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Independent 8001 by Dac

Posted by nmsindy on June 6th, 2012


Back to work in the UK today as the Indy moves into the ninth thousand of cryptic puzzles in its series.      Who better to set it than the Indy stalwart Dac.     Typical Dac puzzle, with varied clues, and it was possible (for me anyway) to work out all the answers I’d not heard of (and there were a few) from wordplay in all cases.      Even by Dac’s standards I found it quite an easy puzzle – solving time, 15 mins.

* = anagram


1   DIPSTICK       Definition: fool     dips (swims)   c (about)  in (wearing)   kit (costume) reversed

5 THINGS     hidden in “clothing sale”  but I saw that only near the end of solving

9 DALSTON   I’d not heard of this area of London, tho I must have passed quite near it on the way to the recent London S&B, but it was easily guessable from the wordplay (lads not)*

10 LATERAL    Another one I got from the wordplay  late (dead)  RA  (artillerymen = Royal Artillery) L (length).     Means shoot (botany) Collins tells me – curiously that meaning is not in Chambers

11 CARNATION     car (Cadillac, say)  nation (race ie people)    definition: pink

12 OWENS     Jesse Owens – US athlete best remembered for his feats at the Nazi Olympics of 1936.      Good misdirection in the wordplay = fresh rolls = new (fresh) reversed in OS (very big ie outsize)

13 A PIECE OF CAKE     Getting this on first run through was a big step in this puzzle.    Means something easily accomplished as does a walk in the park and Dundee cake is a type of cake

17 INDIANA JONES     Fictional hero of many a film   IN (home)  DIA (help = aid retiring ie reversing)  NAJ  (winter month’s over ie Jan reversed)  ONE’S

20 ELIZA    Eli (priest – God’s gift to crossword people?)   ZA (extremist characters ie first and last letters of the alphabet)

21 IMPERIOUS     definition:  arrogant    I (independent)  MP (politician)  critical, but not initially = SERIOUS less its first letter S       Great surface reading in this clue.

23 MANIKIN    definition:  little fellow   back home with America = reverse  IN  AM    KIN (family)

24 RED LINE    definition:  limit  (a point one is not prepared to go beyond in negotiation)   RED (Old Soviet)  LINE (policy)

25 SHELTY    This spelling was new to me but again gettable from wordplay  he (male)  l (left) in sty (enclosure for animals)

26 BLANDEST     land (stretch of countryside) in B (British) Est (estate, not half)


1  DEDUCE     D (500 in Roman numerals) in DEUCE (two)     definition:  work out

2 PALTRY    definition:   trivial     pal (friend)  try (effort)

3 TATRA    new to me.    Mountain range in Eastern Europe.     “Back and forth” perplexed me for a while before light dawned – the answer can be found in “Jakarta travelling” in either direction!

4 CONSIDERATION     My favourite clue today – definition (payment)   CON (do = swindle)  SIDE (players = team)  RATION (share)

6 HOT COFFEE       In the cryptic reading ‘supply’ is used as anagram indicator here from the adjective supple   (fetch foo)* ie no end of ‘food’ gives HOT COFFE   then E (energy)

7 NERVE GAS   (avengers)*

8 SPLASHED     Alps (mountains) going upwards ie ‘climbing   SHE’D  = female had

10 LANCE CORPORAL   (Recall NCO a pro)*

14 PEA JACKET     Another one new to me    ea (each)  Jack (sailor) in pet (favourite).    Apparently it is a sailor’s jacket

16 ADRIENNE    (a dinner)*  E = last letter of date (‘in the end’)

18 COSINE    Function (from trigonometry)    Coe (Olympic head) containing SIN (something wicked)

19 ASCENT     a   scent (track)

22 RODIN     Sculptor     Head of Roman = R (first letter)  Odin = Norse God


9 Responses to “Independent 8001 by Dac”

  1. crypticsue says:

    13a was a very appropriate clue for this one but I did enjoy myself. Thanks to nms and Dac too.

  2. Meic says:

    A completely different puzzle from that in the i

  3. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, nms. Another well-constructed, not too tricky puzzle from Dac with the usual smooth surface readings. I only got held up in the SW corner today: PEA JACKET isn’t in my SOED, and I couldn’t see it for a bit. I thought LATERAL and INDIANA JONES were particularly well done.

  4. Dormouse says:

    Indeed, solved not quickly, but without any help. Several answers – 1ac, 4 & 6dn – I couldn’t parse, so thanks for that.

    I did like 13ac, although I for one would not describe this puzzle as that.

  5. flashling says:

    Pea Jacket a new one for me, not really a 13ac (athough that was)

    Thanks Niall and DAC

  6. Richard says:

    Eimi – I see that there is a different puzzle by Dac in the i paper today. Has the i now come to its senses and belatedly realised that some of its subscribers are interested only in the cryptic crossword and that if the Indy puzzles are used on the day that they are freely available on the web the circulation will suffer? I hope so. If that is the case, I’ll renew my subscription.

  7. eimi says:

    Hi Richard #6

    Let’s just say the tail is no longer wagging the dog, at least as far as crosswords go

    I understand that several people have spoken up in support of the Indy crossword and thanks to all for that

  8. Allan_C says:

    Glad to see the Indy and i cryptics diverging again, although I had a moment’s doubt when I saw both of today’s were by Dac and had to check that they weren’t the same.

    I wouldn’t say this was exactly 13a, and certainly not the 26a offering from this setter. A few moments’ 4d was needed for some clues, as well as 10a thinking.

  9. Bertandjoyce says:

    We are so pleased to read your comment Eimi. A sigh of relief at this end.

    As far as today’s offering is concerned – another well-constructed puzzle from Dac. Nothing to difficult but we hadn’t heard of 14d either but was easy to 1d from the clue. We had to check spelling of 23ac. Liked 13ac – our COD.
    Thanks to nmsindy and Dac.

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