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Financial Times 14,023 by Aardvark

Posted by PeeDee on June 6th, 2012


I really enjoyed this one, a proper workout for the grey matter.  For a while I thought I was going to have to publish the blog with a couple of clues still unsolved, but perseverance got me there in the end.   Thank you Aardvark.

Hold the mouse pointer over any clue number to read the clue.

8 CREOLE medioCRE O LEvels
9 OLYMPIAD O and MP in DAILY* (anagram=working) – a period of four years
10 E-FIT F (fellow) in TIE reversed – an updated version of the old police photo-fit
11 PUT ON AN ACT aUcTiOn ignoring the odd numbered letters NAN (grandmother, relative) in PACT (agreement) – definition is ‘fake’
12 GIBE BIG (bountiful) reversed and Earth – a dig is an annoying remark
13 INFALLIBLE FINALE* (anagram=at sea) contains (encapsualtes) BILL (advertisement) reversed (for retirement)
17 PIER PIpER with P (first of payments) removed – definition is ‘dock’
18 IDIOM IDIOt (dimwit) M (master) with T (tense) removed (corrected) – I can’t see how ‘to correct’ means ‘to remove’. Chambers does give ‘remove faults’, but ‘tense’ does not mean ‘fault’ as far as I can see.  To get from IDIOT (dimwit) to IDIOM (linguistic expression) one needs to correct T (tense) to M (master).  Thanks to togo for this better explanation.
19 PELT Look (beggining of) in PET (pooch) – rain pelts down
21 GUATEMALAN LAME (feeble) TAU (Greek character) in NAG (badger) all reversed (repelled)
23 RIGA RIG (drilling equipment) A (active, abbreviation) – city on the Balitic
24 ECO WARRIOR COW inside (inhabiting) EAR (some of a cereal crop) pRIOR with P (piano, quiet) missing – definition is ‘green’
28 TEMP ThE (vacated=nothing inside) PM* (afternoon) shifted=anagram
29 LIFEBOAT LI (fifty one, Roman numerals) FAT (rich) keeps OBE (medal) reversed (in recession)
30 PAVING GAP (pause) reversed (retiring) containing VIN (French wine)
1 GRAFFITI RIGA* (failed=anagram) containing (controlling) TIFF (argument) reversing (upsetting)
2 MONTSERRAT RAT (shop, inform) is at the bottom of (supports) MON (weekday) REST reversed (promoted) – an island in the Carribean.   Montserrat is a British overseas territory, and since (even after reading the Wikipedia definition) I still don’t quite understand what that means I guess it is a country too.
3 DELPHINIUM I (one, Roman numeral) in NUM (trade union) follows (tracks) DELPHI (old city)
4 FONT cryptic double definition – typographical font and item in a church
5 CYAN CommunitY (disheartend=no insides) by AN (indefinite article) – a tone is colour
6 SPAN South (card player, in bridge coincidentally) PAN (rubbish) – definition is ‘bridge’
7 MARCEL R (regina, queen) in MACE (ceremonial staff) and Left – a wave and hairstyle created by hairdresser Marcel Grateau
14 FRILL FRench (starters of) ILL (bady) – definition is ‘trim’, for clothing
15 LEMON DROPS LEMON (colour) DROPS (diminishes)
16 IMPERATIVE IMP (troublemaker) V (versus, playing) in TIE (match) following (under) ERA (age)
20 LIGAMENT LAMENT (express regret) about I (current, electrical symbol) G (government) – definition is ‘bond’
22 URCHIN LURCHIN‘ (movin’ unsteadily) without (out of) L=lake
25 WREN WiRE (telegram) with I (one) ignored and N (an unknown in mathematical equations) – sailors of the Womens Royal Naval Service are commonly known as ‘wrens’.
26 ROOK double definition – chess piece and Jean Kathleen Rook the journalist
27 IOTA mInOr TeAm every other letter removed (regularly knocked out)


4 Responses to “Financial Times 14,023 by Aardvark”

  1. togo says:

    Thanks PeeDee

    I think, in 18ac, the sense may be that T (tense…?) in idiot is changed into (corrected, but only just, I’d say) M (master).

    But many thanks to Aardvark for an otherwise excellent puzzle – some superb and enjoyably tricky clues!

  2. scchua says:

    Thanks PeeDee, and Aardvark for a tricky workout.
    I’m glad I didn’t have to blog this one – I would have had a couple of holes including 19A PELT. I thought it was a bit unfair to clue “pet” = “pooch” which is a canine, not just any type of pet. So I was in left field with PU(L)P which is what you might get when you RAIN enough blows onto something.

  3. PeeDee says:

    PULP was the best I could come up with for a while too. I was concerned about pooch=pet too, I would normally expect ‘say’ or ‘for example’ to be included somewhere. I almost queried this in the blog but then decided that though it is a little iffy it keeps the level of difficulty in line with the rest of the clues.

  4. Alan Connor says:

    I couldn’t do better that PULP, but a sense of unease brought me here… thank you.

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