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Financial Times 14022 Neo

Posted by scchua on June 5th, 2012


Neo has always provided an enjoyable challenge to me.  This was no exception, though made a bit easier once I had cracked 19 26 9.  Thanks Neo.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[Each of the pictures at the bottom has an unidentified connection with the puzzle.]]


1, 22 Mantra thought cynical provokes new high street riot: police only at the end sent in (4,2,4,8)

WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHERAnagram of(provokes) [NEW HIGH STREE RIOT plus(sent in) E{last letter of(only at the end) “police”}]. 

Answer:  Slogan,mantra first mentioned by current British PM at the Conservative Party Conference in 2010, and subsequently often repeated, but cynically thought of, as actions don’t quite fit, so I gather.  “We’re (all) in this together” also reminds one of “Misery loves company”. :-)

7 Party for Winnie on Radio Antelope? (4)

PUDUHomophone of(on Radio) [“do”(a party,function) placed after(for) “Pooh”(Winnie the, the A.A.Milne bear character)]. 

Answer: A small Andean antelope.

9 See 19

10 Ecologically conscious folk on move – or those in 5 queues! (10)

TRAVELLERS :  Double defn: 2nd: Those in queues at Heathrow Airport(answer to 5down).  I think, though I may be wrong, the “ecologically conscious” addition is to imply that land transportation is more environment-friendly than air.

11 Taken over by American news boss, holy publication did (4,2)

USED TOReversal of(taken over, in a down clue) OT(abbrev. for Old Testament,holy publication in the Bible) placed after(by) US(American) + ED(short for editor,newspaper boss). 

Answer: As in “I used to/did smoke”).  However, I feel I’m missing something, and I could be wrong in both definition and wordplay, since the reversal indicator is far removed from its object.

12 Essential thing wily caliph grasps is to reach good speed (3,1,4)

HIT A CLIPAnagram of(wily) CALIPH containing(grasps) IT(an indefinable quality of an entity,essential thing, as in “he has it in him” or “the it-factor”, I think)

13 Very large girl as compared with figure seen in bars (8)

OSTINATO :  OS(abbrev. for outsize,very large) + TINA(girl’s name) + TO(as compared with, as in “A is to B as X is to Y”, I think). 

Answer: Musically, a recurring melodic fragment in a piece,figure(a short succession of notes or chords that produces a single complete and distinct impression) seen in(written into the score) bars(the subdivisions in music according to the beat).  The word is from the Italian for “obstinate”,”persistent”.  

15 Money to chime with 26 perhaps unsurprisingly? (4)

DOSH :  Cryptic defn: Slang that chimes (rhymes) with “posh”(answer to 26across), and often(perhaps unsurprisingly) possessed by the latter.

17 Cost of this unknown to leader in monied class? (4)

MILK :  M(initial letter of,leader inmonied”) + ILK(a class,type,set of items). 

Answer: Reference to the mini-theme with the full quote “…are two posh boys who don’t know the price of milk, and are arrogant ….”  An excellent clue, great surface and a WIWD(wordplay intertwined with definition) clue.  My last one in and my first COD.

19, 26, 9 Causing uproar in HP, Tory’s central pair, as snooty, brag? (8,4,4)

ARROGANT POSH BOYSAnagram of(causing uproar in) [HP + OR(middle letters,central pair of “Tory”) + AS, SNOOTY, BRAG]. 

Answer: The core of the mini-theme.  How 23across 8down described the PM and Chancellor, the Tory Party‘s central pair, as a couple of snooty braggarts, causing uproar in the Houses of Parliament(HP).  Another excellent surface and WIWD clue.  My second COD.

22 See 1

23, 8 Love is confused with inner dread for Tory denouncing 19 26 9 (6,7)

NADINE DORRIESAnagram of(…confused with…) [O(looks like 0,love,nil in tennis scoring) + IS plus(with) INNER DREAD]. 

Answer: The Tory MP denouncing the arrogant posh boys(answer to 19across 26across 9across).

25 With device for mobile chat, page husband in BBC station (10)

RADIOPHONE :  P(abbrev. for a page) + H(abbrev. for husband) contained in(in) RADIO ONE(a BBC radio station, broadcasting current pop music and chart hits, aimed for the 15-29 age group – obviously that disqualifies me…by a long mile).

26 See 19

27 He composed letter after a certain amount of work (4)

BERG :  ‘B”(the letter aftera”) + ERG(in physics, a single unit,certain amount of work done equal to that of a force of 1 dyne exerted for a distance of 1 cm.). 

Answer: Alban, an Austrian he who composed music, not letters.  A nice misdirecting surface.

28 Work by Spenser for instance illuminated times by river (10)

LITERATURE :  LIT(illuminated) + Edit.note: Per comment #2 [ERA + T](times: first, a period of time, and second, abbrev. for time) marked by distinctive character, events, etc.   Though a singular noun it can be substituted for the plural “times”, as in “the times/era of the Ancient Greeks…”, I think) plus(by) URE(a river in England).

Defn:   Reference to Edmund Spenser, English poet in 16C.


