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Financial Times 14,003 – Falcon

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on May 24th, 2012

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/May 14

It looks like Falcon is going to join Dante and Crux more regularly on the Monday spot. A well-constructed crossword that was very much on the easy side.

After the top half was more or less a write-in (which does not mean that the clueing wasn’t sound), I subsequently came to a kind of standstill for the bottom half. In hindsight, there was no reason for that at all but, at least, it made that I was able to enjoy this puzzle somewhat longer than I initially feared. Quite remarkable that we had only one Double definition (in 25d) and zero Cryptic ones [or does 18ac, which I couldn’t fully parse, contain a cryptic element?].

Definitions are underlined in the clues.


1 VENUS DE MILO   In dome, unveils new statue
7 NIL There’s nothing in prison I like
    Hidden solution:  [priso]N I L[ike]
    Very nice surface, not the only one in this puzzle!
9 LEG IT Run away on one heading for Tokyo
    LEG (on) + I (one) + T[okyo]
10 ENCHANTED Break dance, then, delighted
11    ALTERNATE Substitute to change number towards end of tie
    ALTER (change) + N (number) + AT (towards) + [ti]E
12 GLOVE Item of wear girl’s beginning to be very fond of
    G[irl] + LOVE (to be very fond of)
13 REVERED With no end of exertion, man of the cloth worshipped
    REVEREND (man of the cloth) minus [exertio]N
    Nothing wrong with the clue as such, but for me personally the solution and ‘reverend’ are too close.
15 KITE Equipment placed next to English aircraft
    KIT (equipment) + E (English)
18 ONUS Burden borne by America?
    ON (borne by) + US (America)
    Not sure whether I parsed this right. Any other suggestion more than welcome.
20 MANDATE A charge – chap gets time
    MAN (chap) + DATE (time)
23 ALAMO Area hit hard round historical Franciscan mission
    A (area) + LAM (hit hard) + O (round)
    This is, of course, about the Battle of Alamo, but where does ‘Franciscan’ comes in? Thought it was a clash between Mexicans and Texans.  Many thanks to Mike04 @1 who provided a link that explains it all.
24 OWNERSHIP Title of different wine shop is about right
    (WINE SHOP)* around R (right)
26    PASSENGER Commuter’s ticket – green, possibly
    PASS (ticket) + (GREEN)*
27 ALLOA Each and every adult touring old Scottish town
    {ALL (each and every) + A (adult)} around O (old)
28    WIT Hold back discarding a joker
    WAIT (hold back) minus A
29 DEPTH CHARGE   Department’s demand involving hydrogen bomb
    {DEPT (department) + CHARGE (demand)} around H (hydrogen)
1 VOLTAIRE French writer displaying anger after dance
    VOLTA (dance) + IRE (anger)
2 NEGATIVE Denying, say, being caught in local
    EG (say) inside NATIVE (local)
3    SATYR Greek god – son joining a Norse god
    S (son) + A + TYR (Norse god)
    Satyrs are forest gods, and Tyr is apparently the God of War, son of Odin. Tuesday is named after this Scandinavian god, not to be confused with Thor (the God of Thunder) who gave Thursday its name.
4 EMERALD Stone me! Messenger’s topless outside
    [h]ERALD (messenger, ‘topless’) around ME
5 IN CHECK Under control at home, central European, reportedly
    IN (at home) + CHECK (homophone of CZECH (European))
6 ORANG-UTAN     Primate telephoned, absorbed by published article
    RANG (telephoned) inside OUT (published) + AN (article)
7 NOTION Idea unacceptable about island
    NOT ON (unacceptable) around I (island)
8 LADDER Large snake makes one run
    L (large) + ADDER (snake)
14 RUN TO SEED     Lose vigour – manage to consult foremost of doctors
    RUN (manage) + TO SEE (to consult) + D[octors]
16    BACHELOR Unmarried man, composer, character upset
    BACH (composer) + ELOR (reversal of ROLE (character))
17 KEEPSAKE Hold on to Japanese drink as a memento
    KEEP (hold on to) + SAKE (Japanese drink)
19    STOPGAP Check opening for caretaker
    STOP (check) + GAP (opening)
20 MONARCH     Head of state needs month to carry on
    MARCH (month) around ON
21 PAWPAW Hand hand fruit
    PAW (hand) + PAW (hand)
22 BASSET Dog wager – fool collected!
    BET (wager) around ASS (fool)
25    REACH Come to a stretch of open water
    Double definition


4 Responses to “Financial Times 14,003 – Falcon”

  1. mike04 says:

    Thanks Sil. As you say, an easy one.

    I parsed ONUS in the same way as you. This clue’s been around for a while!
    ON is being used as the ON in “The drinks are on me”. (That would good sometime!)

    The Alamo was a Franciscan Mission in San Antonio, Texas:, for example.


  2. Bamberger says:

    I couldn’t for the life of me get 3d not helped by son being sone in the online version when I printed it out .Sone “A subjective unit of loudness, as perceived by a person with normal hearing, equal to the loudness of a pure tone having a frequency of 1,000 hertz at 40 decibels.”

  3. Jan says:

    Thanks, Sil. I solved 3d, I knew of TYR, but, like Bamberger, I was completely bemused by the word ‘sone’ in the clue!

  4. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Yes, Bamberger and Jan, ‘sone’ was clearly a typo.
    I thought solvers would see that, so I didn’t make much of a fuss about it.
    Therefore I corrected it in my blog.
    In yesterday’s excellent Monk the FT had even two typos (internittedly/intermittedly and deciptated/decapitated) – let’s blame it on the weather …. :)

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