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Posted by Jed on May 4th, 2012


Usual rich smorgasbord






1 Opinion dismissing love as sin  VICE  V[o]ICE

4 Disentangle second hint about condition SIMPLIFY

IF condition in S IMPLY hint

9 Old creature touchy with hairs being disturbed  ICHTHYOSAUR


11 Farm buildings not once having external electrical units HENNERIES

not (obsolete) NE in HENRIES

12 Arrives without neckwear, being more Bohemian ARTIER


13 Melancholy old judge out of temper ADUST melancholy (old)

temper ADJUST minus J judge

15 Instrumental tunes recalled by man’s choral song STROPHE Greek song

Gaelic tunes PORTS< man HE

17 Playwright’s tale brought in call for encore MOLIERE

tale LIE in MORE

21 Rubbing out the years of course ERASURE

years ERA of course SURE

22 Item of armour one used in current attack? Not half CUIRASS breastplate

one I in current (this month) CUR ASS[ail]

24 Sound system freed of first bug ANNOY [t]ANNOY

25 River: mostly a word describing water transportation system URETER

URE river TER[m] word mostly

26 This local vocabulary, nothing less, would give you one form of diction

IDIOTICON local vocab (DICTION O I)*

27 Regarding engine freshly tuned? Involves Renault’s initiation – good for them!

UNDERBONNET R [enault] French good BONNE all in (TUNED)*

28 Medical assessment American repeatedly established AMES TEST

American AM EST EST

29 I backed English decorative feature  OGEE EGO< E


1 Six linked to a crime after distribution of tainted blood VIRAEMIC


2 French lord to discuss French article in context of German one


3 System of rules, European, mostly stupid ETHIC  E THIC[k]

4 Covered outbuilding around summer in Menton SHEETED covered

summer in French ETE in SHED

5 Large religious establishment cut down, releasing one MONSTER large

MONASTER[y] minus A

6 Some bacon in lumps dished up around end of supper LARDON bacon

[suppe]R in NODAL<

7 Making passes, an easy game? O|ne’ll score 5

FRESH BREEZE force 5 on Beaufort Scale FRESH BREEZE easy game

8 Old fungus still smothering section YEST old fungus S in YET still

10 Vehicle bound to crash with rum or other hard stuff CARBORUNDUM


14 University positive over some golf and lodging in St Andrews

UP-PUTTING Scottish lodging U P PUTTING

16 Denounce money paid to senior officials? EXECRATE denounce

EXEC[utive] RATE

18 Breathe, always suppressing tears on rebound RESPIRE breathe

(RIPS in EER)<

19 Blast around April doing for big underground feature TAPROOT

APR[ril] in TOOT blast

20 Families liking Scottish policeman BROODS families

Scottish liking BROO DS policeman

23 Something of a gamble about new special cheese KEN-NO special cheese prepared in secret for the gossips at a Scottish birth N in KENO gambling game

24 Relief over a cotton fabric AIDA fabric AID A

( )* = anagram    < = reverse    [ ] = omit

4 Responses to “Beelzebub1156”

  1. Dormouse says:

    Thanks for that. I couldn’t parse 18d. Obvious, really, but I was hung up on Exes for expenses.

    Also seemed to miss 23d. All a word search revealed was TENNO, another name for the emperor of Japan, but KEN-NO is there when I do the search now. Did I just fail to see it or have they updated Chambers Word Search?

  2. nmsindy says:

    Can’t speak about Chambers Word Search but, if you feel you need to search, the site (OneLook) whose address is below is indeed worth a look and would have found KEN-NO from a quick look now.

  3. Dormouse says:

    Well, that’s the thing. When I enter ?ENNO into Chambers now, KEN-NO does come up, but I didn’t spot in on Sunday, and as it’s one of only two words returned, I can’t see how I missed it.

    Curiously, entering ?ENNO into OneLook returns several more words, but not KEN-NO when I try it. It does return KENNO, but it doesn’t give the cheese definition for it.

  4. Simon Harris says:

    Thanks, Jed. I mostly did OK on this, but needed your help on 7dn and 23dn to finish things off.

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