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Enigmatic Variations No.1015 – Clash by Kruger

Posted by Mister Sting on May 5th, 2012

Mister Sting.

There’s a lot going on in the preamble: a partial quotation, CLASHes ‘contributing to’ a further CLASH, those involved in the CLASH and – just for good measure – a final CLASH to be written below the grid. Unusually, all but the last clue yield a superfluous letter in the subsidiary indication. Why might that be? Well, I have a theory.

Fortunately, I’m rather keen on the source of the quotation. The letters confused me for a while, as they seemed to (and in fact do) end with the word ‘OR’. Spotting ‘Lincoln County’ in the message was quite a help, though, and I soon had:


Now, this quotation has an abbreviated gerund, and I just wonder whether the original plan for the grid was thought out leaving room for the absent G.

In any case, it is from Senor (Tales of Yankee Power) from the first ever Bob Dylan album that I ever owned, namely Street Legal. It references the Lincoln County War (which gave us Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid). And anyone who’s heard the song will know that the alternative to Lincoln County Road is ARMAGEDDON.

This was helpful, because it located and rationalised the clashes, which all appear in the NW-SE diagonal. The discarded letters are YEOPP, to which we will return.

As for the participants, we seem to have moved away from Lincoln County, and anyone looking for sheriffs and outlaws is going to be disappointed. Rather neatly, they are also to be found running NW-SE in the NE and SW corners. They are simply GOOD and EVIL.

This leaves the final clash, which I found rather confusing, as it was all too easy to read too much into the instructions. The ‘unfinished CLASH’ is, quite simply, CLAS. Combining this ‘suitably’ with the discarded letters renders APOCALYPSE.

So, a long way from Dylan, but the sort of thing he might write a song about.

(xxx) = definition
[xxx] = (anagram/homophone/container/etc.) indicator
XXX* = anagram
< = reversal
xxx = unused letter(s)
SED =superfluous letter
ERAS = discarded letter

Please post a comment if the explanations are not clear.

