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Independent Crossword 7992 by Scorpion (Saturday Prize Puzzle 26-05-2012)

Posted by twencelas on June 2nd, 2012


So a puzzle from Scorpion today and I sense a theme.

The multiple references to 14 7 in the clues, mean that the 2 obvious clues to start with are 14 and 7. 7 was my first of these to resolve and then 14 became obvious. These yielded Euro and Vision so, unsuprisingly, for the day of the Eurovision song contest, we have a Eurovision theme. It certainly brought back memories of UK winning songs from the past.

The British Winners:

Sandie Shaw – Puppet on a String 1967

Boom Bang-a-Bang” Lulu 1969

“Save Your Kisses for Me” Brotherhood of Man 1976

Making Your Mind Up” Bucks Fizz 1981

“Love Shine a Light” Katrina and the Waves 1997 – not in the grid

There’s also a reference to second placed entries:

“Knock, Knock (who’s There?)” by Mary Hopkin 1970

“Beg Steal or Borrow” by The New Seekers 1971

Good fun – as it brought back some fun childhood memories, when the United Kingdom had more respect in Europe – maybe some day we’ll work out our differences and be less insular .

A pangram too – almost a double one. An impressive puzzle with 4 of the 5 UK winners present and two of those  placed 2nd.

As to my favourite clue, lots of nice misleading ones but I’d plump for 8 down, though personally I’d regard the question mark  as superfluous. 21 across may provoke controversy among the anti-homonym crowd, but I would say it’s a good clue, 6 down deserves a mention for originality and 14 across is sublime. Many thanks Scorpion for a good deal of fun and head scratching – the only song I could n’t remember was Mary Hopkin’s and some original clueing.


* Anagram

Rev. Reverse


7              VI (Virgin Islands) + Sion (a Utopia – alternative spelling of Zion (Jerusalem) – which currently is anything but a Utopia) = VISION (A dream)

9              Hay (Literary and Arts Festival = Hay-on-Wye) + Maker (cryptic indication from attendant of the festival) = HAYMAKER (strong punch)

10           Buzz (ring) + saw (dated as in to see someone amorously)  = BUZZ SAW (US Cutter)

11/19     (here ten weeks + s(first in show))* = THE NEW SEEKERS (UK Eurovision entrant)

12           J (Judge) + Emmy (prize) = JEMMY (One’s used to prise)

14           Hidden monsiEUR Offers = EURO (Defined by the whole clue)

16           Pluck (little tug) – l (left) = PUCK (Played with on ice – Ice Hockey)

18/23     Cryptic definition Manx signifying Isle of Man and a fellowship being a brotherhood = BROTHERHOOD OF MAN (UK Eurovision entrant)

21           How Sean Connery would say Mess (dining room) = MESH (Netting)

22           Oddie (as in Bill Oddie – birdwatcher) – i.e.(that is) + s (earliest for sanctuary) = ODDS (Ten to one?)

25           S (son) + (joke)* around p (quietly) = SKOPJE (Somewhere in the Balkans – The bleakest city, I have ever seen in Europe and I’ve been to many)

26           Squid (seafood) around (sandwiches) al (almost all (completely)) = SQUALID (Completely dirty)

28           Dr (medic) + (issued)* = DRUIDESS (Celtic figurehead)

29           K (grand) + l in (diet)* = KILTED (As in the clan McDonald in Scotland)


1              See 24 down

2              ant (worker) around gs (vacant g-ent-s) = ANGST (Dread)

3              See 20 down

4              Rev. (Syd) (as in Syd Little of Little and Large “fame”) + trophy (plate as in a prize) = DYSTROPHY (Nutritional Complaint)

5              (Antwerp – n (newsman finally)* + Roof (top) = WATERPROOF (Garment)

6              Tenpence with r (right) for NP (Newport post code) = TERENCE (As in Terence Stamp)

8              In (at home) + Homonym (Bread (money)) = INBRED (Like the royal family – why the question mark?)

13           Mar (Hurt) + Y (Yankee) + hop (dance) + kin (family) = MARY HOPKIN (UK Eurovision entrant)

15           pen (enclosure) in ud (centre of Bude) = UPEND (Drastically affect)

17           ut (extremely u-pse-t) + to + xeter (topless place Exeter) = UTTOXETER (Place for racegoers)

19           see 11 across

20           san (hospital) + dies (declines) + haw (fruit) = SANDIE SHAW (UK Eurovision entrant Puppet on a string)

24           Bucks (County)  + rev(if – provided) + zz (zones) = BUCKS FIZZ (UK Eurovision entrant)

26           Rev(OS – ordinary seaman) x 2 = SO SO (OK)

27           Homonym Loo (toilet) = LULU (UK Eurovision entrant )

5 Responses to “Independent Crossword 7992 by Scorpion (Saturday Prize Puzzle 26-05-2012)”

  1. flashling says:

    Wot no Humpers? Sadly for me the theme fell to easily, and despite myself knew all the thematics, congratulations you say, felt more like humiliations rather than commiserations. Not Nul points though by any stretch but I hoped for something more than a pint’s worth.

    Indy Saturdays seem to swing between easy/trivial and impossible without aids, with no intermediaries, but perhaps that’s just the solving stage I’m at.

    Thanks Twencelas and Scorpion (Btw I do like themed crosswords – keep it up)

  2. Rorschach says:

    Same as flashling. I despise the Eurovision so the very fact I got the acts from the past left a bad taste in my conscience… to mix my metaphors.

    I also agree that the level is to extreme.

  3. Rorschach says:

    But obviously I enjoyed the puzzle! (turning into RCWhiting here – oops!)

  4. redddevil says:

    As an Irishman once said to me in a Dublin pub that was showing the Eurovision Song Contest “it’s absolute rubbish – but it’s good fun to watch!”.

    PS don’t see why anyone would feel the need to express their opinion on the royal family (positive or negative) in a crossword blog.

  5. twencelas says:

    Reddevil – my point should be taken as neither pro or anti royalist, in breeding, and associated genetic disorders, in European royal families is an historical fact.

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