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Everyman N° 3,421 (29 April)

Posted by PeterO on 6th May 2012


I have not been able to polish this blog as intended, as I am coming off a bout of flu, but I think its is all there.

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Independent on Sunday 1158/Poins

Posted by Pierre on 6th May 2012


My sense is that the Independent on Sunday puzzle is one that’s pitched at a reasonably accessible level so that ‘lesser mortals’ (and I have deliberately used the inverted commas) can have a crack at winning the prize.  Of the ones that I’ve blogged so far, however, I would say that this is the hardest I’ve come across.  Which means I need help to pin down the parsing on a couple, please.

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Azed 2082

Posted by Andrew on 6th May 2012


This was very much a puzzle of two halves for me. I rattled off the left-hand side very quickly, helped by the easy anagram-based clues at 1ac and 1dn, but then stalled somewhat and took much longer to finish the rest. I have doubts about the accuracy of the definitions in 22dn and 26dn – perhaps experts in the subjects concerned could comment.

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