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Financial Times 13,997 – Dante

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on May 17th, 2012

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/May 7

Most Dante puzzles have at least one or two gems, but this one was rather standard – some might call it  “typical Monday fare”. Not much to complain about, not much that stands out either in this friendly crossword.

Definitions are underlined wherever appropriate.


1 APPEALED Asked for and attracted interest
    Double definition
5 SO BE IT Pose, holding award; a form of acceptance
    SIT (pose) around OBE (award)
9 PUT RIGHT Place on one side? Correct
    PUT (place) + RIGHT (one side, the other being … er … left)
10 STUART A trust set up by a royal house
    (A TRUST)*
12   REIGN Work to rule?
    Cryptic definition (perhaps)
13 NUMBER ONE    Most important officer on board?
    Double definition
14 VISAGE Face having to fail in endeavour
    SAG (to fail) inside VIE (endeavour)
16 GLIMPSE A second look at something?
    Cryptic definition
    Saved by the two meanings of ‘second’.
19 FANATIC A zealot – in fact, a loony
    (IN FACT A)*
    I liked this one, mainly because of its silliness.
21 EVER SO Very strange verse on love
    (VERSE)* + O (love)
23 INSOLENCE Silence on reform shows lack of respect
25 NEHRU Famous Indian, he comes back in, run out
    EH (reversal of HE) inside (RUN)*
26 IBIDEM I’m about to stay in the same place
    I M around BIDE (to stay)
27 UNCHASTE Such a net works loose
    (SUCH A NET)*
28 LEG BYE Unusual glee by cricketer scoring off his pad
    (GLEE BY)*
29 FLAWLESS Noisy and unruly, but otherwise perfect?
    F (noisy, forte (in the world of music)) + LAWLESS (unruly)
1 ASPIRE Aim for a high place in the church
    A SPIRE (high place in the church, literally, although not really ‘in’)
2 PATRICIAN Lady has name for being aristocratic
    PATRICIA (lady) + N (name)
3 ALIEN Foreign article contains inaccuracy
    AN (article) around LIE (inaccuracy)
4 ENHANCE Hence an adjustment to improve things
    (HENCE AN)*
6 ON THE LINE Using the phone when one is at risk
    Double definition
7 ERATO A long time to muse
    ERA ( a long time) + TO
8 TETHERED Limited the movement of stock
    Cryptic definition
11 SMUG Sticks up for the self-satisfied
    Reversal of GUMS (sticks)
15 ARTILLERY Large pieces of major road faulty in the centre
    ILL (faulty) inside ARTERY (major road)
17 POSTHASTE Quickly get past those dithering
18   OFFICIAL Person worthy of credibility
    Double definition
    The noun (person etc) is slightly interfering with the Adjective (worthy of etc).
20 CANT Is unable to lean over
    Double definition, the first including an apostrophe
21 ETERNAL Point learnt afresh for all time
    E (point, East) + (LEARNT)*
22   RUBENS Manages to rope in a live artist
    RUNS (manages) around BE (live)
    Dante is a setter who frequently uses articles where I wouldn’t have done that – less = more. Normally I do not make a fuss about it, but in this clue “a” is really out of place and misleading.
24 SLING A weapon attached to a rifle, perhaps
    Double definition
25 NOHOW   On rising, a brave greeting? Not at all
    NO (reversal of ON) + HOW (brave greeting, a brave here being an American native)

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,997 – Dante”

  1. Bamberger says:

    I’m afraid I still don’t understand 16a. What do you mean by “Saved by the two meanings of ‘second’.”, please?
    I can get glimpse = a momentary (ie for a second)look at something but what is the other meaning of second, please?

    Couldn’t get
    22d -I never know the names of painters (other than Brian who does my stairway).
    24d I guessed sling but didn’t wrtie it in as I hadn’t come across a rifle sling.
    26a Too obscure for me.

  2. Sil van den Hoek says:

    A GLIMPSE is indeed, as you say, a quick look at something (which could mean just for a ‘second’). But one can also have a ‘second look’ at things which is what the surface suggests and which has nothing to do with GLIMPSE. So, therefore a Cryptic Definition that was, in my opinion, (only just) justified by the two interpretations of ‘second look’.

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