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Financial Times no.14,006 by HAMILTON

Posted by Ringo on May 17th, 2012


This was absolute murder for me. For some reason – more to do with my weak brain than with the puzzle, I think – the whole east wing of this grid was a really tough slog. And, having finally conquered it, I wasn’t left with a huge sense of satisfaction. No complaints – but no great excitement, either.


1,13. ONE-MAN BAND  Ne [born] within Oman [state] + band [sounds like banned, censored]

5. LANDMARK  Land [what Germany is] + mark [former German currency]

9. STARVE  R(ations) within stave [staff]

10. TEASPOON  Tea [drink] + spoon [club?]

11. CHANCE IT  Anagram of chicane + T(rulli)

12. SEDUCE  SE [south-east, location of the Home Counties] + duce [foreign dignitary]

13. See 1ac.

15. LORDLING  No idea, I’m afraid – help!

18. FORSOOTH  Hidden in prooF OR SO OTHers

19. SALE  Initial letters of Stock At Leeds Encouraging

21. PISTOL  Double definition: Pistol is Sir John Falstaff’s servant in The Merry Wives Of Windsor and elsewhere

23. NOTECASE  Anagram of see act on

25. LIVE UP TO  Live up [backward clue, meaning ‘evil’ reversed] + to

26. AMULET  Mule [animal] within a(ccoun)t

27. DEAD CERT  Dead [passed on] + cert(ificate) [award]

28. KEEPER  Reversal of re [about] peek [look]


2. NOTCH  Hidden in hugueNOT CHurchman

3. MARINADES  AD [Anno Domini] within marines [sailors]

4. NEEDED  NE [north-east, direction] + repetition of ed [editor, reporter  (?)]

5. LET T ALL HANG OUT  All [everyone] within anagram of late night + out [known]

6. NOAHS ARK  Anagram of anoraks (watc)h

7. MOPED  Mope [despair] + d(aybreak)

8. ROOT CANAL  Root [encourage, cheer on] + canal [artificial work]

14. ABORIGINE  Origin [ancestry] within Abe [Abraham Lincoln]

16. LOST CAUSE Anagram of cassoulet

17. COLLAPSE  Co [company] + l [left] + lapse [decline]

20. ATTACK  Sounds like a tack [change of a ship’s course]

22. TREAD  T [time] + read [study]

24. SWEDE  Anagram of widespread minus the letters of rapid


6 Responses to “Financial Times no.14,006 by HAMILTON”

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks Hamilton and Ringo.

    15a – L(iberal) inside [lived in] LORDING [domineering] to give a minor lord (not sure about ‘hope’ unless he hopes to be a proper lord one day!)

  2. Steve says:

    …. a lordling may also be a young lord who presumably hopes to inherit the full title one day.

  3. Richars says:

    Most enjoyable FT solve for some time. Thanks, Hamilton.

  4. crypticsue says:

    Straightforward and enjoyable for me, thank you Hamilton.

  5. Lynette says:

    I enjoyed solving this. Thanks, Hamilton, and thanks for the blog, Ringo.

  6. scchua says:

    Thanks Ringo and Hamilton.
    The NE corner was also the last ones in, but all in all quite enjoyable. Re10A TEASPOON, a spoon was the name of an obsolete golf club, a wood designed to give a higher loft to the ball.

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