2 Self-interested people say it’s so messed up (7)

EGOISTSAnagram of(messed up) [EG(abbrev. for exempli gratia, Latin for for example,say) + IT’S SO]

3 Given relief since being trapped in rising river (5)

EASED :  AS(since, as in “…as/since you were not here…”) contained in(being trapped in) reversal of(rising) DEE(a river in NE Scotland, or one in N. Wales).

4 Newspaper for citizen (8)

NATIONAL :  Double defn.

5 Writer and Pharaoh to supply some ups and downs here? (8,7)

HEATHROW AIRPORTAnagram of(Edit.note. Per comment #6 …to supply, as the adverb for supple) [WRITER plus(and) PHAROAH TO]. 

Answer: Where one will see some ups(take-offs) and downs(landings) by aircraft.

6 Our compiler-cum-detective (6)

SLEUTH :  Double defn: 1st: The name of a crossword compiler in our(belonging to us,provider of the crossword) paper,the FT.

7 Penny Coolidge corrupted one taking lead in war on crime (6,3)

POLICE DOGAnagram of(corrupted) Edit.note: Per comment #3 [D P(abbrev. for penny in the old British monetary system,  £ s d) + COOLIDGE]. 

Answer: One crimefighter that takes the leash,lead.  Nice misdirection.

8 See 23

14 Homes around castle grand as appropriate (2,7)

IN KEEPING :  [IN IN]{2 x “in”(at home)} containing(around) KEEP(the central tower in a castle, or can be used to represent the castle itself, I guess) + G(abbrev./slang for grand/a thousand dollars)

16 Good coin and currency reduced in splendour (8)

GRANDEUR :  G(abbrev. for good) + RAND(a coin used in the Republic of South Africa) plus(and) EUR{“euro”(currency currently in trouble) minus its last letter(reduced – also in value)}.

18 Principal from Islington gets on very slowly in divorce (7)

ISOLATE :  I(initial letter of,principal from Islington) plus(gets on) [SO LATE](comes very slowly in,after the allowed/usual time).

20 Geek for the most part accepts task, but employer he isn’t! (3-4)

NON-USER :  NER{“nerd”(geek) minus its last letter(for the most part)} containing(accepts) ONUS(a difficult or disagreeable task).

21 Husband in short cloak left union group (6)

CHAPEL :  H(abbrev. for husband, second appearance here) contained in(in) CAPE(a short cloak, like Batman’s or Superman’s) + L(abbrev. for left). 

Answer: Not a place of worship, but a locally based trade union group which is part of a larger, usually national union.  Stranger still, in the British printing industry, a chapel is a sub-branch of a branch union consisting of members in a single printing works or a department of a larger works, and is headed by a Father (or Mother) of Chapel.  Apparently it all stems from the origin of British trade unionism where non-conformist churches often acted as covers for trade union activities illegal at that time.  And printing offices were once controlled by churches.

24 Best boy makes stand in warehouse (5)

DEPOTReversal of(makes stand, in a down clue) TOP(best) + ED(boy’s name).



7 Responses to “Financial Times 14022 Neo”

  1. Conrad Cork says:

    Sock it to ’em Mr B!

  2. Eileen says:

    Brilliant puzzle! Thanks for all the laughs, Neo. :-)

    I initially entered DONG [Vietnamese money – learned from crosswords] for 15ac, expecting 26 to be DING!

    Thanks for the blog, scchua. In 28ac, you’ve omitted the T from LITERATURE, which gives you the other ‘time’.

  3. MikeC says:

    Thanks scchua and Neo. Great fun. Btw, in 7d it’s a new penny, not an old one, to complete the anagram fodder.

  4. scchua says:

    Thanks Eileen and MikeC. Blog amended.
    Re LITERATURE, how did I miss that! Doh! hand slaps forehead!
    and POLICE DOG, I think it was a hangover from a recent crossword which had a clue that used the old British currency (that’s my excuse, anyway).

  5. Bamberger says:

    I spend 15 minutes thinking I wasn’t going to get any but spotted the anagram at 12a and got “a clip” . That meant the answer had to be hit a clip though I’ve never heard that expression. I’ve heard “he was going at a fair clip”.
    Being a captive audience in A&E (turned out ok) I amazed myself by getting all bar 7a,13a&4d.

    7a I would never I have got and for 13a I guessed was something musical but had no idea what.

    For 4d my guess was that Citizen Kane worked on a newspaper called the N?t?o??? but that was as far as I got.

  6. Neo says:

    Hello all! Yes, well, I suppose I do have a go at the Establishment occasionally, but they’re kind of there to have a pop at, it seems to me. Especially in the current climate. Though naturally I hope that no-one, not even Dave, or Gideon, choked on the fine cuts (geddit) available at the lunch in Westminster Hall today.

    Cheers for blog SC, and to all for comments. Only one thing to add, which is that the HEATHROW AIRPORT clue uses ‘supply’ (as in ‘supple’) as the anag-ind. The ‘to’ is a part of the fodder.

  7. scchua says:

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting, Neo. Point about “supply” noted. Will amend blog. I had missed that my explanation required “to” to double up.

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