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Azed 2084/Kibbutz HaOgen

Posted by ilancaron on May 20th, 2012


Oddly enough my last clue was the one I should have recognized immediately (since I used to live on a kibbutz) — namely, 15A.  On which I think Azed made a slight mistake.   My standard quota of two or so puzzling wordplays to be resolved.

1 ABS(TIN)ENT – tin is Britslang for money.
11 LOIR[e] – both Loir and Loire are French rivers and LOIR is a dormouse indeed.
12 OPE,ROSE – tedious.  Need to separate ‘unfolded’=OPE (poetically) from ‘bloom’=ROSE first.
13 MUJIK – hidden reversed (Russian peasant).
15 OGEN – maybe anagram of “gone”.  A bit of a mystery to me.  There’s a Kibbutz HaOgen and there’s an OGEN melon: “Kibbutz, original source of fruit that’s gone rotten”.  But the kibbutz name is “haogen” (ha=definite article in Hebrew).  In other words, it would like saying “I’m going for a walk down Mall” instead of “… down The Mall”.
17 OSNABURG – (garb on us)* – coarse fabric.
18 FAV[our],US – skin disease.  u/s = useless.
21 TRIATHLETE – (title, heart)*
23 SEC(TO,RISE)D – SEC=dry and RISE=cheer up.
25 ADD,I(C)T
28 TH,OR,N – old English letter.  OR=gold.  N=note.  But not sure how the prefix TH is generated in “Old letter from writer after striking gold, note appended”.
29 DIS,CRETE – DIS is yet another name for our friend Pluto.
32 DROW – Scots mist (smur) – rev(word=news)
33 PUR,EX – “a process for recovering plutonium and uranium from spent uranium fuel”.  PUR=obs. jack (in game of post and pair).
34 LI(MP)KIN[g] – MP=military policeman=redcap.  And LIMPKIN is a wader (bird).
35 S(U)ET – “to jelly” is also “to set [as jelly]”
36 F(EIGNE,D)LY – EIGNE=first-born.  FLY is obs. carriage.

2 B(OUT)ADE – outburst.  OUT  in (a, deb)*.  Ref. a debutante coming OUT.
3 SI(J)O – actually Korean verse (but certainly oriental).   J in rev(O,is=lives)
4 TRIM,U,R,TI – ref. Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. TI=rev(it)
5 IN,KO,SI – Zulu chief.  rev(is,ok = is all right)
6 NON-STAR(T)ER – T in (errant, son)*
7 NEPAL – could this be this? comp. anag.  (in the alps)* = (this, NEPAL)*.  Cute.
8 R,O,GUY – obs. (veteran) mischievous.
9 USER – ruse (artifice) -> user
10 SEN(GREEN)S – leeks (from the crassulaceae family).  GREEN=unripe in SENS=archaic “since”.
14 UNS(TINTIN)G – Tintin in guns*.  ref.
16 OFFSA(D)DLE – D in (fed foals)*
20 A,L(EH)OUSE – eh=what?
22 TAR HEEL – Someone from N. Carolina (btw, an anagram of Ilan Caron if any setters are reading this :).  leather*
24 STE(P)IN – no dresser’s needed for these since you can just step into them.
26 DSOMO – a female hybrid (cross). moods*
27 CRAKE – two meanings.
30 IR,IS – flag is a type of flower.
31 CRUD – “radioactive waste”.  Don’t see wordplay: “She disposed of fragmented radioactive waste”.

5 Responses to “Azed 2084/Kibbutz HaOgen”

  1. Matthew says:

    Thanks for the blog, ilancaron.

    I must confess ignorance of Hebrew articles, but Chambers says the melon is named after the kibbutz where it was first developed, and your OGEN melon link says “These melon cultivars are all named for Ogen, a kibbutz in Israel.”

    In 28ac, “writer after striking gold” is [au]THOR.

    I think 31dn is CRU[she]D.

  2. Norman Hall says:

    Thanks for the blog.

    re 2 down, you are of course correct, but a fuller explanation may go as follows:

    Definition: Outburst
    Cryptic: (a deb worried)- {what she was coming} in.
    ‘She’ in the phrase in curly brackets refers to the ‘deb’ in the clue.
    what was she coming? She was coming OUT.
    So the cryptic indicates that the answer is (a deb ) with {OUT} in.

    I agreed with au(thor) in 28ac and cru(she)d in 31dn

  3. Norman Hall says:

    I did of course mean *(a deb) with {OUT} in

  4. sidey says:

    Thanks ilancaron.

    10d SENGREENS are houseleeks I’m not sure they are edible.

    26d DSOMO (also zhomo or jomo) is the female version of the zho (also zo, dso, dzho or dzo), a cross between a boy yak and a girl cow. The boy results are zobo zobu or dsobo(s). All well worth knowing if you are into Scrabble.

  5. Norman Hall says:

    Chambers gives Rise = ‘To be cheered’

    Cryptic: “Put it on – it gets cold inside”

    I think the cryptic says put ‘C’ in ‘Add it’
    The second ‘it’ in the clue refers to the expression ‘Add it’ which means ‘Put ‘it’ on [the end]

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