EMERGENCE – EMERGENCY (crisis) with last letter changed
17. UDDER – off-beat homophone (“other”). This homophone is fine with me but surely an udder is a milk container or a milk supplier, but not exactly a milk supply.
18. CARGO – CAR (vehicle) + GO (leave)
19. PENTHOUSE – THOU (old solver) in PENSE (think in French)
20. BEVERLY HILLS – EVER (always) + L (left) + YH (youth hostel) all in BILLS (accounts)
24. GORE – GO (take steps) + RE (about)
25. MARK ANTONY – MARK (characterise) + AN (an) + TONY (award)
26. YALE – double definition
27. CHARITABLE – anagram of CHAIR + TABLE (its place)

1. WAGE – double definition
2. REEL – double definition
3. DRAWING BOARD – DRAW (stalemate) + IN (in) + GB (Great Britain) + anagram of ROAD
4. LOADS – double definition
5. SUBALTERN – BALT (possibly Latvian) in anagram of NURSE
8. SHOEHORNED – anagram of DON HE OR SHE
11, 7. THOU SHALT NOT BE FOUND OUT – THOUS (large sums) + HALT (stop) + anagram of FEUD NOB in NOT OUT (saved by umpire)
13. BEACH BUGGY – homophone (“beech buggy”)
16. NAPPY RASH – NAP (doze) + PYRA (some of the pyramids) + SH (don’t talk). Some people may object to ‘some of pyramids’ cluing PYRA. And even I object to ‘some of the pyramids’ cluing PYRA.
21. INKER – homophone (“Inca”). Hardly a precise homophone.
22. COMB – double definition
23. TYRE – double definition

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