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Everyman N° 3,421 (29 April)

Posted by PeterO on May 6th, 2012


I have not been able to polish this blog as intended, as I am coming off a bout of flu, but I think its is all there.

1. Obscure European coin (4)
DIME A charade of DIM (‘obscure’) + E (‘European’).
3. Really neat at university (8,2)
STRAIGHT UP A charade of STRAIGHT (‘neat’, of a drink, for example) + UP (‘at university’).
10. Committee’s added to trophy cabinets (9)
CUPBOARDS A charade of CUP (‘trophy’) + BOARD’S (‘committee’s’).
11. Sailor carrying a maiden over a Devon river (5)
TAMAR An envelope (‘carrying’) of ‘a’ + M (‘maiden’) in TAR (‘sailor’).
12. Dessert wine produced by one artist (7)
MADEIRA A charade of MADE (‘produced’) + I (‘one’) + RA (member of the Royal Academy, ‘artist’).
13. New toaster revolves (7)
ROTATES An anagram (‘new’) of ‘toaster’.
14. I, for one, stick in a formal statement (13)
PRONOUNCEMENT A charade of PRONOUN (‘I, for one’) + CEMENT (‘stick’, verb).
16. Singers in bar turn on rest (13)
COUNTERTENORS A charade of COUNTER (‘bar’) + TENORS, an anagram (‘turn’) of ‘on rest’.
20. Birds, very big around Loire, surprisingly (7)
ORIOLES An envelope (‘around’) of RIOLE, an anagram (‘surprisingly’) of ‘Loire’ in OS (outsize, ‘very big’).
21. Food colourant – tons imported by an international organisation (7)
ANNATTO An envelope (‘imported by’) of T (‘tons’) in ‘an’ + NATO (‘international organisation’).
23. Loose flowing garment worn by head of northern island group (5)
TONGA An envelope (‘worn by’) of N (‘head of Northern’) in TOGA (‘loose flowing garment’).
24. Question and answer session in Bury to contend with (9)
INTERVIEW A charade of INTER (‘bury'; the capital letter is a red herring) + VIE (‘contend’) +W (‘with’).
25. Conservative speeches I prepared for a bishop, for example (10)
CHESSPIECE A charade of C (‘conservative’) + HESSPIECE, an anagram (‘prepared’) of ‘speeches I’.
26. Rosemary, say, in Father Brown (4)
HERB An answer hidden (‘in’) in ‘fatHER Brown’.
1. Leave suddenly, as banks of Danube affected (6)
DECAMP A charade of DE (‘banks of DanubE‘) + CAMP (‘affected’).
2. Motorcycle was blue (5)
MOPED Double definition.
4. To our sailors, trouble is a whirlwind (7)
TORNADO A charade of ‘to’ + RN (Royal Navy, ‘our sailors’) + ADO (‘trouble’).
5. One failing to gain a place in a lyceum, at first so put out (4-3)
ALSO-RAN A charade of ‘a’ (the second one in the clue) + L (‘Lyceum, at first’) + ‘so’ + RAN (‘put out’).
6. Visit Chequers and call an election? (2,2,3,7)
GO TO THE COUNTRY Definition and cryptic definition. Chequers is the country retreat of the British prime minister.
7. Femme fatale, very French, dividing some office workers (9)
TEMPTRESS An envelope (‘dividing’) of TRES (‘very French’) in TEMPS (‘some office workers’).
8. Spoiled parties, a freeloader (8)
PARASITE An anagram (‘spoiled’) of ‘parties a’.
9. Exercise equipment in flat brought by locals (10,4)
HORIZONTAL BARS A charade of HORIZONTAL (‘flat’) + (‘brought by’) BARS (‘locals’).
14. Salaciousness demonstrated in epic rerun, possibly (9)
PRURIENCE An anagram (‘possibly’) of ‘epic rerun’.
15. Puzzle brings on a vexed moment, reportedly (8)
ACROSTIC A homophone (‘reportedly’) of A CROSS TICK (‘a vexed moment’).
17. Composer and explorer, trendy one (7)
ROSSINI A charade of ROSS (‘explorer’) + IN (‘trendy’) + I (‘one’).
18. Adaptable English remain in charge (7)
ELASTIC A charade of E (‘English’) + LAST (‘remain’) + IC (‘in charge’).
19. One appearing in A Midsummer Night’s Dream in a horse and trap (6)
COBWEB A charade of COB (‘horse’) + WEB (‘trap’).
22. Food, piece of turkey, ready to eat (5)
TRIPE A charade of T (‘piece of Turkey’) + RIPE (‘ready to eat’).

6 Responses to “Everyman N° 3,421 (29 April)”

  1. crosser says:

    Thanks, PeterO, hope you’re feeling better. Just one thing I don’t understand: in 5d, how does “put out” = RAN?

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, Peter, and get well soon! Some nice surfaces here; I thought those for TAMAR and ACROSTIC were particularly good.

    Crosser, I think Everyman was looking at RAN in the sense of ‘The Observer ran a story about the French presidential election last week’.

  3. Davy says:

    Thanks PeterO,

    Another excellent puzzle from Everyman providing lots of entertainment. So many good clues of which I’ll
    select the following as favourites : MADEIRA, COUNTERTENORS, CHESSPIECE, DECAMP (took me ages to get),
    MOPED (I’m sure it must have been used before), HORIZONTAL BARS and COBWEB. Thanks Everyman.

  4. Robi says:

    Smooth as ever.

    Thanks PeterO; hope you are feeling better now. Davy @3 MOPED clued by Orlando in a Quiptic: ‘Was blue bike seen here?’

    ANNATTO was new to me. Thanks K’s D as I was also wondering about the sense of ran. A MADEIRA (or other wine) joke:

    An old woman was sipping on a glass of wine, while sitting on the patio with her husband, and she says, “I love you so much, I don’t know how I could ever live without you.”

    Her husband asks, “Is that you talking or the wine?”

    She replies, “It’s me … talking to the wine.”

  5. madman says:

    Hope you are feeling better. A minor quibble on my part regarding 21A (Annatto – new one for me): surely ‘T’ should be ton, not tons? Googling NAO shos no credible candidate for an international organisation, unless this could be taken to include meteorological systems.

  6. Robi says:

    madman @5; I think ‘T’ can be used for both singular and plural (see Collins) in the same way that ‘M’ for metre(s) is used, e.g. 100m etc.

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