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Financial Times no.14,018 by GOZO

Posted by Ringo on May 31st, 2012


This puzzle demands a good knowledge of geography and a smattering of French. I haven’t got either of these things, but I got there in the end. A good puzzle, anyway. People who like this sort of thing will find that this is the sort of thing they like.


1. ALBANY  Alb [vestment] + any [some]

4. STAMFORD  Reversal of mats [rugs] + ford [crossing]: an error here, surely, as Stanford is the US university town, while Stamford is a town in Lincolnshire – am I missing something?

10. CHARLEROI  Char [cleaner] + le roi [French for ‘the king’]

11. ACTON  Act [play] + on [started]

12. LOME  Salome [dancer] minus SA [Sex Appeal, ‘it’]

13. BASSETERRE  Basset [hound] + erre(d) [wandered off]

15. NORWICH  N or W [north or west, alternative directions] + ch [church]

16. ERICHT  Anagram of thrice

19. OSSETT  Reversal of esso [petrol company] + TT [motorcycle race]

21. SCHELDT  C [caught] + held [caught] within St [stumped]

23. HUNTSVILLE  Hunts [searches for] + ville(in) [serf]

25. PEEL  Triple definition, alluding to former Prime Minister Robert Peel, the Isle of Man town Peel and the  Peel Towers that can be found in Scotland and northern England

27. DHAKA  Hak(e) [fish] within DA [district attorney, US prosecutor]

28. IONIAN SEA  Anagram of one in Asia

29. SCHWERIN  Anagram of news rich

30. GLAMIS  G [musical note] + l [left] + amis [French for friends]


1. AUCKLAND  C(rab) within auk [seabird] + land [shore]

2. BEAUMARIS  Beau [dandy] + maris [French for ‘husbands’]

3. NILE  Nimble [agile] minus MB [doctor]

5. TRIESTE  est [French for ‘art’, as is ‘thou art’] within trite [unoriginal]

6. MAASTRICHT  Anagram of christma(s) at

7. OTTER  OTT [Over The Top, excessive] + ER [Elizabeth Regina, royal]

8. DENVER  Another triple definition, alluding to the singer John Denver and the ‘Denver boot’ or wheel-clamp

9. ARMAGH  Anagram of Graham

14. RIVER SWALE  Anagram of silverware

17. HILVERSUM  Spoonerisation of silver hum [metallic low-frequency sound]

18. ST ALBANS  A lb [a pound] within stan’s [young lad’s – not sure why the lad has to be young, though]

20. TBILISI  Anagram of visibility minus the letters of ivy

21. SOLENT  Sole [shipping area] + n’t [not]

22. RHODES  Rho [Greek letter] + des(k)

24. NEATH  Neat [old (and crosswordese) word for cattle] + h(eading)

26. GAUL  Odd letters of GrAdUaL


6 Responses to “Financial Times no.14,018 by GOZO”

  1. maagran says:

    4A I also took this as an error using “m” where “n” was required for US University

  2. Wanderer says:

    I’m one of those who like this sort of thing, so… I loved it.

    Thanks Ringo and Gozo.

  3. susan says:

    It’s true that Stanford California has a university, but so does Stamford Connecticut, which has to be the one Gozo had in mind.

  4. Ernie says:

    Ringo, re 5D

    The French for you are is (tu) es (est is third person)


    You did preface your blog by saying that your French may not be a strong point.

    Thanks for enlightening me about Salome as the dancer in 12A.

  5. Keeper says:

    susan @ 3: If Gozo did indeed have Stamford, CT in mind, then I’d argue its not the best of clues. I doubt any of my fellow Yanks would think of Stamford, CT as a “university city.” Sure, it hosts branch campuses of 3 different universities (UConn, U of Bridgeport and Sacred Heart), but the main campuses of those universities are located elsewhere (Storrs, Bridgeport and Fairfield, respectively).

    If, on the other hand, Gozo did intend “Stanford”, then I’d take issue with calling Stanford, CA a “city” (its population being around 13,000).

  6. nmsindy says:

    I think the STAMFORD clue may be OK and refer to the town in Lincolnshire as is suggested as a possibility in the blog. In very ancient history (several hundred years BC) the story is a university was set up there though this may be mythical as are many things from that far back.

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