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Independent 7981 by Quixote

Posted by nmsindy on 14th May 2012


Very good puzzle from Quixote.     Very good surface readings, all fair.     Straightforward wordplay for less familiar words.    On another xword blogging  site, one of the bloggers lists the (classical) music listened to while solving.   Wondered if Quixote did so while creating the grid for this as it is full of music references, mainly, though not all, classical.     But little specialised knowledge of that needed I’d say from the fairness of the clues.      I found it, even for the normally v accessible Quixote, very much on the easy side.     Solving time, 13 times, v fast indeed for me, ideal for a Monday.

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Guardian Cryptic 25635 Rufus

Posted by scchua on 14th May 2012


It’s a regular Monday, in other words, it’s an enjoyable puzzle of dds and cds and anagrams from Rufus.  A bit tricky towards the end, in the NW corner, which, for me, took as much time as the other 3.  Thanks Rufus.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  Each of the pictures at the bottom has a link with the crossword or with the blog.

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Guardian Quiptic 652/Nutmeg

Posted by Pierre on 14th May 2012


A pleasing Quiptic from Nutmeg, but she has included a number of cryptic definitions, which I found slightly tricky.  Overall though, a well-constructed puzzle, with just one clue that I can’t quite get my head round.

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Private Eye/Cyclops) 468 – Frottage Special

Posted by beermagnet on 14th May 2012


Seemed to me Cyclops was making a particular theme of solitary sexual gratification this week. No? Just me then.
I expect he didn’t really mean to milk it.

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