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Financial Times 14,014 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on June 7th, 2012

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of May 26, 2012

I found this a slightly more difficult puzzle than usual for Cincinnus. It has considerably more letter-removal clues than is typical and a great anagram in 29A (HENLEY-ON-THAMES). I also like 1A (AUTOBIOGRAPHER), 16A (CYPRESSES), 22A (SATCHEL) and 18D (STIMULATE).

1. AUTOBIOGRAPHER – anagram of AUTHOR OR BIG APE with a nice cryptic definition
10. AWFUL – [l]AWFUL (allowed to scratch head)
11. ENCHANTER – [m]EN (men not married) + CHANTER (singer)
12. FREIGHT – FR (French) + EIGHT (boat)
13. INSIPID – IN (popular) + SIP (drink) + ID (I had)
14. RUING – [b]RUIN (bear heading off) + G[rowl]
16. CYPRESSES – C[owbo]Y + PRESSES (hugs)
19. BAGATELLE – A (a) + GAT[eau] (cake that’s been cut in half) both in BELLE (dish)
20. KRILL – R (right) in KILL (ice)
22. SATCHEL – hidden word
25. CONQUER – CON (trick) + QUER[y] (question, not entirely)
27. ENTOURAGE – ENCOURAGE (cheer) with C (clubs) replaced by T (time)
28. ROAMS – homophone (“Rome’s”)

2. UNFEELING – UNDERLING (subordinate) with DER (German article) replaced by FEE (payment)
3. OFLAG – O (old) + FLAG (standard)
4. IDENTICAL – anagram of IN CITADEL
5. GUCCI – initial letters G[ear] U[p] C[reating] C[ottage] I[ndustry]
6. ADAMS PEAK – A (a) + DAM (barrier) + SPEAK (say). Adam’s Peak is a mountain in Sri Lanka.
7. HET UP – EH (what) backwards + TUP (sheep)
8. REREDOS – [mo]RE + RED (colour) + OS (very big)
9. GAFFER – GAFFE (mistake) + R[ing]
15. GATEHOUSE – GA (Georgia) + anagram of THE + OUSE (river)
17. PRESCIENT – C (about) + I (one) together in PRESENT (current)
18. STIMULATE – anagram of TALE I MUST
19. BESEECH – S[pac]E in BEECH (wood)
21. LYRIST – YR (year) in LIST (register)
23. TITAN – homophone (“tighten”)
24. LLANO – L (large) + N[arrow] in LAO (Asian). Llano is the Spanish word for plain — I had to look this up. And I corrected the explanation thanks to comment #1.
26. NORMA – hidden word

5 Responses to “Financial Times 14,014 by Cincinnus”

  1. scchua says:

    Thanks Pete, and Cincinnus.
    Agree it was slightly more tricky than usual. Liked the 2 long Acrosses, and BAGATELLE, amongst others.
    I think 24D LLANO is N(opening letter of narrow) contained in L(large) LAO(an Asian, from Laos). Took me some time to figure it out.

  2. Pete Maclean says:

    And thank you, scchua. Your explanation makes much more sense. I had thought it strange that that clue apparently involved two obscure things. I have corrected the explanation.

  3. Bamberger says:

    Failed on
    6d -even with a?a?s ?e?k I had no idea and simply had never heard of the place.
    24d With l?a?o, I needed a solver and several didn’t come up with it.

  4. John Newman says:

    Thanks Pete

    I had all the answers penciled in but couldn’t see the cryptic reasoning for 2D, 7D, 8D, 20A and 28A.

    I assumed ICE must = Kill but have’nt been able to see it in any of the on-line dictionaries.

    I see now that I got 28A wrong. I had written in RIADS. Still not happy with the meaning of the word “ranges”.

  5. Pete Maclean says:

    I originally got 28A wrong! I had ROADS as a homophone for Rhodes, the city that was the historical capital of the island of the same name. Then I realized it did not exactly fit the clue.

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