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Independent 7962 (Saturday Prize Puzzle 21st April 2012) by Tyrus

Posted by twencelas on April 28th, 2012


Another Saturday blog day for me and another Tyrus puzzle. But am I bovvered?

Of course I am, even if the theme of this week’s offering is a series of scornful responses. There’s also a secondary kitchen theme running through the grid, so is Tyrus a bit of a reluctant cook?

The scornful responses are all defined as such:

Talk to the Hand

So what

Who cares

You and whose army

Big Deal

and Gas oven, Kitchen and Aga are the kitchen references.

As always from Tyrus (whose puzzles never fail to draw me in until each nuance of each clue makes sense), there are some wonderful clues. I liked 25ac (the last one I managed to explain) – 4dn drew images of a certain Mr. Gove being barbequed at the Angel (of the North), 19 down – though perhaps a second question mark would have really amused me and 2dn for its nihilistic humour.

I must not fail to mention 20 across – Such self-deprecation Tyrus and highly amusing.

Thanks again to Tyrus for an excellent and varied workout.


* Anagram, DD Double Definitiion, Rev (reversed)

1    Pawning (leaving with uncle as in a pawnbroker) – p (power) = AWNING
5    (baby)* + erse (language) – e (mostly) = YABBERS (Aussie talks)
9    Rev. hidden (maY DO Better) = BODY (group)
10    S (sugar initially) + lard (fat) + l (apprentice) around Ugg (Boots – as in a brand) + y (why?) = SLUGGARDLY (Lazy)
11    (XV (fifteen) + ah neat)* = TAX HAVEN (where you’ll save money)
13    e (earl) + (chose (selected))* – slightly twised = ECHOES (rings)
14    Sweeping (Broad) + will sow (going to plant) – ss (2 spades) = WEEPING WILLOW (Tree)
16    (That hotel k (keeper’s first))* + and (with) = TALK TO THE HAND (Scornful response)
20    Somewhat (rather) – me (Tyrus) = SO WHAT (scornful response)
21    est (there is) around cargo (load) = ESCARGOT (Nice food)
22    Times (Murdoch paper) + hares (runs) = TIMESHARES (holiday schemes (might be dodgy))
23    Ali (boxer) + t (uppercut finally) = ALIT (Landed)
24    Step (stage) + Rev (yen)(longing) = STEPNEY (In London)
25    W.Ham (west ham as in Big Sam Allardyce is the manager) + my (gosh) = WHAMMY (That’s a blow!)

2    ca (about) in whores (hookers) = WHO CARES (scornful response)
3    i (one) + cy (country extremely) = ICY (Unfriendly)
4    Gove (Caninet minister) around as (when) + n (north) = GAS OVEn (where roasting’s likely)
5    You (character said as in u) + (why dream on as)* = YOU AND WHOSE ARMY (Scornful response)
6    bid (attempt) around g (government) + ea (each) + l (liberal) = BIG DEAL (scornful response)
7    Cryptic Definition = EARTH MOTHER (Heavenly goddess? hardly)
8    (lovers)* = SOLVER (You)
12    (the + the + plate)* = HEPTATHLETE (Versatile sports person)
15    (come in)* + um (union member) = ENCOMIUM (Praise)
17     k (close to york) + itchen(River – in Hampshire) = KITCHEN (Site of 4 = Gas oven)
18    hack (journalist) + s + w (two ways) around a (as in facing) = HACKSAW (It cuts)
19     (sore + it)* = TORIES (They’re right)
23    DD AGA (as in An Aga stove and a commander)

7 Responses to “Independent 7962 (Saturday Prize Puzzle 21st April 2012) by Tyrus”

  1. Polly says:

    I had a very different solution for 20 across, made up of an anagram of ISH (suffix meaning ‘rather’) and NO T (missing Tyrus). I was a little surprised to find the phrase in a family newspaper…

  2. Conrad Cork says:

    I agree twencelas, some wonderful stuff here.

  3. Tramp says:

    A wonderful puzzle. Great theme with clues crafted using precision and wit. This is what crosswords are all about in my book.

  4. Dormouse says:

    Don’t recall having too much trouble with this apart from 15d, which I only vaguely knew and couldn’t see how it worked. Don’t recall seeing “Labour” used to indicate an anagram before.

  5. redddevil says:

    For some reason I absolutely whizzed through this in under 15 minutes which is unheard of.
    Must be my scornful nature I suppose.Like Dormouse 15d was my last and I also don’t recall labour as an anagrind before.
    Some lovely humour and definitions nonetheless so many thanks to Tyrus and Twencelas.

  6. Tyrus says:

    Thanks to twencelas for another fine blog and to others for their comments.

  7. MikeC says:

    Thanks twenceslas and Tyrus. I’ve been busy, only able to give a little time to crosswording, so I’ve only just finished this! I was determined not to be beaten – but it was a real struggle (and I still couldn’t explain some of the answers). Great entertainment!

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