D 1 AT SEA Disorganised article that oddly implicates Scottish Education Department (5, 2 words) disorganised: A (article) + ins. [implicates] SED (Scottish Education Department) in ThAt [oddly]
O 5 TANGLES Dance with, for the most part, fewer complications (7) complications: TANGO (dance) + LESS (fewer)[for the most part]
Y 11 TAPED Doctor adeptly abandoning Latin used sparingly in Glasgow (5) used sparingly in Glasgow: ADEPTLY* [doctor; abandoning Latin]
O 12 LOGO Small design can be sold (4) small design: LOO (can) + GO (be sold)
U 13 ERAS One third of Europeans say retreating enemy ultimately suppressed important dates (4) important dates: EURopeans [one third of] + <[retreating]SAY [enemY ultimately suppressed]
K 14 ERBIA Unofficial market beginning to import Australian oxide (5) oxide: KERB (unofficial market) + I (beginning to Import) + A (Australian)
N 17 OILSEED No refined diesel in source of greasy liquid (7) source of greasy liquid: NO + DIESEL* [refined]
O 18 PSORA Poor adult starting to scratch nasty itch (5) itch: [POOR + A (adult) + S (starting to Scratch)]*[nasty]
W 19 TESTEE Trialist’s dish included in part of course (6) trialist: ins. [included in] of STEW (dish) in TEE (part of course)
W 20 STRING Train was not accepted by Hertfordshire town (6) train: WAS [not Accepted] + TRING (Hertfordshire town)
H 22 BRUTER Diamond worker’s American brother lodged in temporary dwelling? On the contrary (6) diamond worker: ins. [lodged in] of HUT (temporary dwelling) in BRER (American brother) [on the contrary indicates that HUT is in BRER, rather than vice versa]
E 23 KHEDAS Deviously, he asked for enclosures for capturing wild elephants (6) enclosures for capturing wild elephants: HEASKED* [deviously]
R 25 EGRESS Depart and return (6) depart: REGRESS (return)
E 26 LOVATS Takes great pleasure in possessing last of llama and goat wools (6) wools: ins. [possessing] of AT [last of llamA and goaT] in LOVES (takes great pleasure in)
W 28 DEIST Believer in United backed City, essentially accepting second (5) believer: <[backed]WED (united) + ins. [accepting] of S (second) in cITy [essentially]
E 31 EVENTER The first lady to put down a horse (7) a horse: EVE (the first lady) + ENTER (to put down)
R 34 GELDS King George retained his initially overlooked special taxes (5) taxes: GR (King George) + HELD (retained)[His initially overlooked] + S (special)
E 35 SPOT Identify guillotined tyrant (4) identify: DESPOT [guillotined]
H 36 TOIL Struggle aboard with oilskins (4) struggle: wiTHOILskins [aboard]
E 37 CRANE Strain neck to see face of Cambodian princess (5) strain neck to see: C (face of Cambodian) RANEE (princess)
A 38 SWELTED Outside left toiled and passed feverishly to
Edmund (7)
passed feverishly to Edmund (Spenser): ins. [outside] of L (left) SWEATED (toiled)
D 39 SIRES Excluding first earl, regrets the loss of old lords (5) lords: DESIRES (regrets the loss of (archaic (old)))[excluding first E (earl)]
I 1 ATE UP Consumed awful pie at university (5, 2 words) consumed: [PIEAT + U (university)]* [awful]
N 2 TYRES Sentry blows up rubber cushions (5) rubber cushions: SENTRY* [blows up]
L 3 SPRY Nimble, cunning priest is apprehended (4) nimble: ins. [is apprehended] of PR (priest) in SLY (cunning)
I 4 ADELA Noble woman from capital of state (not the southern quarter) (5) noble woman: ADELAIDE (capital of state)[not the southern quarter]
N 5 THRONES Angels immediately admitting man to entrance of sanitorium (7) angels: ins. [admitting] of RON (man) in THEN (immediately) + S (entrance of Sanitorium)
C 6 AMBIT River took firm hold of compass (5) compass: CAM (river) + BIT (took firm hold of)
O 7 NAILER Worker in metal spikes ale with iron—that’s terrible! (6) worker in metal spikes: [ALE + IRON]* [that’s terrible]
L 8 LORETTE Learning upset Latvian mistress (7) mistress: LORE (learning) + <[upset]LETT (Latvian)
N 9 EGO Man’s self-confidence (3) self-confidence: EGON (man)
C 10 SOLDERS They constantly find fault with alloys (7) alloys: SCOLDERS (they constantly find fault)
O 15 ASSURED Norse god embittered, without doubt (7) without doubt: AS (Norse god) + SOURED (embittered)
U 16 MRIDANG Drum from Uganda incomplete—rim damaged(7) drum: [UGANDA [incomplete] + RIM]* [damaged]
N 20 SKLENTS Scottish version of Points of View ends in viewer’s frank email on footage shown about Olympics (7) Scottish version of Points of View: [ends in] viewerSfranKemaiLoNfootagEshowNabouTolympicS
T 21 REVERIE Fancies former tennis player in short rawhide thong (7) fancies: ins. of EVERT (former tennis player) in RIEM (rawhide thong)[short]
Y 22 BOARDED Young man mistakenly read front of document and embarked (7) embarked: BOY (young man) + READ* [mistakenly] + D (front of Document)
R 24 ATTEST Wily trick at international match is manifest (6) manifest: ART (wily trick) + TEST (international match)
O 27 SELLE Convince one of the value of old English antique seat (5) antique seat: SELL (convince one of the value of) + OE (Old English)
A 28 DISCS Records hepatitis C as identifiably making a comeback, to some extent (5) records: <[making a comeback]hepatitiSCASIDentifiably [to some extent]
D 29 SCOPE Caught sight of a length of cable (5) a length of cable: SCOPED (caught sight of)
O 30 TOTES Carries Dorothy’s dog to middle of fireside (5) carries: TOTO (Dorothy’s dog) + firESide [middle]
R 32 SOAR With no trace of wind, new arrows fly high in the air (4)
33 VOW I perhaps forget railroad’s promise (3) promise: VOWEL (I perhaps) [forget EL (raidroad)]

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