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Azed 2083

Posted by John on May 13th, 2012


The usual Azed solve: excellent sound clueing and a large number of words that you never knew existed.

1 BEWITCH — the competition clue-word
7 ASTI{r}
10 ATHAPASCAN — (Apach{e} Satan)* although I can’t really see the surface reading of Satan
12 DIT Z
13 rurAL BEDOuin
14 ANTARA — anta = tapir, ra{in}
16 OBVENTION — (vent I) in (boon)*
19 OCTA — comp. anag. where [Cathodes] … [shed octa]
21 NIGH{t-ape}
23 REISTS — I in (tress)*
25 HOUSE LINE — I can’t really explain what a house-line is, but it’s apparently nautical, so that’s where the navy comes in
29 OEUVRE — EU in (over)*
30 TALAQS — Q in (atlas)*
31 PA IS
32 OUTRUSHING — (shinto guru)*
33 BAY T
1 BED A WIN — who appears for the second time in this crossword, although with a different spelling
2 EP(IN)IC I ON — where on = agreed upon
3 WATTLE — TT in the two parts (?) of wale
4 THURBERESQUE — (Hur [as in Ben Hur] be{n}) in (request)* — the film about Walter Mitty was based on a short story with the same title by James Thurber — I’m unsure why Azed calls him W. Mitty
5 CARAVAN — (r ava) in can, ie tinned — ava is the same as cava
6 PALINGENESIA — paling (in ease)*
7 ASBO — another comp. anag. where [a boy gets] … [gyte ASBO)*
8 SCENIC — (scienc{e})*
9 IN(O{verhaul})N
11 PAVE — if you reverse ‘pave’ before ‘oration’ you get ‘evaporation’, which is ‘drying’
15 POTTERING — t in (Ignore PT)*
18 B(R{aisin} I{ncluded})OCHE
20 AS CES(1)S
22 GUILTY — (lit)* in guy, &lit.
24 SAVAGE — age after (vas)rev.
26 handLES Sherry
27 STOB — this was my last one to be explained and as usual Azed defeated me with a type of clue he regularly uses: ‘stob’ is to be read as ‘s to b’ and if you change the s in ‘Sandy’ to b you get ‘bandy’, which is a club for ball game — I should have been alerted by the use of Sandy instead of Azed’s usual Jock
28 GART — gr{e}at*

2 Responses to “Azed 2083”

  1. Norman Hall says:

    Perhaps we need a name for this type of clue. May I suggest an XtoY clue (with an XasY variation) – or is there a suitable name already?

    I had 27d and 33ac as my last two to solve, and 27d had two unchecked letters -TO-.
    I immediately thought it might be an XtoY clue and tried at first taking ‘him’ literally (which seemed unlikely), and then ‘him’ as Sandy, (which seemed much more likely). I didn’t need to go past the ‘S’, not because I knew what a Bandy was, but because a stob was a awl.

    The surface reading may of course refer specifically to Sandy Lyle, who plays a ball game with clubs

  2. keriothe says:

    Thanks for explaining 27dn – I had no idea!
    My last in was 7dn. The only possibilities were ASBO and ASBM, and it took me forever to spot the composite anagram. Doh!

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