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Financial Times no.14,000 by BRADMAN

Posted by Ringo on May 10th, 2012


Always a privilege to blog a landmark: 14,000 is not only a nice round number, it’s also almost exactly half of Don Bradman’s career first-class run total…

So the cricket mini-theme is appropriate, even though here in Yorkshire’s cricketing heartland (Jim Laker and SF Barnes both used to play at the ground just across the road from me) the rain is still rattling on the windowpanes. A toughish puzzle, this one, I thought, all in all – and a very enjoyable one. Thanks Bradman.


1. DRIPPING  D [duke] + ripping [old-fashioned term for ‘good’]

6. BEMUSE  Emu [bird] within BSE  [Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, or Mad Cow Disease]

9. UPROAR  Pro [someone paid] within UAR  [United Arab Republic]

10. NAGASAKI  Nag [troublesome person] + a + saki [kind of monkey] to give the Japanese city

11. COALESCING  Co [company] + ales [drinks] + cent [bit of money]

12. ECRU  EC [postal code for the City of London] + RU [rugby union, game]

13. BANGOR  Bang [thrill] + OR [Other Ranks, soldiers, men] to give the Welsh university town

15. EARL GREY  Gre(edy) within early [before expected time] to give the bergamot-flavoured tea

18. DENIZENS  Zen [kind of Buddhism] within Denis [man’s name]

20. PURISM  S [Saint – not st, which seems a dirty trick] within purim [Jewish festival]

21. OPAL  O [old] + pal [chum]

23. GEORG SOLTI  Anagram of got girl so + (Mahl)e(r) to give the Hungarian-born conductor

25. TEAMWORK  Anagram of worm within teak [wood]

26. ASSUME  Ass [fool] + (yo)u + me [Bradman, the setter]

27. GENTLE  Gentile [one outside religious community, although I’m not sure what ‘member’ is doing there] minus I [one]

28. RATTLERS  L [fifty] within ratters [dogs that kill rats]


2. REPROBATE  Rep [agent] + rob [overcharge] + ate [had]

3. PROWL  PR [spin, Public Relations] + owl [wise guy]; the surface gives us another cricket reference

4. IN RESERVE  Anagram of ire nerves

5. GENOESE  Reversal of on within geese [birds] to give a person from an Italian city with an unlikely cricketing history

6. BIGHT  Bright [clear] minus r [river]

7. MESSENGER  Mess [muddle] + eng [English] + er [hesitation]

8. SAKER  Sake [advantage] + r [rook, castle, in chess] to give an old term for a cannon (David Saker is also the England cricket team’s bowling coach)

14. GUILLEMOT  Lemo(n) [sour fruit] within guilt [bad feeling] to give the north Atlantic auk

16. REPUGNANT  P [Prince] + U [title of respect? – or respectability, as in ‘U and non-U’?] within (p)regnant [expecting]

17. EAST TIMOR  Anagram of state + I [one] + mo [bit of time] + r [right]; the whole provides the definition

19. SHOCKER  Sounds like a slurred version of soccer [football]

22. PIECE  Pie [food] + CE [church (of England)]

23. GLOBE  G [good] + lob [sort of delivery] + (And)e(rson); the allusion to England bowler Jimmy Anderson completes the final cricket reference

24. OUSEL  Louse [insect: technically incorrect, but we’ll let it go] with the L transposed

5 Responses to “Financial Times no.14,000 by BRADMAN”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Bradman for an excellent crossword and Ringo for the blog. Favourite clues 26ac for the self-reference and the “& lit” 17dn.

    23ac: I think this really has to be Anagram of got girl so containing e: “excited” is the anagram indicator and “about” the containment indicator.

    16dn: U as a title of respect – think of U Thant

    24dn: Chambers 2008 gives louse a wingless parasitic insect. It may not be technically correct, but I firmly support the view that if a standard dictionary gives it, then the setter is entitled to use it.

  2. Lynette says:

    Thanks for the blog, Ringo.

    I agree with you about ‘member’ in 27 ac, and dislike ‘OR’ = men.

  3. Alison says:

    I’d forgotten that Bradman is Pasquale or I wouldn’t have given this a go..

  4. Bradman says:

    W2 D1 L1 eh?

  5. Wanderer says:

    Make that W3… throughly enjoyed this, with the wonderful self-referential clue for ASSUME my favourite.

    Thanks Bradman and Ringo.

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