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Financial Times 13,999 by Loroso

Posted by PeeDee on 9th May 2012


I have not seen Loroso before, so it was nice to get something new.  Not too difficult, but elegant.  I liked his clueing style, no stray words or dodgy definitions here.

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Independent 7977 / Dac

Posted by Bertandjoyce on 9th May 2012


Excellent surface readings as usual in this enjoyable puzzle from Dac. As avid filmgoers, we thought 15d read extremely well (even though we are not fans of the Rocky films!) as there really was a Director’s cut of Rocky V that was released online. Our COD is perhaps 4d which brought a smile to our faces but there was a fair amount of competition!

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Guardian Cryptic N° 25,631 by Bonxie

Posted by PeterO on 9th May 2012


I put this mostly at the easier end of the spectrum, but none the less pleasing for that; but in reviewing the writeup, I see that I found quite a number of the answers required special comment or explanatory link .

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Inquisitor 1227: No Question by Phi

Posted by kenmac on 9th May 2012


The rubric reads: In several cases the answers to across and down clues clash as to the presence or absence of a letter – lengths in brackets refer to the number of spaces in the grid. Solvers should choose one of two overall options for the final grid (even the theme can’t be in two places at once); either way every entry (allowing for spaces) is a real word or a proper noun. Most clues contain a word not needed for solving; initial and final letters of these words form a pair – in clue order, one letter in each pair contributes to something that isn’t a question, while the other identifies the theme. (No, you won’t need 1 across; trust me…)

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