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Cyclops 467: Copious or lavish trousers

Posted by jetdoc on May 2nd, 2012


First, further apologies — I promised to post this, already late, yesterday, but didn’t get home to my office (where this almost finished blog was waiting for me) until late.

This was a pretty straightforward Cyclops, apart from — for me — 5d, which took my a long time to spot.

7 BUMPTIOUS Cocky politician gets in nevertheless — debts follow
MP = politician; in BUT = nevertheless; IOUS = debts. Definition: cocky
8/3 BLACKLIST Boycott is balls — tick off
*(balls tick)
10 AMULET Slipper involved in one time fetish?
MULE = slipper; AM = one time (morning). Definition: fetish
11 PROTRUDE Stick out belly embracing Rex Short
POT = belly; ‘embracing’ R = Rex; RUDE = Short
12 BRUTUS Backstabber Bush’s opening routine against his nation
B = Bush’s opening; RUT = routine; US = his nation. A reference to the assassination of Julius Caesar
14 SOFT SOAP Erection lost on TV series? Here’s flannel
SOFT = Erection lost; SOAP = TV series
15 EUROPEAN UNION Given Cameron’s stand-off attitude to it, not much in evidence of late?
Cameron has a stand-off attitude to the EU; and there hasn’t recently been much evidence of union, in the sense of unity, within Europe
17 THE CURSE There’s kinky: hugging copper’s bloody cycle
*(there’s); ‘hugging’ CU = copper. Definition: bloody cycle, referring to menstruation
19 DREARY Rather sad, arse-grabbing Nixon, say, is completely gutted
DY = D[ick]y (President Richard Nixon was known as Tricky Dicky) with its contents removed; REAR = arse. Definition: rather sad
21 ABETTING Backing a git — bent bastard
*(a git bent), with ‘bastard’ as the anagram indicator
23 CELEBS The well known cold Lee’s crushed and emptied balls
C = cold; *(Lee); B[all]S. Definition: the well known
24 STUFF Roger’s pad
Double definition — to have sex with; to stuff, cover, or fill out with anything soft (fnaar, fnaar!)
25 LAUGHS OFF Revolting, foul shag female makes light of
*(foul shag F), with ‘revolting’ as the anagram indicator
1 BUMMER Beg before the main French pain in the arse
BUM = beg; MER = the main (sea), in French
2 EPILATOR One who pulls out (shock) of April — toe curling
*(April toe). Someone who pulls out hair, which can be described as a ‘shock of hair’
4 BURP Wind up RBS (pointless, in a mess)! (4)
*(up RB). ‘Pointless’ means the S (south, a compass point) is removed; ‘in a mess‘ is the anagram indicator. Definition: wind
5 FLARES Copes, suppressing the last of Merkel’s fulsome pants
FARES = copes; L = last of Merkel. Definition: fulsome pants, of which here’s a particularly awful example. This one held me up for ages — I just couldn’t think of a word that made sense.
6 ACID RAIN It makes for a bad atmosphere getting tart to do a Brenda out loud
TART = acid; RAIN sounds like ‘reign’, which is what Brenda (the Queen) does
9 CONFOUND Nick’s “guest” set up Fox
CON = Nick’s “guest” (prisoner); FOUND = set up. Definition: fox
13 SUPERFIT Copper’s having tantrum is more than healthy
SUPER = (police) Superintendent; FIT = tantrum
14/22 SCAPEGOAT Leader of Pakistan, beset by caste unrest, protecting Indian state’s victim
P = leader of Pakistan; GOA = Indian state; in *(caste). Definition: victim
15 EXHIBIT A Divorced party with Hello! piece, a major item of evidence in court
EX = divorced party; HI = Hello! BIT = piece; A
16 IDEALISM Quality found in few politicians now cultivating dailies (Murdoch chiefly)?
*(dailies M), with ‘cultivating’ as the anagram indicator
18 CUT OFF Isolated Blair, half gone, seen in clip
TO[ny] (Blair; in CUFF = clip (to strike with the open hand)
20 REBUFF Decline when Brenda backed Brown
RE = ER (the Queen), reversed; BUFF = brown
23 CAGE Pound Clegg’s head to get on
C = Clegg’s head; AGE = get on. Definition: pound, in the sense of ‘enclosure’

In lieu of a joke, another image — a wonderful photo taken by Steve Mulligan and posted to Facebook:

One Response to “Cyclops 467: Copious or lavish trousers”

  1. Russ says:

    Thanks very much for the blog: I missed a couple in there.

    Just to nitpick<H point out that in 10a, one is A and time is T, so the MULE is within it.

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