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Private Eye/Cyclops) 468 – Frottage Special

Posted by beermagnet on May 14th, 2012


Seemed to me Cyclops was making a particular theme of solitary sexual gratification this week. No? Just me then.
I expect he didn’t really mean to milk it.

You have to be to recall a bit of 60s iconography to get some of the puzzle’s references this week


5 CAMBRIDGE Had an orgasm over army officer outside Germany’s one-time spy recruitment centre (9)
D (Germany) inside BRIG (Brig. Brigadier – army officer) inside CAME
7 BOND “Special relationship” good for Sarkozy, taking David’s lead (4)
BON (Good en Francais – thus for Sarkozy though not so good lately eh?) D[avid]
10 PLAINT Hairy length, swollen by Pole for a charge (6)
N[orth] (pole) inside PLAIT (Hairy length)
Last one in – misled into thinking the def was hairy plus incorrect crossing letter (see below)
11 TRINITY Cyclops and Batman finally having sex during bash – “Holy Union!” (7)
I (Cyclops) [batma]N IT (sex) inside TRY (bash)
14 MELONS Gibson’s no catholic at heart – gets bust (6)
NO* “Anagrammed” into ON (indicato: catholic) inside MEL’s (Gibson’s)
15 KNOB Member: “Stuff being returned!” (4)
BONK< Say no more
17 TUDOR Royal family party in perverted period of sexual excitement (5)
DO (party) inside reversed (perverted) RUT (period of sexual excitement)
The writers of the recent TV series starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers will be pleased with that clue
21 DURHAM Nuts flipped round, badly hurt, getting end away somewhere up north (6)
HUR[t]* AInd: badly, inside MAD<
Pink panther country
24/19/12 PLAYING WITH ONESELF Glyn, pissed with IPA, as well as your dwarf, being a wanker (7,4,7)
(GLYN IPA)* AInd: pissed, WITH (as well as) ONE’S ELF (your dwarf)
26 BEATLES Whack off Els forms a group (7)
BEAT (Whack off) ELS* AInd: forms. Forms the archetypal “group”
28 TOMATO Fruity thing also gobbles hairy tangle (6)
MAT (hairy tangle) insode TOO (also)
Know the difference between fruit and veg.
29 NYET Given Cameron’s right-wing character, still the normal response he’d get from Putin? (4)
[camero]N YET (still)
30 ANNOUNCER One who might say there’s another series of ‘Strictly’ – Widdecome, the cat, right? (9)
ANNE (Widdecome) OUNCE (the cat – that darn cat) R[ight]
What a long def.
1 NAIL DOWN Identify exactly when tip of member gets blue (4,4)
NAIL (tip of member) DOWN (blue) Kiboshed self by writing in HAND DOWN without having enough brain cells awake leading to trouble finishing (qv. 10A above)
2 OBLIGE Olympics opening? Crappy bilge – do me a favour! (6)
O[lympics] BILGE* AInd: crappy.
3 OINTMENT Mobile program to get out of meeting should soothe you (8)
[app]OINTMENT A meeting is an appointment, and an app is a ‘mobile program’
4 SON-IN-LAW Relative top two portions of Nigella Lawson jiggled (3-2-3)
(NI[gella] LAWSON)* AInd: Jiggled.. Thank you Cyclops for the image. (disclaimer: Readers will easily find other sexual imagery available elsewhere)
6/18 GUT REACTION It makes you instinctively feel like puking? (3)
Double Def.
8 DAYAN One-time minister Andy hacked (Andy initially being nabbed) (5)
(ANDY A[ndy])* AInd: hacked. Not a tricky one for those of my vintage who vividly remember the 6-Day War though still a surprise that Moshe D can be clued with just – One-time minister
9 FILM Labour’s leader, Miliband’s debut after providing backing for Darling? (4)
IF< providing backing, L[abour] M[iliband]  Ref. the film from the swinging 60s
13 FED UP Stuffed … out of bed … pissed off (3,2)
Charade FED (stuffed) UP (out of bed)
16 BEHEADED Topless in traditional royal style, Kate finally put on crown in the sack (8)
[kat]E HEAD (crown) inside BED (the sack)
20 TOGETHER Jointly come by touching end pieces of Hitchhiker’s Guide on the inside of uplifted balls (8)
GET (come by) H[ithiker’s guid]E inside reversed ROT (balls)
22 URBAN Head’s cover going topless in built-up area (5)
23 MOLE Plant causing first of many a foreigner’s ejaculation (4)
M[any] OLÉ (a foreigner’s ejaculation)
It’s a plant (I needed to check that)
25 IMMUNE Protected from disease, Greek in EMIN anag character enters Emin creation (6)
This clue seems to have too many words. It looks like the wordplay has been mis-editted. Assuming it should read: Greek character enters Emin creation. We have MU inside (EMIN)*
27 SUN Star given Alastair Campbell treatment (pee extracted) (3)

A Higgs boson walks into a church. The priest yells and screams:
“You think you’re the God particle? We don’t want your sort in here, blaspheming against the Lord. Get out!”

The boson says: “If I leave, how will you have Mass?”

9 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops) 468 – Frottage Special”

  1. PeterO says:

    Cyclops seems to be showing his bloomers here – not only an apparent note to himself left in the clue for 25D, but he missspells Anne Widdecombe. In 23D, mole could just as well be taken as a plant as in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy.

  2. Andrew says:

    Ann Widdecombe spells her first name without an E, so 30ac parses correctly as ANN + OUNCE + R.

  3. lemming says:

    I dithered over 23d. One possibility, I thought, was Mila, a genus of cactus, with the ejaculation being the French “la”. I decided an espionage mole, though not necessarily a plant (they could have been in position before they were recruited), could well be or be deemed one. But it was only the finding of the “mole plant” that swung the balance enough for me to send my entry in. It shouldn’t really be a matter of balance of probabilities though, should it?

    Continuing the pernickety vein, I was glad to find thread containing some details of how winners are selected. If I want to follow up on that theme, better here or there?

  4. John King says:

    I found it a really difficult edition this fortnight.

    What didn’t help was that I (semi-racistly) came up with ALOE for 23A: Plant causing first of many a foreigner’s ejaculation (4)

  5. Mike Newth says:

    I’m sorry to be dull but 9 dn still doesn’t click with me why does “after providing backing ” yield FI ? Most fortnights I hit a sticking point with Cyclops and it’s frustrating when it’s a 4 letter one and you have 2 lights!

  6. beermagnet says:

    Providing is synonymous with If
    and backing provides the reversal indicator thus delivering FI
    That’s what the “IF<" in the wordpllay explanation was trying to say.

  7. Bertandjoyce says:

    Beermagnet – It was suggested that we had a look at your blog to read the scientific joke at the end of your blog! Have a look at the Indy puzzle today if you have time and you will see why!

  8. Mike Newth says:

    Oh yes! Thanks.

  9. simon says:

    I found it difficult this week as well. There were at least 4 clues I just could not answer. However, in a fit of pique, I have thrown away the magazine and now can’t recall exactly which ones they were! Onward and upward…

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