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Beelzebub 1160

Posted by Jed on June 1st, 2012


Not the toughest Beelzebub but plenty upon which to chew





4 Room to release chain with sailor chasing fish AMBERJACK fish

[ch]AMBER sailor JACK

10 Stage performer who’d be unlikely to become nobly priapic!


11 Seaweed doing for large vessel LAVER dd

12 Cake, place for candle (it initially is blown out) SCONE

SCONCE candleholder minus C [andle]

14 A universal representation of this to me? Caligula, perhaps


16 Town recalled holding transactions concerning metal YTTRIC

TR transactions in CITY<

18 Searched around current, exhausted FINISHED

IN current in FISHED searched

19 Discuss canceling one’s allowance TRET allowance TRE[A]T discuss

20 Several times interrupting scene on stage EONS

hidden in [scen]E ON S[tage]

21 Dog behind monster fern CETERACH fern CETE sea monster RACH dog

23 Well to declare horse disease in Scotland SAYVIE horse disease

well SPA declare VIE

25 Acted in story about radical? Nonsense TARADIDDLE nonsense

acted DID in story TALE with RAD[ical] inserted

27 Old horses, not black STALE old STABLE horses minus B

28 Watch underworld guide shaking off gangster ultimately VIGIL watch

[gangste]R from VIRGIL underworld guide

29 See military boss and girl in Channel Islands provoking stock comments

LOCI CLASSICI see LO military boss CIC girl LASS in CI CI

30 Shoulder burden? Better to drop extreme parts CROSSETTE shoulder

burden CROSS [b]ETTE[r]


1 Pet safely treated for extreme deformities? SPLAY FEET (PET SAFELY)*

2 Still scrambling on to aircraft FRACTIONATOR a still (ON TO AIRCRAFT)*

3 Expression of support against one tax VIVAT long live

against one V I tax VAT

4 Swelling animal sure is in trouble ANEURISMAL swelling adj


5 Pen life story about monarch BIRO pen R monarch in BIO

6 Terms describing article in European mines EPITHETS terms

article THE in E[uropean] PITS mines

7 Spots identification for Arab guy RASHID spots RASH ID

8 Seething sailor getting news from Oz ABOIL seething

sailor AB news (Australian) OIL

9 Picked up other-worldly mushrooms and no cocaine plants of common type

CONSPECIFICS (SCI  FI CEPS NO C)< all backwards – picked up

13 Compact cleaanser works with it CENTRALISE concentrate verb


15 Drink has chaps imbibing the good life? Not half  METHEGLIN mead

(THE G LI[fe])  in MEN

17 Woman wrongfully splitting church fabric CHENILLE fabric

(woman HEN wrongfully ILL) in CE church

21 Electronic devices faked 250 Hz CODECS electronic coders

fake COD E 250 (Roman numeral) CS cycle per second = Hertz

22 Doctor attending a company’s stars DRACO constellation

doctor DR at A company CO

24 Half of veal good? That is – not what I’d say! VEGIE

VE[al] good G that is IE

26 Bother following from conscription DRAT bother DRA[f]T

( )* = anagram    < = reverse    [ ] = omit    dd = double definition






One Response to “Beelzebub 1160”

  1. Dormouse says:

    Got through this fairly quickly on Sunday afternoon after doing the gardening and before dinner. The clue to 14ac amused me, having been to the UK premiere of Glanert’s opera Caligula only a couple of days before. Coincidence?

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