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Financial Times 13,985 – Dante

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on May 3rd, 2012

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Apr 23

After a one-off Tuesday appearance Dante is back on the familiar Monday spot. With the quality we have come to expect from, in a way, the Setter of Setters. Thanks Dante, for another not too difficult but elegant puzzle – one that can be found here .

Definitions are underlined where appropriate.


1 STEADY       Second date broken by youth leader’s girlfriend
  S (second) + (DATE)* + Y[outh]
4 MADAME       Frenchwoman forced to take in a Frenchman
  MADE (forced) around A M (monsieur, Frenchman)
8, 9 CUSTOMS BARRIER   The point at which the tourist’s declared?
  Cryptic definition
  In my opinion, not the most imaginative of cryptic definitions.
11 DECORATION   Flags put out in honour of a brave man
  Double definition
12 BAGS Childishly claims the luggage
  Double definition
13 TUTTI All the players express mild disapproval before taking it back
  TUT (express mild disapproval) + TI (reversal of ‘it’)
14 THIRTEEN Hire-tent collapsing? Unlucky for some
  Quite a nice surface. Did remember me of camping in near Keswick in the early nineties – in heavy weather dozens of tents collapsed, including mine (the front pole broke), after which I headed down south with no other thing on my mind than just running away. Did I say “Quite a nice surface”?
16 DESIGNER Couturier resigned in a tantrum
18 PYLON It may hold up current supplies
  Cryptic definition
20 ADAM A mother and father figure
  A + DAM (mother)
  One of two identical mothers, the other one to be found in 3d. Perhaps Dante should have avoided this, but both clues aren’t too bad.
21 HINDUSTANI Thus Indian gets confused by the vernacular
23 LIBRARY You may take work home from it
  Cryptic definition
  I liked this one ….
24 BEDROLL     Play the fool? Sleep on it!
  BE DROLL (play the fool)
  …. and this one, too.
25 LIEDER Sound conductor of works by Schubert
  Homophone of LEADER (conductor)
  This homophone is a bit over-familiar, isn’t it? Schubert was, of course, one of the major writers of “Lieder” (German for just ‘songs’), but although I like classical music and Schubert [not as much as my late father did, he put a kitschy Schubert bust on the wall in our living room], I never really got into classical music based on the human voice.
26 STOLEN Somehow lost on points – or was robbed?
  (LOST)* + E,N (points, East and North)
1 SAUCE Impertinence one might get from a waiter
  Two definitions with the second one more or less Cryptic
2 EATS OUT Has a picnic – or goes to a restaurant
  Double definition
  Both definitions are very close, but it is all about the two different meanings of ‘out’. Very subtle, and therefore I like it.
3 DAMNATION     Curse the motherland
  DAM/NATION (mother/land)
5 AGAIN Turkish leader elected once more
  AGA (Turkish leader) + IN (elected)
6 ACROBAT Man devoured by a lion, perhaps – a circus performer
  ROB (man) inside A CAT (lion, perhaps)
  Quelle imagery!
7 EVERGREEN Always on the go, is Ivy!
  EVER (always) + GREEN (on the go)
10 BITTER END     No beer left? That’s the limit!
  Two definitions with the first one Cryptic
13 TREADMILL Where men with convictions took steps to create revolution
  Cryptic definition
  Quelle imagery!  Poor people.
15 IMPRUDENT    Trumped in error – that’s indiscreet
17 IMMERSE Duck and dive
  Double definition
19 LITERAL Fired with real reform and no exaggeration
  LIT (fired) + (REAL)*
21 HORSE Move south down shore to get to bay, perhaps
  The S in ‘shore’ moving three places down
  True, all five letters are already there, but still quite a clever clue – with a definition that serves the seaside surface very well.
22 NYLON Hose in New York left running
  NY (New York) + L (left) + ON (running)

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  1. John Newman says:

    No comments must mean everyone is quite comfortable with an enjoyable piece of work. 21D which was my last answer quite takes my fancy. Very clever I thought.

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